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Civilization VI Secret Societies is a game mode that came out with the Ethiopia Pack. It introduced the concept of Secret Societies in the form of governors whose promotions give us powerful bonuses, access to new buildings, units and improvements. This article will focus on The Sanguine Pact strategies and perks.

Goes to 11: Civilizations within 10 tiles receive 50% of the Tourism6 Tourism from this concert. This doesn’t increase the rock bands chances at succeeding, but if it does, it can increase the tourism output by 100% or more. Incredibly useful as 3rd promotion, so-so as 1st promotion. So what are we looking for as 1st promotion?

The Sanguine Pact are a militaristic regime, they like blood and are pretty much vampires. Strategically it could be argued that they are the most powerful secret society released. They are of great help when it comes to war.

  • Civilization VI offers new ways to engage with your world: cities now physically expand across the map, active research in technology and culture unlocks new potential, and competing leaders will pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits as you race for one of five ways to achieve victory in the game.
  • Indulgence Vendor - when is gold bad? Basically, always worse than a promotion that matches your victory type, but better than a promotion that doesn't Although I'm not a fan of the way religious spreading/combat has been implemented in Civ 6, I think the developers did a good job with the promotion options for Apostles.
  • Back to Civilization VI Go to the Promotion article The following is a list of promotions in Civilization VI and its expansions, sorted by unit class. 1 Standard game 1.1 Recon Units 1.2 Melee Units 1.3 Ranged Units 1.4 Anti-Cavalry Units 1.5 Light Cavalry Units 1.6 Heavy Cavalry Units 1.7 Siege Units 1.8 Naval Melee Units 1.9 Naval Ranged Units 1.10 Naval Raider Units 1.11 Naval Carrier Units.
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The Sanguine Pact governor promotions

Promotion title

Unlocked by


InitiationDestroy a Barbarian camp (70% chance)Grants a Vampire unit in your capital.

Reach the Medieval Era

Grants a Vampire unit in your capital, and allows your Vampires to construct Vampire Castles (maximum two per empire).


Reach the Industrial Era

Grants a Vampires unit in your capital. Increases maximum Vampire Castle build to three. Your vampires now intimidate adjacent enemy units, reducing their combat strength by 5. Pillaging now costs Vampires 1 movement.

Master Plan

Reach the Atomic Era

Grants a Vampire unit in your capital. Increase maximum Vampire Castle builds to four. Units can teleport between Vampire Castles.

The Sanguine Pact exclusive tile improvement: The Vampire Castle


Civilization 6 Promotion
  • Duplicates yields from adjacent tiles and adds them to its own. These yields are provided directly to the capital.
  • Occupying unit receives +4 Defense Strength and automatically gains 2 turns of fortification (+6 Defense strength)
  • Allows the ability to teleport units between them (Upon reaching the Atomic Era)


  • Cannot be adjacent to another Vampire Castle
  • Initial limit of two per civilization, increases to 3 with Indoctrination (Industrial Era) and 4 with Master Plan (Atomic Era)


Vampires don't lose build charges forever when they build Vampire Castles, their build charges numbers depend directly on how many Vampire Castles your Civilization has and how many it can build. For instance, if you are in the Industrial Era (up to 3 Vampire Castles allowed) and you have built 2 Vampire Castles, all your Vampires will have 1 build charge; and if one of your Vampire Castles gets removed, then all of your Vampires will gain an extra build charge. In the same way, if one of your Vampires builds a Vampire Castle, then all of your Vampires will lose 1 Vampire Charge.

Vampire Castles can't be removed by Vampires, only Builders and Military Engineers can do it. Take this into consideration when a war starts, as you want to move your Vampire Castles closer to combat, because Vampires respawn in the closest Vampire Castle when their health falls to 1 (in the capital if there are no Vampire Castles).

Vampire Castles give great yields if placed correctly, and even if not they still grant a substantial amount. This is how it works: At the moment of placing the improvement all adjacent yields are added together, then doubled and that is the amount your capital receives every turn. Keep in mind it doesn't matter if adjacent tiles are improved or pillaged after placing the Vampire Castle, the amount of yields will stay the same. It doesn't matter if the Vampire Castle is outside your borders, it will still work for your capital.

