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AgendaRepulsion of Sennacherib
AbilityDedication to Amon

Unfortunately for Nubia, the Egyptians directly to Nubia’s north had other ideas. The two civilizations would exchange roles as wary neighbor, conqueror, and vassal for millennia, until a series of invaders from distant lands permanently ended their rivalry. The earliest Nubian civilization began in. Nubia has finally been announced as a new civ in Civilization VI and in this video we go through an overview, analysis, and some strategy of the Nubian civ. Nubia is one of the civilizations in Civilization VI. Civ Ability: Ta-Seti +50% production towards Ranged Units. +50% EXP gain for Ranged Units. Mines provide +1 Production over Strategic Resources, and +2 Gold over Luxury/Bonus Resources.

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Taharqa is a modded alternate leader in Civilization VI, created by JFD and ChimpanG. Taharqa leads the Nubian civilization.


Taharqa was a pharaoh of ancient Nubia of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty and qore (king) of the Kingdom of Kush. Taharqa's reign was initially a prosperous renaissance period in Nubia and Kush. During this period of peace and prosperity, the empire flourished. In the sixth year of Taharqa's reign, prosperity was also aided by abundant rainfall and a large harvest. Taharqa took full advantage of the lull in fighting and abundant harvest. He restored existing temples, built new ones, and built the largest pyramid in the Napatan region of Nubia. Particularly impressive were his additions to the Temple at Karnak, new temple at Kawa, and temple at Jebel Barkal.

Civ Vi Nubian Pyramid


A new dawn rises over the Nile kingdoms, bringing peace and prosperity to her people. The Falcon that crowned you, Taharqa, has set you a task; to dedicate these kingdoms to Amon. Devoted, this peace and prosperity will be a lasting one.

Leader Ability

Dedication to AmonReceives a Builder upon completing a Holy Site. Using Builder charges yields a burst of Faith, increasing with your Faith Per Turn.

Leader Agenda

Civ Vi Nubia
Repulsion of SennacheribFocuses on preparing a large military, and seeks out long-term allies to ensure the protection of his people. Sees warmongering civilizations as a threat to his peace.


Civ vi nubia guide

I received the Crown in Memphis after the Falcon flew to heaven.

Mod Support

Mod NameHas Support
Moar UnitsYes
Rule with FaithYes



JFD - Author.

ChimpanG - Artwork.

Civ Vi Nubia

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