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.“Complete Anatomy has a wider depth and breadth of offerings than other anatomy platforms currently available (e.g. Primal Pictures, Visible Body) as well as more detail in its models. Other anatomy apps do not offer the ability to share content and have fewer tools with which to dissect and label models”. Medical Anatomy Reference. BioDigital Human Mobile - 3D Anatomy- iOS / Android. Lovely functionality for free. 3D4Medical’s Apps-primarily linking to iOS versions, they have a few old versions for Android though. Complete Anatomy - iOS / macOS / Windows. Essential Anatomy 5 - iOS / macOS. Version 3 is available on Android & Windows.

I plan to write detailed reviews for these iOS artist apps (as I try a ton of different apps), but here is a list of my current favorites. Most apps I have tried, though there are a few that I will buy soon due to great reviews. I encourage you to come back every so often because I plan to update this list!

Currently, I have an iPhone & some creative apps are iOS only. I used to have an Android, so I tried to find a few good alternatives for my android homies out there. However, on the productivity side, Android users have awesome options!

Have a favorite? Drop by the comments & add your favorite iOS artist apps!

Art Reference Apps

Handy Art Reference Tool [iOS only ]- “rotatable 3D lit hand with a variety of poses useful for drawing”, highly reviewed.

​ Android Alternative - seems similar.

Skelly - Poseable Anatomy Model for Artists - iOS / Android - A very nice app designed by Proko, who is an amazing artist. He has wonderful resources in general, visit him here.

Art Pose [iOS only] - another poseable model. (Have not tried this one yet)

Medical Anatomy Reference

BioDigital Human Mobile - 3D Anatomy- iOS / Android

Lovely functionality for free

3D4Medical’s Apps -primarily linking to iOS versions, they have a few old versions for Android though.

Complete Anatomy - iOS / macOS / Windows

Essential Anatomy 5 - iOS / macOS

Version 3 is available on Android & Windows

Pocket Anatomy - iOS/ Android - a nice app where you can pin stuff and learn about it in greater detail.

Photography Apps

Enlight - iOS only (Photofox (Enlight 2)) - I prefer the one time $4 app, Enlight, but the second version is nice because sometimes subscriptions are a more sustainable business model for the devs. I love this app bc of the aesthetic interface and the wealth of features in provides.

Snapseed - iOS / Android - made by Nik & acquired by Google, Snapseed is a fast, well designed photo editor. It’s free and comes with a lot of useful features. It’s not over cluttered either.

Polarr - iOS / Android / Desktop / Web - I really like this one’s interface because it has sliders that make fine adjustments easy on mobile. Also has a lot of unique features and a lovely design. Tried it when it was in beta & it’s grown a lot!

Affinity Photo - iPad only - also comes in a desktop mac & windows app. A well designed app, a bit of a learning curve (desktop version) but has so many features & is comparable to PS @ a much cheaper price.

Adobe Lightroom - iOS / Android - awesome for developing RAW photos, classy desktop app as well. Has great management features and edits nondestructively. The ability to export multiple times w different settings is a great feature.

Adobe’s Mobile Apps- available for iOS & Android -in addition to lightroom, Adobe has a lot of great apps. I have most of them and use them regularly. (Especially the Capture one)

Pixelmator- iOS only & also has a mac version - a faster, cheaper alternative to photoshop. Has a lot of features, but not too bloated. I like the design as well.

April - iOS / android - my favorite free collage app that doesn’t have annoying watermarks. Easy to use interface, lots of options, great templates. Highly recommend this one.

ProCam 4 - iOS only - a wonderful manual camera + RAW app. I love advanced features and well designed interface. Highly recommended for people who want more than basic controls. Android Alternative- Open Camera / Camera MX or read this lovely article by Android Authority.

Afterlight - iOS / Android - great filter options & has an easy interface for quick edits.

VSCO - iOS / Android quite popular, especially for its filters & community.

Pixlr - so useful for quick edits & also more detailed ones. The web version comes in handy for quick fixes, but their are also desktop and iOS & Android apps.

Painting & Design Apps

Procreate - iOS only - highly reviewed. I have the Pocket version, which is a bit cheaper. Great brush options, clean and uncluttered interface, and a lot of functions for digital painters.

Pixite Apps - both design & photography apps- Fragment, Pigment, & Shift are available on Android, while on iOS, their more complete catalog is available.

  • I have & adore assembly, which is a super nice app for designing vectors on your mobile device; union , where you can combine & blend images easily, & fragment, where you can transform photos into neat designs.

ArtRage - iOS iPad / Android / Desktop - ArtRage has a really cool brush engine that mimics traditional media.

Adobe Illustrator Draw - iOS / Android - allows you to sketch in vectors, which is a great format when you want to resize your art later nondestructively.

Autodesk offers several apps on both iOS & Android. I like their sketchbook app.

Writing Apps

Complete Anatomy Sale

There are a lot of writing apps for mac and windows, but a few less that are cross platform. Here are the best mobile writing apps for iPhone and iPad I could find.

Scrivener- this is an excellent app! I love the interface and how you can customize it to fit your workflow. They also have a Mac version of their writing app.

  • One time purchase

Ulysses - an excellent writing environment for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It’s got a clean interface and flexible options with export and management of files. A bit less complex than Scrivener, but well regarded in the writing community.

  • Requires a subscription

Bear- a very pretty markdown editor with linkable notes. It’s got a nice live preview, so you can see what you’re doing. It’s also really pretty. Sync does require a subscription, but it works fine without that.

I hope this article helps!

If there is enough interest, I might add a few more categories! (Art social media, productivity). Let me know if that would be helpful to you.

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