In economic terms the Vampire Castle is much better than the Hermetic Order's Ley Lines, which requires that the Industrial Era is reached and a decent amount of Great People has been earned, while the Vampire Castle only requires that the Medieval Era is reached (and the Sanguine Pact governor is promoted) to be available. Also the yields are comparable or better without requiring winning the game (earning lots of Great People) beforehand.

The Sanguine Pact exclusive unit: The Vampire

The Vampire is a melee unit with variable Combat Strength (starts at 20), 2 Movement and 2 Sight. It heals 50 HP from pillaging enemy tiles, but receives reduced passive healing. Also, it cannot die.


  • Can construct Vampire Castles, up to 4 charges
  • Gains 1 Combat Strength when a unit dies in an adjacent tile (uncapped)
  • Gains 1 Combat Strength when a barbarian dies in an adjacent tile (capped at +10 Combat Strength)
  • Retreats back to the nearest Vampire Castle when brought down to 1 HP
  • Heals 50 additional HP when pillaging


  • Has the same Combat Strength as the strongest military unit the player has built (including formations and naval units, excluding aircrafts)
  • Cannot form Corps or Armies
  • Cannot gain experience or promotions
  • Has reduced passive healing
  • Up to 4 Vampires available to a Civilization per game, each granted by unlocking a new title of the Sanguine Pact governor
  • Cannot be bought or produced in cities

The Sanguine Pact: Strategy

Early game

There is a 70% chance of meeting the Sanguine Pact if you clear a barbarian camp, chance goes down for every civilization that meets the Sanguine Pact, so if you want to make sure of meeting them the earliest you have to go search barbarian camps immediately. Producing 2 Slingers or Slinger+Scout is advised.

Once you meet the secret society a Vampire will appear in your capital. Take it to fight barbarians immediately, as Vampires gain +1 Combat strength for every barbarian that dies adjacent to them (capped at 10).

Declare war: When there are no more barbarians around declaring early war (or pissing enemy civilizations enough) is well advised, as your Vampire gains Combat strength for every unit that dies adjacent to them (uncapped), early war doesn't punish with too much grievances and even if you don't conquer enemy cities you are likely to receive a beneficial peace treaty.

Try and build a Campus in a place with good adjacency bonuses. In an indirect way science benefits Vampires heavily, as they have a strength (before bonuses) equal to that of the strongest unit produced in your empire. Rushing Horseman or Swordsman will make it so your Vampire jumps from 20 to 36 Combat strength.

Ignoring religion or building Holy sites is recommended if you're not playing a Civilization that relies on Faith output. If you're playing on deity difficulty then there are even more reasons to ignore religion.

Medieval Era

In the Medieval Era the Sanguine Pact gives you access to its exclusive tile improvement, the Vampire Castle, which you should immediately build near your opponents as it not only grants yields equivalent to twice the sum of yields in adjacent tiles, but it also serves as a place of respawn for your Vampires.

Try and build as many Campuses as possible, our goal in this part of the game is rushing technologies that will allow us to produce better units, such as the Knight, which will make your Vampires have a base Combat strength of 48.

Again, either declare wars or make it so other civs declare war on you. If we have chosen the Sanguine Pact as our secret society then we are not trying to win the game by being peaceful (although you can go for another types of victory by getting you ahead through war earlier in the game)

Industrial Era

Once the Industrial Era is reached you get access to the Indoctrination Promotion, which in the case of the Sanguine Pact makes it so you have 3 Vampires in your empire and increases the maximum of Vampire Castles builds to three. Also your Vampires now reduce the Combat strength of adjacent enemy units by 5. Pillaging movement cost for Vampires is reduced to 1.

The idea is to keep using your Vampires offensively, if their health reaches 1 they will respawn in Vampire Castles placed near the enemy civilizations and if there are enemy tile improvements nearby then Vampires will be able to heal themselves to full because pillaging not only recovers 50 HP, but is also now costs only 1 movement.

