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This page is meant to describe how to compile the Coretemp patches to get the Core 2 Duo CPU temperature sensors work under edgy and probably other ubuntu versions (mainly with lm-sensors). These patches were written by Rudolf Marek; you may view his post

  1. Cpu Core Temp Vs Socket Temp
  2. Cpu Core Temp Range
  3. Cpu Core Temp Program

First, let me say that any comments will be welcome. It's after all quite easy to get this to compile on the edgy 2.6.17 kernel :

Start by installing required dev packages :

Create a woking directory :

Apr 23, 2021 Per-core CPU temperature readings provided by the Core Temp app. Core Temp’s Settings menu allows you to tweak exactly what you’ll see in the system tray, and how you’ll see it, but the default. Core Temp is an advanced software utility with a clear-cut purpose: it monitors the temperature of the computer's CPU cores and can automatically power off the PC if it gets too high, in order to.

  • Core Temp is a simple Freeware portable program that can be used to accurately monitor CPU Core Temperatures. It displays the temperatures of each independent processor core, in real time. Core Temp receives readings via the DTS Digital Thermal Sensor (built into most modern processors), offering more efficient temperature readings.
  • Apr 16, 2020 Under typical circumstances, your CPU temp should remain between 40 and 65 degrees Celsius (or 104°F and 149°F). Your PC temperature may vary depending on your computer, CPU, and level of activity, but anything within that window is normal and fine. The normal CPU temp for your PC may vary depending on what you have.

Then: download the modified coretemp file OR download the 1st attachement when following the link given above and extract from the patch the coretemp.c file (this may not be easy) or apply the patch to some kernel source...

If you downloaded the modified coretemp.c file, skip to the makefile, otherwise, you'll have to prevent some code compilation, because it seems that some optionnal kernel functions are not present in the 2.6.17 kernel that were available when the patch was developped (but disabling those is very easy) : on line 41, just after the << #define DRVNAME >>, add this line :

Cpu Core Temp Vs Socket Temp

(I personally don't need 'CPU hotplug'... do you ??)

OK. So now, it's time to create the makefile and compile the kernel module (copy/paste the whole selection):

This should compile without errors... hopefully

If you do get errors, try using this instead:

Now it's time for a warning :BACKUP all your data and close any running application !Reason for this warning : inserting a standard module in the kernel is OK, but here we're going to insert a custom and non official module : this could at best crash your running kernel, but it could mess everything on your computer...

Now that you're warned, it's time to test the module :


If this works, then use your favorite lm-sensors and run 'sensors' : you'll see your CPU temperatures appear

If you want to permanently install this module for this kernel, copy it into the kernel modules :

(I'm not sure about the ldconfig)

And add in /etc/modules if it's not already there :

... and that's it !

Cpu Core Temp Range


Cpu Core Temp Program

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