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Direct Mail Expertise for Any Industry

Businesses in many industries can benefit from compelling direct mail marketing to help them gain market share and stay top-of-mind with their customers and prospects. Mail Shark is the home of weekly direct mail, offering a turnkey marketing solution that includes free custom design, professional printing, targeted mailing lists and direct mail execution. Below is a short list of the many industries we have had the privilege of serving over the last decade.

Food Service & Hospitality:

  1. Advantage Marketing promotes and resells these local direct mail services: Valpak has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses attract customers since 1968. The familiar blue envelope delivers targeted marketing, neighborhood by neighborhood. Advantage Marketing Solutions is an.
  2. is also an industry leading direct mail advertising company in providing targeted marketing lists, mailing list services and targeted email marketing lists. Featured Clients For 50 years, has helped clients develop impactful, multi-channel, data-driven campaigns with pin-point accuracy.
  • Restaurants and Pizza Shops: Practically every person goes out for a meal once in a while, and some households and individuals patronize restaurants and pizza shops several times a week. Mail Shark helps you position your eatery as “the” place to go by keeping you at the front of people’s minds with expertly-designed marketing pieces and a strategy to maximize your ROI.

Lots of companies, big and small, advertise with direct mail — from IKEA to Victoria’s Secret to local dentists and mom-and-pop restaurants. While many businesses have hopped on the digital bandwagon (nothing wrong with that!), according to the Da.

Automotive Services:

  • Auto Repair Shops and Tire Dealers: With consumers keeping cars longer, and spending more on repairs and maintenance, getting in front of your target audience, establishing trust, and staying top-of-mind is important. One of the best ways to do that is with direct mail, which is proven to help auto repair shops and tire dealers increase their car count and customer base.

Health and Wellness:

  • Dental Practices: Families and individuals are all in need of a dental care practitioner they can trust. Direct mail helps you stay in front of the people most likely to want to change to a new dentist or get a dentist for the first time.
  • Optometrists: From eye care to eyewear, your goal is to fill up your calendar with appointments. We can help you realize that objective through direct mail solutions that are proven to work.
  • Chiropractors: As a chiropractor, you want to get the attention of people seeking alternative medicine options to complement regular medical healthcare services. Let us show you the ways direct mail can do this on your behalf.
  • Physical Therapists: Whether you want more self-referrals or professional referrals for your physical therapy practice, Mail Shark can be your partner through the science of direct mail.

Construction & Home Services:

Companies that use direct mail marketing service
  • HVAC Companies: When you’re in the HVAC company marketplace, you’re competing with companies of all sizes. Where do people turn when they need HVAC services? If it’s not to you, it’s going to be to your competitors. Grab HVAC clients who are most in need of what you have to offer with the help of Mail Shark.
  • Landscaping Companies: Looking for a turnkey way to boost your landscaping business without having to go door-to-door yourself? Our direct mail items like brochures, flyers, and postcards can be the ultimate way to get new business.
  • Home Improvement Companies: Homeowners and landlords are actively looking for ways to spend their discretionary incomes to improve the look and value of their real estate. Be front and center with direct mail that’s consistently delivered to your strongest prospects.

Professional Services:

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  • CPAs and Tax Services Businesses: Having trouble getting inbound calls when it isn’t tax season? Mail Shark will work with you to build the amount of regular incoming leads to your CPA firm.
  • Law Firms: Law firms need a strong way to drive people into their offices for consultations. Direct mail can be an exceptional rainmaking solution so you can increase your billable revenue.
  • Banks and Mortgage Companies: If you represent the financial industry, you know how tough it can be to get people to choose your company over another. Get more residential and corporate business to flock to your bank or mortgage company with the help of Mail Shark.
  • Insurance Agencies: Every person and homeowner is going to need insurance for some reason, whether to cover a vehicle, a home, a rental property or an individual. Be the insurance agent that’s most trusted in your community with direct mail.


  • Retail Stores: Brochures, flyers, and postcards can be attractive, trustworthy ways to build more foot traffic to your retail store. Get in touch with a Mail Shark account specialist now for more information.
  • Jewelers: When someone in your area needs wedding rings or other jewelry pieces, you want to be their first stop. Make it a stronger possibility with marketing items delivered to prospects’ mailboxes in consistent intervals.
  • Flower Shops: Sooner or later, just about everyone is going to need the services of a florist. Improve the chances of your flower shop getting a larger share of business this year through direct mail services.
  • Appliance Stores: Hardware and appliance stores can utilize the power of direct mail to improve their revenue streams. Never tried this method before? Work with our team members and see the benefits in just a few weeks!

Entertainment & Recreation:

  • Fitness Centers: Getting fitter and healthier is a huge concern for many Americans. Make sure they go to your fitness center first through consistent direct mail marketing.

Other Services:

  • Salons and Spas: The beauty and wellness industry is hot, but it’s also competitive. Set your salon apart with consistent direct mail from Mail Shark.
  • Dry Cleaners: Getting a stronghold in the dry cleaning market can be challenging. Change the odds in your favor by working with Mail Shark on a turnkey marketing solution today.

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