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The pictures show what items I have enabled on the OSD for MSI Afterburner for reference. I have a few questions about what some things mean. 1.) Does Mem/memory usage refers to the amount of VRAM currently being used? 2.) Whats the difference between the temp and usage display for each individua.

so, i simply built a brand new rig and was just making sure temps looked accurate and what no longer. i downloaded msi afterburner and middle temp. i setup the osd for afterburner to show cpu/gpu temp/utilization.
  1. The 8 CPU temperatures does refer to the number of cores. The reason why CoreTemp only shows four is because of the Hyper-Threading technology on your CPU. The temperatures of the cores should all be the same. You only really need to select the first CPU temperature.
  2. How to fix MSI Afterburner not showing CPU temperatureFix it here: video w.

MsiMsi afterburner monitoring missing cpu clock speedAfterburnerwhilst playing my video games like cod contemporary warfare, wow, rocket league and some others i run cpu temps of 65-75c underneath load in accordance the osd in game however once I take a look at center temp or msi after closing the games it'll show a 'max' temp of eighty five-91c however i by no means see it without a doubt get everywhere close to that during recreation.
i'm no longer crashing, blue screening or anything like that however i've by no means in reality attempted to screen temps tons earlier than and wasn't certain if there's some reason for this or need to i be concerned?
-things i've checked-
fanatics - running first-class and revving up
Msi afterburner cpu temp wrongre-seated the heatsink and reapplied thermal paste accurately

Msi Afterburner Cpu Temp Ryzen 5000

confident proper airflow (it idles at 28-32c so i don't think airflow is an problem.)