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Corsair do not currently provide software for the Corsair Commander Pro on Linux. This post details how I achieve nearly all of the functionality provided by Corsair Link using a Linux based CLI.

My Hydro X build see's similar temps as yours. Idle coolant is 26-27c. CPU Temp -31c (i9 9900k OC to 5Ghz on all cores.) And a RTX 2080Ti. I am assuming that you have your processor OC as you have a 9700K CPU and a 2080 Super. So I have been playing with my commander pro and temp sensors. I placed one on the memory, one on the chipset, one on the vrm, and a case temp. I also use the gpu temp, and ssd temp to set curves. With my h115i pump on balanced, fans on quiet, my 3800x idles at a stable 35c with YouTube and icue running. No case fans necessary.

There is discussion about it being available in future kernels (Linux Patches Provide Corsair Commander Pro Support For Thermal / Fan / RGB Controller) but I have not found any information about this yet.

Corsair icue software temp monitor

Note: Part of this post is based on an existing article – Installing liquidctl – How much power does my PC use?

Install LiquidCtl

Liquidctl is a cross-platform tool and drivers for liquid coolers and other devices (Corsair Commander-Pro & certain Corsair PSUs) written in Python. Full information about this project can be found here –

LiquidCtl will also allow you to control any RGB LEDs that are connected to your Corsair Commander Pro, for me this is in a rack mount server so I do not have any!

Corsair temp monitor driverMonitor

To install LiquidCtl on Debian Linux 10.x, first we need to install all of the required Python development tools and required libraries:

Now we can clone the git repository:

Now we are ready to build and install:

LiquidCtl is now installed, we can use the following commands to initialize it and monitor the temperature sensors and fan speeds:

Here is the sample output from the status command on my server:

Finally, we can control fan speeds (if desired) using the following command:

Installing Sensors

In addition to monitoring your Corsair Commander Pro, you will probably also want to monitor the CPU & GPU temperatures. This can be easily achieved by installing Sensors:

You can now get a command line output of motherboard & GPU based sensors by using the simple command sensors:

Here is a sample output from sensors:

Installing Glances

Glances is a cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool which aims to present a maximum of information in a minimum of space, ideally to fit in a classical 80×24 terminal or higher to have additional information. It can adapt dynamically the displayed information depending on the terminal size. It can also work in client/server mode. Remote monitoring could be done via terminal or web interface.

To install Glances use the following command (incidentally, if you had installed glances first, it would automatically install sensors 🙂

You can now run glances. Sadly, Glances my does not display the output from LiquidCtl.

As glances is a captive process, you will need to exit when done by typing “Q”. Alternatively, leave it permanently running in a separate terminal process!

Job done.

A handy application that enables you to monitor the fans, temperature, case lighting and other motherboard sensors from you computer

Corsair Link is an application designed to eliminate the need for monitoring temperature, fan activity, LEDs, RPM and other motherboard sensors' value in a convenient and efficient way. Since the idea is to help you want to make things as simple as possible, you can use a custom image as the background image and drag and drop devices listed.

The utility includes an auto-detect feature that scans your system and displays the hardware devices that are installed correctly on your computer. Nevertheless, considering that the application enables you to use the image of your own chassis, it would be useful to group the devices according to their associated functions.

The program enables you to monitor various devices' parameters that may or may not have a negative impact on the performance during tasks that are video card or CPU-intensive, such as advanced video editing or gaming, for example. The utility enables you to group devices together in control groups and hence, monitor them as a single entity.

The tool allows you to configure the devices according to their unique features. Therefore, if the motherboard readings report different RPM speeds based on the chipset used, then you might have to set up a speed divider to remedy the situation. The next time you notice the RPM value is considerably higher or lower than your motherboard's capabilities, just enable the speed divider and solve your issue.

Corsair Temp Monitor Driver

Corsair cpu temperature monitor

All in all, if you need to keep a close eye on how your system is operating and make the necessary adjustments for optimal performance without manually managing switches and dials, then Corsair Link might come in handy.

System requirements

  • Requires a motherboard with a USB 2.0 header
  • Power: Cooling and Lighting nodes are powered by standard four-pin molex connectors
  • Corsair Link Commande

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