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CPU Thermometer is a tiny but easy to use computer temperature monitoring software. It has a very simple and basic user interface. It shows the current CPU temperature of each core and current CPU load in percentage on each core. You can run it with Windows startup. The abbreviation CPU marks a Central Processing Unit, which many call the computer’s brain. A machine cannot perform without its brain, and a monitoring tool can ensure that the CPU has optimal temperature conditions at all times. The best software to monitor CPU temp will often show GPU temperature, too. GPU stands short for Graphical. The Open Hardware Monitor is a free tool that monitors CPU temperature, fan, and clock speeds voltages of a PC. It is one of the best PC temp monitoring software that checks CPU temperature by reading sensors of AMD and Intel. Features: It can display the temperature of a hard drive. You do not need any installation to use this software.

CPU Frequency World Record ranking on 10 May 2021

  • DeltaTrak's 10-Day in-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder, Model 16100, Standard Range -20°F to 100°F (20 Units per case, Sold in Cases) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $200.00 $ 200.
  • To make it real easy for our users, the best CPU temp monitor will allow you to set your CPU speed, it will show the CPU’s current internal voltage, it will monitor the temperature on all cores, will display the GPU temp, will allow you to customize the CPU’s min/max speed, will allow you to automatically shut down the system in case of overheating, and, finally, will offer a portable solution just in case.

Cpu Temp Recorder

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Cpu And Gpu Temp Monitor

#1 8722.78 mhz The Stilt AMD FX-8370 @ 8722.8MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
#2 8709 mhz AndreYang AMD FX-8150 @ 8709MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula
#3 8659.64 mhz Smoke AMD FX-8370 @ 8659.6MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
#4 8615.39 mhz slamms AMD FX-8350 @ 8615.4MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
#5 8543.71 mhz wytiwx Intel Celeron D 352 @ 8543.7MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS P5E3 Premium/WiFi-AP @n
#6 8532.17 mhz BenchBros AMD FX-8320 @ 8532.2MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
#7 8520.22 mhz CherV AMD A10-6800K @ 8520.2MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#8 8502.1 mhz NickShih AMD FX-8350 @ 8502.1MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#9 8470.74 mhz Hicookie AMD FX-8350 @ 8470.7MHz Liquid Nitrogen GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3
#10 8448.78 mhz _12_ AMD FX-8320 @ 8448MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#11 8429.38 mhz macci AMD FX-8150 @ 8429.4MHz Liquid Helium ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula
#12 8407.06 mhz Atheros AMD FX-8320 @ 8407.1MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#13 8406.34 mhz Wizerty AMD FX-8150 @ 8406.3MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#14 8370.93 mhz alvinkenzo AMD FX-8350 @ 8370.9MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#15 8366.83 mhz The Silver AMD FX-8370 @ 8366.8MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
#16 8362.21 mhz ivanqu0208 Intel Celeron D 347 @ 8362.2MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS P5E64 WS Professional
#17 8348.43 mhz Ananerbe AMD FX-8350 @ 8348.4MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#18 8343.92 mhz CtrlFix AMD FX-9590 @ 8343.9MHz Liquid Nitrogen
#19 8343.92 mhz buildzoid AMD FX-9590 @ 8343.9MHz Liquid Nitrogen GIGABYTE GA-990FX-Gaming
#20 8337.98 mhz der8auer AMD FX-8350 @ 8338MHz Liquid Nitrogen ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula