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When you install Dropbox, it generates a folder path that incorporates your Windows username. So on my main computer, the path is:
but on my secondary computer (different Windows username but access to the SAME dropbox folder), it's:
I use this VBA code at the top of one of my macros:

But the problem is that I can't run this macro from my secondary ('david') computer, because the Dropbox file path is fixed/absolute and thus is not recognized from that can I edit the code so that it uses the correct Dropbox file path regardless of what computer I'm accessing it from?
I thought I'd found a relevant thread, but my attempt to port the advice, and change the 3rd line of code above to:
did not work...

You can set up Dropbox folders for each of your assignments and set start dates, end dates, and release conditions; set up special access; and associate folders with competency activities.

Steps to Create a Dropbox Folder

To create a Paper folder: Sign in to Click the grid icon in the top-right corner. Click Paper from the menu that appears.

  1. To create a Paper doc from 1. Sign in to Click the grid icon in the top-right corner and select Paper. Click Create new doc. Note: If you don’t see Paper on the menu, click Create new file, then Dropbox Paper. Locate the folder you’d like to store your Paper doc in and click Create.
  2. Let Anyone Upload Files to your Dropbox This is the essence of Dropbox Requests. The requests service would let anyone - your clients, work colleagues or even anonymous strangers - directly upload files to a designated folder in your Dropbox account easily and quickly.
  1. Click Dropbox on the Navigation Bar and click New Folder.
  2. Enter a Name for the folder.
  3. Choose a Folder Type:
    1. Individual submission folder - Select this option if you want each student to submit their own assignment.
    2. Group submission folder - Select this option if you want one assignment submitted per group. Groups must be created first through the Groups tool (under Edit Course > Learner Management > Groups). Group Dropbox areas are marked on the Folder List page with the Group Submissions icon. Any group member can submit and view files for a group dropbox.
  4. Assign the folder to a Category, if desired. Click the New Category link to create a new category if the desired category has not yet been created
  5. Associate the folder with a Grade Item if you want submitted assignments to be tied to an item in your grade book. If connected, score and feedback entered in the Dropbox Evaluation area will automatically be sent to Grades.
    1. Click the New Grade Item link to create a new grade item for the assignment (see Creating a Grade Item, for more information).
  6. Enter the maximum amount of points in the Out of box. You must still enter points here even if you already did in the Grade Item. The number of points must be the same as the Grade Item selected.
  7. Add a Rubric by clicking the Add Rubric button or create a rubric by clicking the Create Rubric in New Window link. Rubrics must be created in BeachBoard to be attached to a Dropbox folder. Select the Default Scoring Rubric using the drop-down menu (optional). See Rubrics for more information.
  8. Enter information about the assignment, submission, etc. in the Instructions text box.
  9. Attach any files that you want to make available to students from the Dropbox folder by clicking the Add a File button (for example, a sample assignment). Click Upload and select a file from your computer. Click Upload again if you wish to add more files. Finally, click Add to attach your file(s).
  10. To record up to a minute of audio, click Record Audio. This will open a pop-up window where you can record your audio. Click Allow in the Adobe Flash Player Settings to allow BeachBoard to use your microphone (whether external or internal) to record sound
  11. When ready, click the Record button and record your audio clip. Press the same button (now Pause) to pause/stop recording. Press the Play button to listen to your audio clip. You can clear your previous recording by clicking Clear. When finished, click Add in the lower right corner to attach your audio clip.
  12. Click Show Submission Options link and select your options for file submission.
  13. Click Save and Close when finished setting the Properties of your Dropbox folder.

Creating a Dropbox Category

Create dropbox folder

You can organize your Dropbox folders into categories to make it easier for students to navigate the Dropbox. For example, you could create separate categories for each course unit or for different types of assessments (i.e., exercises, assignments, projects).

  1. Click Dropbox on the Navigation Bar and click New Folder.
  2. Click New Category
  3. Enter a Name for the Category.
  4. Click Save
  5. Click the New Category link again to create another category, if desired.

Anonymous Marking

Open Dropbox Account

You can enable anonymous marking by checking the box labeled ‘Hide student names during assessment’ at the bottom of the ‘Properties’ tab when creating a new folder.

Enabling this will anonymize student names when evaluating submissions.

Enabling this feature will also automatically enable anonymous marking via Turnitin’s markup tool, GradeMark. Please be aware that once the folder is enabled and a submission has been made, anonymous marking cannot be turned off. All submissions can still be evaluated normally via ‘View Submissions’ (see However, feedback can only be saved as draft from the evaluation screen (i.e., feedback cannot be published to a student directly via the evaluation screen). You can publish all feedback at once by selecting the ‘Publish All Feedback’ button on the top left of the folder submissions screen.


Doing this will reveal the names of anyone who submitted a document to the folder regardless of whether any feedback and/or scores were issued to the user. Be sure that all of your feedback has been put into the system before publishing (this process cannot be reversed). You will also be reminded to provide feedback in GradeMark (if necessary) before publishing.

Create Dropbox FolderCreate dropbox folder on mac

Create Dropbox Folder For Upload

Lastly, enabling anonymous marking will not anonymize the file name. Please make sure that students do not include any text that may give away their identities both within the file name and the document itself.