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Civilisation 6 Frontier Pass

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Civilization 6 new frontier pass

A new update to Civilization 6 will help rebalance the game in light of the new leaders added from the various Frontier Pass content updates. It will also add three more new units, two more True Start maps, and updates to naval battle AI.

According to Firaxis, the update will tweak some existing Civilizations in response to player feedback, in an effort to make them more competitive with the new leaders. Those balance changes will include Spain, Khmer, China, Mapuche, Canada, and Georgia, among others.

The update will also add the Line Infantry, Man-At-Arms, and Trebuchet units. Since those units will change the pacing, Firaxis is also making several other unit changes. That aims to make sure the new units feel weighty and smooth out combat differences. A new True Start Mediterranean and True Start Huge map will be part of the update as well, and the AI will make better use of naval units and choices around naval production.

This will be the last of the updates planned as part of the Frontier Pass roadmap. While the Frontier Pass is a premium expansion, the overall game balance updates like this one are free for all players. If you do want to get in on the Frontier Pass, you can purchase individual parts a la carte for $9, or the full bundle for $40.

The election of the Alliance prime minister will take place on the 27th of May, having been postponed due to the Galactic Summit.

Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported:

“Prime Minister Edmund Mahon’s decision to postpone the election for three months caused enormous disruption and mass protests. This may have mortally wounded his campaign to be re-elected as head of government for a second six-year term.”


“With hindsight it’s clear that Mahon was prioritising the Sirius Treaty, a detailed proposal to unite the superpowers against the Thargoids. Unfortunately, the Galactic Summit was prematurely halted by the ‘Nine Martyrs’ bombings before the treaty could be agreed.”

Frontier Pass Civ

“Although there are several candidates, Mahon’s only serious challenger is Councillor Nakato Kaine. She has been a vocal critic of his expansionist policies, and gained much public support for her focus on boosting trade between Alliance systems.”

Civilization 6 New Frontiers

“Electoral votes will be cast by members of the Alliance Assembly, whose decisions reflect popular opinion in their constituencies. No previous prime minister has served more than a single term, so it remains to be seen whether Mahon will defy precedent or Kaine will follow the pattern of history.”