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WARNINGThis documentation is for Pydio 8 (PHP), EOL end 2019. Time to move to Pydio Cells!

Install the Collabora Online server The following steps will download the Collabora Online docker, make sure to replace '' with the host that your own Nextcloud runs on. Jun 11, 2020 Install Collabora Online – Built-in CODE Server. (It has to be installed and used together with the Collabora Online app – step 2). This app provides a built-in server with all of the document editing features of Collabora Online. Easy to install, for personal use or for small teams. Collabora Online A powerful online office suite that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which you can integrate in your own infrastructure. Key features are collaborative editing and excellent office file format support. The Office suite in the Cloud on your Own Terms.

Edit Documents Online with Collabora Online

Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite which supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats. It supports all major document formats:​ DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLS, ODF, ODS, ODP.
Shared editing: One person at a time edits a document, others see changes in real time. A different person can do changes at any time

This documentation describes how to deploy Collabora CODE application, which is a cutting-edge community-oriented Docker provided for free by Collabora Online. If you wish to switch to a supported version with more capacities, please contact us.

Installing Collabora Online Development Environment via the Docker Image


In this documentation, you have to replace with a suitable domain matching your certificates eg. office.yourdomain.comYou also have to replace with the same subdomain where dots are 'escaped', eg.

Here we will give you an example on one configuration if you want more detail about collabora you can go Here.

Start Docker Image

You can find a link to the docker for collabora here

Install Docker on a server.

This makes the docker image listen on localhost:9980.

Note: this docker image does not work on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, because Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has missing kernel compile option CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR=y, which is leading to setcap not working on docker’s aufs storage. Upstream bug:

Collabora Online Install

Configuring the local Apache reverse proxy:

In order to be able to launch the Collabora frame directly inside Pydio that is served on, we have to use a Proxy configuration to serve the container requests through a matching domain name.

Install apache reverse proxy

On a recent Ubuntu or Debian this should be possible using:

Afterwards, configure one VirtualHost properly to proxy the traffic. For enhanced reason we recommend to use a subdomain such as '' instead of running on the same domain. An sample config can be found below:

After editing this virtual host, restart your apache using /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.

Collabora online install centos 7

Configuring Pydio Plugin to connect to CODE

In the Settings panel, go to All Plugins > Features Plugins > Editors and enable the Collabora Online plugin.


Edit its parameters as follow:

  • Url to the Libre Office Editor iFrame: https://<your-domain>/loleaflet/dist/loleaflet.html
  • WebSocket use TLS: true
  • Web Socket Connector Host: <your-domain>
  • Web Socket Connector Port: 9980 (see virtual host configuration above).

Test and start editing docs !

Switch to a workspace and use the 'New Folder' > 'You can also create an empty Document' link to create e.g. an ODT Document.

Double click the new file to edit, you should now be able to edit it directly in Pydio!

Collabora Online Install Nextcloud

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Step 1: Install Docker on Ubuntu

For simplicity, this tutorial installs Docker from the default Ubuntu software repository.

Once installed, the Docker daemon should be automatically started. You can check its status with:
Hint: If the above command doesn’t quit immediately, you can press the Q key to make it quit.
If it’s not running, then start the daemon with this command:
And enable autostart at boot time:

Step 2: Install and Run Collabora Online Server with Docker

Execute the following command to pull the latest Collabora Online Development Edition image from Docker hub.

Then start a new container, for example:

Replace with your server/ZenTao hostname, preseving the double slashes. This is because Collabora only allows known hosts to access its service and we need to add the server/ZenTao hostname to the whitelist with the domain= parameter.

-d: Detached mode makes the container run in the background.
-t: Allocate a pseudo-TTY
-p: Publish a container’s port to the host.
-e: Set environment variables

The Collabora Online server will be listening on port 9980 of localhost ( as can be shown by issuing the following command. (If your Ubuntu system doesn’t have the netstat command, you can install it with sudo apt install net-tools.)

Since I am using

So I get this result

Go to browser and visit https://your domian:9985 (Since SSL is enabled by default, so you have to visit by HTTPS if you haven't editted configuration file of Collabora Online ), you will get a 'OK' page.

Since my ZenTao is not running with SSL, so I need to configure loolwsd.xml to disable SSL. ( If ZenTao is running with SSL, then Collabora has to run with SSL as well, it's the same if ZenTao disables SSL. Otherwise Collabora Online will not be enabled successfully in ZenTao )

Step 3: Use the configuration file directly to set Collabora Online

After starting the container, you can copy the configuration file out of the container, edit it, and copy it back to the container. The container will notice that the configuration file has changed, and the service will be restarted (don’t forget the –restart always option when you start the container with docker run).

1. Find out the name or hash of your container:

The output would be something like this:

2. Copy out the config file:

For disable SSL, make sure you have editted value for SSL settings as 'false'

3. Edit the config file with your favourite editor, then save and copy it back to the container:

Wait a few seconds for the automatic restart.

You might meet the problem that the container could not restart successfully and logs is as the following,

Try with the following commands to fix the problem by chown beacause of 'Permission denied'

And then visit, you will get a 'OK' page if you succeed.

Collabora Online Install Free

Collabora online install windows 10

Step 4: Set up in ZenTao

Go to Admin - Integration - Office to enable LibreOffice and Check 'Collabora Online', for Collabora Path, just fill in with exact address and port number for your Collabora Online.

Go to Doc in ZenTao and create a Word file to see if it's working.

Open 'test sprint doc'

If you check Track Changes with 'Record', you could roll back editting by you or your teamates in Track Changes - Manage