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Quick product details:

Clef de Peau Fashion ManBerry Men's Fashion Mesh Mesh Head Polls and Surveys Videos. Vista Gerard Male Bento Head & Bento AO. Second Life Blogger Network. On Her: LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 Clef de Peau.Mia Toast LELUTKA.Bolson / Tattoo - Birdden DAMIflowermarketdress 3 @ KUSTOM9 LM DOUX - Seulgi Hairstyle Kibitz - Enya's necklace - gold DDL PLay Watch (Gold) On Him: LeLUTKA.Head.Paxton.2.5 Clef de Peau.Logan T4 LELUTKA @ TMD LM Volkstone Ryo Hairbase @ TMD Bolson / Tattoo - Zissou. Inworld Store Body appliers compatible with: The Mesh Project, Belleza, Slink, Signature, and NK bodies. L$459 Mesh head appliers compatible with: Catwa, Signature, Lelutka, Vista and AK. Please enjoy what This is Wrong, Aurealis, Clef de peau, Dahlia, Mulloy and Nikotin has prepared for all of you 🎉. Second Life - Free Mesh Avi - $0 L Avi -100% Free you can create too.

Upcoming Events. The Mens Dept (TMD) May 5, 2021 – May 30, 2021 Maox - The Box only for Men May 5, 2021; Cyber Fair May 5, 2021 at 12:00 pm – May 25, 2021 at 12:00 pm; The Men Jail Event May 8, 2021 – May 28, 2021; Equal10 May 10, 2021 – June 2, 2021; Access May 12, 2021 – June 6, 2021; Stag Men Monthly May 14, 2021 – June 1, 2021; Mancave May 17, 2021 – June 9, 2021.

Update: v1.7 Sep 2016. Fixed menu bug.

If you still have v1.6 you can get the update via the redelivery terminal in my store.


Tired of trying to get into events where the sim is full, by constantly having to click a landmark or the map, over and over?

Worse still, not having a landmark for an event and having to be stuck using the map only?

Or maybe you are just fed up searching your inv for all your other favourite landmarks?

Well this HUD is just for you.

Clef De Peau Second Life Reviews

Basically this is a landmark HUD. Designed to store your favourite landmarks.

Clef De Peau Second Life

However, it has some nice features that help set it out from the rest.

Can be used to Teleport by either:

1:- Adding landmarks (as many as you wish) and choose one from the menu.

2:- Copy and pasting a map location (SLUR:)

SLURL's must be in the format of: name/xpos/ypos/zpos

3:- Or even simply type in a Sim's name.
eg. Clef de Peau

Any of the above will start the HUD tp'n you to that location. If it fails, due to sim being full, it will keep retrying.

So no more having to keep clicking on those landmarks or maps for you, let this hud do it all for you :)

You can change the amount of retries and the timer between retries too.

The HUD can be placed on any hud position on your screen and can be resized, make it really small if you wish.

It can also be turned On/Off (shrunk/hidden).

Comes supplied with many popular event landmarks. but you can add/remove as many as you wish at anytime.

You can even add a 'home' landmark and the hud will produce a new 'Home Button', easily allowing you to tp home at a click.


How to use:

Simply right click on it in your Inv and choose ADD, it will attach to the TOP HUD Position.

-Adding landmarks:
simply drag landmarks from your Inv to the HUD.

Click the 'GO!' button on the HUD and a dialog will pop up, listing all your landmarks.
Simply choose any one.

The HUD will ask for permission to tp you, and if you accept, the HUD will attempt to tp you to that location.

If the sim is full, the HUD will keep trying over and over to tp you.
When you land at the new location, the HUD will stop trying.
You can stop the HUD also at anytime by either clicking STOP!

The Options button will bring up a menu with the following:


Allows you to manually enter an SLURL or a Sim Name to tp to.

This can be handy for any events you don't already have a landmark to.

If you know the sim name, you can type that in.

eg the sim is called The Gatcha Event, simply type in the gatcha event (including any spaces)
eg the sim is called Clef de Peau, simply type in clef de peau (again, including spaces)

The HUD will attempt to TP you to that sim at location 128,128,22 (center of the sim).

If you need to land at a specific location, you can easily open up the map on your viewer, type in the sim name there.
Click on the map at the location you wish to land.
Next Choose 'Copy SLurl'.
Close the map and simply paste that SLURL into the HUD so it can attempt to keep trying to TP you instead of constantly having to click the MAP & teleport..

SLURL's must be in the format of: name/xpos/ypos/zpos



^^ Please be aware this is the correct SLURL format for this HUD to work, including '%20' instead of spaces.

When ready, press 'Submit' / 'Send' (depends on your SL viewer)

Basically, the HUD has you covered for TP'n. With Landmarks, SL URLs and Sim Names :)

I am sure you know what this does, no further explanation required :P

This is the time between tp attempts. The default is 10 seconds, you can choose faster or longer times.
However, please do note that faster times can cause a TP throttle, so keep that in mind.

This is the amount of times the HUD will attempt to tp you.

Default is 0, which is unlimited/infinite attempts.
Basically let the HUD keep trying while you go do something better in RL

Choosing another value will stop the HUD when it reaches that attempt number.

Full instructions are supplied inside the HUD


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