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Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: Use block template for posts and custom post types. With the same procedure, we can define templates for posts and custom post types. For that, we adjust the parameter of the getposttypeobject call, for example, to post instead of page, if we want to create a template for posts. If you want a particular post or post type to stand out from the rest of your content, you may want to consider creating a custom single-post template. This template will only be applied to the post(s) you assign it to, meaning it can have an entirely different layout than your standard posts. The WordPress theme system supports custom templates for custom post types. Custom templates for the single display of posts belonging to custom post types have been supported since WordPress Version 3.0 and the support for custom templates for archive displays was added in Version 3.1. Custom Post Type – Template Hierarchy #.

Wp custom post type templateCustom Post Type Template

Do you want to feature WordPress custom post types in Gutenberg dynamically? Then this Getwid Post Type Gutenberg block will come in handy. It’s truly hassle-free in adding and use.

Custom Post Type TemplateCustom

Unlike other post-related Gutenberg blocks (Post Carousel block, Post Slider block), the Custom Post Type Gutenberg block by default can be displayed in either a grid or list layout allowing you to have all selected post types always visible.

This Custom post type WordPress block will help you reinforce the way you feature pre-existing content by offering the flexibility of sorting and ordering elements, including or excluding posts. You get the complete WordPress custom post type plugin as separate Getwid block. You’ll also have the freedom to completely alter the layout and content of the dynamically sourced posts.

Since the Gutenberg custom post type block is fully responsive, even the grid content will be restructured automatically on smaller screens to provide yet perfect user experience.

Purpose of the Custom Post Type Gutenberg Block

You can resort to this block in the following cases:

  • Automate the process of featuring content sourced from custom post types.
  • Display custom post types in a creative manner.

Watch the Custom Post Type video tutorial can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Custom Post Type Gutenberg Block by Getwid (

Features of the Custom Post Type Gutenberg Block

First of all, decide whether you’d like to go with a grid or list layout (quick layout change is possible through the inline block settings panel). Then go through the main settings of this block that has all features of the premium WP custom post type plugin.

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  • Select the number of items to display and optionally turn on pagination.
  • Ability to display child pages of a current page.
  • Configure specific settings of the chosen layout (the number of columns, spacing, etc.).
  • Optionally change the default output template so that your custom post types will appear in an absolutely new way. You can change post type WordPress settings starting with such default patterns: classic (a featured image, a title, an excerpt, a button), image in the background, two columns, and custom background with the Section block functionalities.

Each template is supplied with numerous settings allowing you to alter individual elements in the block.

Please note that each of these templates has global settings across the website the ones that affect all content blocks that are made with that particular WordPress custom post type template. So make sure to create and use different custom templates for different purposes.

  • Using the “Sorting and filtering” menu, you can decide which posts/products or other custom post types exactly must be displayed, so you can exclude unneeded ones. Term relations (the logic of post exclusion) include sorting by IDs, taxonomies, tags, etc.

Design Tips for Gutenberg block custom post type

  • Reduce the number of post meta data to make the block content more readable.

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