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At the end of last week, Firaxis Games confirmed that more details about Civilization 6's Ethiopia Pack would be coming today, Monday, July 13. The developer has now made good on its word, revealing a slew of new information about the second pack in the Civ 6 New Frontier Pass. Among this information are specifics on the new District included in the Ethiopia Pack and the DLC's release date, all of which is sure to be of interest to many players.

To start, Civilization 6's Ethiopia Pack is now set to release on Thursday, July 23. This is almost exactly two months after the launch of the Maya and Gran Colombia Pack, the first DLC in the New Frontier Pass, and indeed fans that have been excited to try out the new content found in the Ethiopia Pack do not have to wait too much longer for it.

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With respect to exactly what that new content is, Firaxis has also just shared details on the District that will be added to the game with the Ethiopia Pack: the Diplomatic Quarter. This new Civ 6 District grants +1 Diplomatic Favor for each Delegation or Embassy from a foreign civilization, and a civ can only have one in their empire. Additionally, the Diplomatic Quarter grants +1 Envoy if built next to a city center and reduces the level of enemy Spies that target it or adjacent Districts by two.

There are also two Buildings that can be constructed within the Diplomatic Quarter, and they are the Consulate and Chancery. The Consulate grants +4 Gold, +4 Science, +2 Faith, and +2 Influence Points per turn while also lowering the level of enemy Spies by one when they target the city with the building or another city that has an Encampment. The Chancery, which can only be built after the Consulate, grants +3 Faith and +3 Influence Points per turn and provides Science when an enemy Spy is captured or killed (at a rate of 50 Science per level of the Spy).


The Diplomatic Quarter is, of course, just one part of the forthcoming DLC pack, and Firaxis indicates that a more extensive look at Ethiopia as a civilization will be available 'later this month.' That said, the developer has shared the Ethiopian leader's ability, which grants extra Faith from international Trade Routes and provides new ways to use that Faith to secure a Culture Victory in Civ 6, giving fans a good idea of where this new civ's interests lie.

Civilization 6 is available for iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Firaxis has detailed Civilization 6's final free game update 'of the season' ahead of its launch next Thursday, 22nd April, with new additions set to include three new units, two new True Start maps, plus a whole heap of balancing tweaks for older civilisations.

On the map front, players will be given the opportunity to sprawl their way across new Mediterranean and Huge True Start maps, and those will be accompanied by three new units for use by all civilisations: the Line Infantry, Man-At-Arms, and the Trebuchet.


Firaxis says it's re-examined and adjusted unit strength 'across the board' in order to make its latest units feel like 'appropriately weighty upgrades', and AI has also been tweaked to ensure civilisations make better use of naval units. This, it hopes, will 'raise the stakes for travel on the high seas' and drive more interesting choices around naval production and warfare.

Perhaps the most significant inclusion, however, comes in the form of balancing changes to numerous existing civilisations, so they play nicely with newer additions.


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Spain, for instance, can now form fleets and armadas with mercantilism and receive increased gold, faith, and production from trade routes - with additional boosts coming from trade routes between multiple continents. Additionally, Spanish cities outside the home continent will receive increased production toward districts and a free builder when founded.

Mapuche, meanwhile, will gain additional culture, production, and combat experience for all units trained in cities with an established governor, and those numbers will be significantly boosted if the city wasn't founded by the civilisation. Plus, all cities within nine tiles of a Mapuche governor city will gain additional loyalty per turn toward Mapuche. Furthermore, Lautaro's combat bonus now applies against free cities as well as civilisations in a golden age, and the latter lose even more loyalty when one of their cities is defeated by Mapuche.

Up next is Khmer, which will award bonus faith per population and bonus amenities for cities with aqueducts, additional food to farms adjacent to an aqueduct, and additional faith when adjacent to a holy site. Tweaks to Khmer's leader Jayavarman mean that, alongside the usual benefits, holy sites next to river tiles also gain a major adjacency bonus.

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Globe-hopping still further, Canada's leader ability now provides increased yields for mines, camps, lumber mills, and farms on snow and tundra tiles - making them better than other terrain types for the civilisation - and mounties are now cheaper to build, have an additional combat strength, and additional national park charge.

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Among the 'many' other civilisations to get the balancing treatment are Georgia and China (which, upon completing a world wonder, will receives a random inspiration from that wonder's era), with the full list set to be shared in the update's patch notes.

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Civilization 6's final free game update, which is part of its New Frontier Pass development roadmap, will be free to all players when it launches next Thursday, 22nd April, and some of its changes can be see in Firaxis' latest update video above.