Atomic Era

In the Atomic Era you will have 4 Vampires in your empire and the maximum amount of Vampire Castles increases to four. Also units can teleport between Vampire Castles, as if they were Aerodromes, but without the district's drawbacks.

The Sanguine Pact: Best Civilization synergies

The Sanguine Pact is a secret society that is meant for war. Civilizations that enjoy advantages in terms of warfare and science will see the most benefit.

Aztecs (Moctezuma)

The Aztecs start with Eagle Warrior, which has a Combat strength of 28, while the unit that it replaces, the warrior, only has 20 Combat strength. The idea while playing this civilization and the Sanguine Pact is to start wars very early, attacking with a Vampire and Eagle Warriors as soon as possible.

Gran Colombia (Simón Bolívar)

Gran Colombia has a lot of bonuses when it comes to units, such as 1 extra movement for all units, which in Vampires is even more overpowered. Also Comandante General, which is a type of Great People unique to Gran Colombia, will make it so your Vampires grow even stronger.

Civilization 6 Promotion

Scythia (Tomyris)

Already a very strong militaristic civilization. What makes it particularly good with the Sanguine Pact is Tomyris' leader ability, Killer of Cyrus, which makes it so units heals up to 30 HP after killing an enemy unit. This will make it so Vampire will last longer and therefore increase their strength faster.

Mongolia (Genghis Khan)

Vampires do not require that they themselves kill enemy units in order to get a +1 strength bonus, adjacency is the only requirement. This means your Vampires can be used to weaken enemy cavalry, and then your own cavalry give the last hit, giving you a chance of capturing defeated cavalry thanks to Genghis Khan's leader ability.

Macedonia (Alexander)

Macedonia has two fundamental bonuses when it comes to war and Vampires. The first one being the Civ ability, which makes it so conquering a city grants Eurekas and Inspirations depending on the districts in the city conquered. The second bonus is Alexander's leader ability, To the world's end, macedonian cities never incur war-weariness and also all military units heal when a city with a wonder is captured. War-weariness is a problem when playing with the Sanguine Pact because you will be in wars most of the time.

Civilization 6 Wiki

Civilization VI Secret Societies is a game mode that came out with the Ethiopia Pack. It introduced the concept of Secret Societies in the form of governors whose promotions give us powerful bonuses, access to new buildings, units and improvements. We will focus on The Voidsingers strategies and perks.

The Voidsingers are a nihilistic cult of dark elder gods. They focus on religion, relics and loyalty.

The Voidsingers governor promotions

Promotion title

Unlocked by


InitiationSend an Envoy to a City-State (70% chance)Allows you to construct the Old God Obelisk building, which replaces the Monument and grants +4 Faith and 1 slot for Great Works (Unlike Monument)

Reach the Medieval Era

Cities earn Gold, Culture and Science per turn equal to 20% of their Faith per turn rate.


Reach the Industrial Era

Unlocks the Cultist unit. This unit is purchased with Faith and uses charges to reduce Loyalty in foreign cities and generate Relics of the Void.

Master Plan

Reach the Atomic Era

Unlocks Dark Summoning, a city project that provides lots of Faith while active, and upon completion, raises the amount of Loyalty damage done by Cultists.

The Voidsingers exclusive building: Old God Obelisk


  • +1 Loyalty
  • +1 Culture
  • +1 Additional Culture if city is at maximum loyalty
  • +4 Faith
  • +1 slot for Great Works (any type)


+4 extra Faith in every city is a huge bonus, to put this into perspective, having an Old God Obelisk provides the same Faith as a Temple, which is double the production cost and its other bonuses/perks are comparable to that of the Old God Obelisk. Civilizations that leverage Faith well into other yields, units or great people benefit the more from the building.

Ethiopia led by Menelik II converts 15% of Faith into Science and Culture in cities that have been founded on hills. This means Old God Obelisks also provides +0.8 Science and Culture (which the game rounds up to 1). The bonus goes even further with the Voidsingers second promotion level, which also converts Faith into Culture, Science and Gold too.

Malians benefit a lot from the extra Faith too, being a Civilization capable of buying Commercial Hub buildings with Faith.

For every Civilization Old God Obelisks can make the difference when competing for Prophets, buying them out with Faith and therefore being capable of founding a religion without neglecting Civics tree advancement or early war.

The Voidsingers exclusive unit: Cultist

The Cultist is a support unique exclusive to the Voidsingers. It is used to damage loyalty in foreign cities and generate Relics.

  • Attributes:
    • Can move into foreign lands without declaring war.
  • Abilities:
    • Cause adjacent foreign cities to lose 10 Loyalty (3 Charges).
    • Amount of Loyalty damage can be improved with Dark summoning project.
    • When it is killed or loses all charges, it grants a Relic of the Void

The Voidsingers: Strategy

The Voidsingers work well with Civilizations centered in Religion and Culture. This types of victories should be your goal, wars will be mostly defensive and the way of expanding your territory is going to be through settlers and by flipping foreign cities using loyalty.

Early game

Discovering a tribal village grants a 70% chance of meeting the Voidsingers, so make sure to explore if you're playing a religious/cultural civilization. It might take some tries as chances lower when other Civilizations discover them first.

Voidsingers give you access to Old God Obelisk, a powerful Monument replacement that will not only grant its usual Culture and loyalty, but also +4 Faith. Use this to buy out a Prophet if you're too late in the makings of Holy Sites and Shrines.

Having Old God Obelisks in your first 5 cities will benefit you immensely in the later eras of the game, for instance, in 15 turns you will produce 300 Faith, which will make the difference to snatch pivoting Great Persons.

Medieval Era

The Medieval Era is when you thank your younger self for building enough Old God Obelisks and religious buildings in general, as thanks to the Voidsingers second promotion 20% of the Faith output will be converted into Science, Gold and Culture. This will push your Science and Civics tree forward helping you leave the AI behind.

Buy Great Persons with Faith and start making sure your citizens are happy (trade luxury resources with other Civilizations) and the population is growing. Happiness and population will play in your favor when it comes to loyalty and flipping cities, which is the next stage of the game.

Industrial Era

In the Industrial Era you gain access to the Cultist, a unit that is purchased with Faith, and uses charges to reduce loyalty in foreign cities. If you played the previous parts correctly you will have enough Faith to purchase an army of Cultists, and send them to 'conquer' foreign cities. This coupled with your cities loyalty will make it so you will be able to flip a lot of cities.

Place Amani (Governor) in a city-state state close to foreign cities, use the Emissary (Cities within 9 tiles have +2 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization) and Prestige (Your own cities within 9 tiles have +2 Loyalty towards your civilization).

Atomic Era

In the Atomic Era you gain access to Dark Summoning, a city project that provides Faith while active, and upon completion, raises the amount of loyalty damage done by Cultists. Keep flipping cities, although this will enrage other Civilizations so prepare for a defensive war. Artillery defending your cities and a technology advantage should be enough to waste their time while not harming your religious or cultural victory.

The Voidsingers: Best Civilization synergies

Ethiopia (Menelik)

Ethiopia is one of the civilizations that have best synergy with the Voidsingers. The second promotion (20% of Faith you will gain as Science, Culture and Gold) works really well with Menelik II's ability, Council of Ministers (Cities founded on Hills gain 15% of their Faith output as bonus Science and Culture). These two bonuses together make up for a 35% Faith to Science and Culture bonus, which will skyrocket your advancement in the science and civics trees. Having Tanks against the AI Cavalry will not only be usual, but also unnecessary, since you will be achieving a Cultural or Religious victory already.

England (Eleanor of Aquitaine)

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The english led by Eleanor of Aquitaine are not particularly religious, but they are great at flipping cities through loyalty. In this regard the Voidsingers with their exclusive unit, the Cultists, will give you a boost that will make it even easier conquering the world without wars.


Amazon Civilization 6

Russia is a religious civilization that has a replacement for Holy Sites, the Lavra provides 1 extra Great Writer, Prophet, Artist and Musician points. Additionally Russia gains extra Faith and Production from trunda tiles, which works well with the Voidsingers second promotion.