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Civ 6 World Congress: Emission of Guilt
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Date ReleasedApril 22, 2019

Don't like the World Congress in Civ 6? If you find the World Congress isn't adding much to your game, you can disable it by editing one of your game's XML files. Specifically: SteamLibrarysteamappscommonSid Meier's Civilization VIDLCExpansion2DataExpansion2GlobalParameters.xml. Civilization 6 Gathering Storm added a World Congress which you can sometimes propose Emergency Proposals and when this happens you get two options 'pass' or 'add proposals' What does pass or add.

Founding the Congress and Being Host The World Congress is founded when all Civs have been met and someone researches Printing Press. The Civ who first meets all others and has researched this Tech becomes the first Host. While Host, you are able to click to rename the World Congress at the top of the WC Screen - but it has no impact on gameplay.

Civ 6 World Congress: Emission of Guilt is a Civilization sketch. In it, many Civ 6 leaders are called for a meeting, but no one but Kupe realize its purpose.

Description: 'An emergency session of the World Congress has been called, but no one's sure why.'


Actor Character
Joey BashamSuleiman the Magnificent
Allison Devery Kristina
Edwin Quinones Kupe
Carolyn Dellinger Eleanor of Aquitane
Josey Porras Dido
Jeremy Bilbo Mansa Musa
Matt LockeDoge Enrico Dandolo
Kyle SullivanBuilder
Ian ConnWeatherman
Ethan GelinasBarbarian
Cesar RiojasWhale Guy


The video begins with Enrico Dandolo hastily running up the stairs to the World Congress meeting. As soon as he enters, however, Suleiman kicks him out, telling him that he's not invited. The sultan then tells the other leaders that he doesn't know why they are there, to which Eleanor agrees, adding that she was looking into acquiring one of Monet's works before the interruption. Mansa Musa immediately becomes interested and offers money for it, claiming that he has more money than Venice. Suleiman ignores Musa and says that he was also in the middle of something - he was creating a plan to destroy Venitia. The sultan also makes an offer to Eleanor, though a much more meager one: 2 gold and a Horse.

Eleanor declines both offers, telling them that it is not for sale. Dido, meanwhile, asks for clarification on the part of Suleiman, as he doesn't seem to have many troops. He corrects himself and says that he will attack Finland. When Kupe asks for its location, however, he responds by saying that it has been difficult to locate it.

After these exchanges, Kupe takes the forefront of the discussion and discusses the ongoing storms attacking his islands, suggesting that someone in that room hasn't been kind to the environment. After this, Kristina says that they have yet to determine the meeting's purpose, to which Eleanor suggests being the awarding of Nobel prizes. Kristina becomes mildly irritated by her competitor in the Nobel race, and the whole room briefly descends into an auction for Eleanor's art pieces.

Dido interrupts this and orders for the one who called that meeting to speak up. Kupo confusedly states that he thought it was her who called for her, bringing up the fact that her cities are flooding too. Dido, irritated, asks him not to tell the rest about it, and Kupe again warns everyone about the threat of carbon emissions. Suleiman just smiles while the discussion ensues, occasionally dropping some sarcastic comments.

Civ 6 world congress special session

At this moment, Enrico returns and tells everyone that his capital is actually completely flooded, and everything that he knows and loves is now underwater. Suleiman shuts the door again and the conversation resumes. With this, Kristina reveals that the goal for the meeting is to provide financial aid to those affected by the most recent disasters. Mansa Musa excitedly claims that he's 'going to win', but gets interrupted when Eleanor sees Breaking News on her phone. In the broadcast, the weatherman proclaims that everything is terrible everywhere, and quickly moves on to showing some interviews with people that were affected.

A builder talks about how some of the buildings that he built next to the water are now underwater, which will probably infuriate his boss; A citizen criticizes his government for not providing a good environment of Whales until he realizes that they actually live in the water; a Barbarian claims that, since it wasn't them that ruined everything, he's not going to help.

After hearing the accounts of these three people, Suleiman says that the Whales have more homes, and everything is fine. When Eleanor tells him that crabs also have more homes, however, the sultan regrets his actions. Kupe and Dido again argue with Suleiman and Mansa about the threat of the melting polar icecaps, until Suleiman proposes nominating the World Religion. This immediately sparkles unorganized talking from all participants, and Kristina concludes that it isn't going to work.

Dido then asks the sultan for his amount of carbon emissions, accusing him of raising global sea levels in an attempt to flood her cities. Suleiman confirms this, and everyone disapproves of him. When Dido claims she even prefers Venice over him, Dandolo reappears in the room, claiming that they messed everything up by letting Suleiman return instead of him. Eleanor interrupts him by revealing that she has obtained the original transcript of the Oddissey, sparkling yet another round of auction. Mansa Musa and Dandolo argue over who has more gold, Kristina offers all of her diplomatic favors, Dido yells 'Luxury Resources' and Kupe simply states that the icecaps are at 85%. With this, the sultan ends the discussion by offering to stop flooding the world. Eleanor agrees to the deal, though Enrico complains about how they just let him do whatever they want.

The sketch ends with Mansa Musa finally asking, perplexed: 'Who are you?'

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Enrico complaining about Suleiman 'returning' is a joke on the fact that Suleiman is featured in Civ 6, but not Dandolo. But the Dandolo's civ appears as a wonder Venetian Arsenal and a city state Venexia or Venice appears in a scenario.


  • Running Gags: DM Religions, Ban Crabs
  • The breaking news intro is the same from Civ 6: Breaking News and Civ 6: Weather Report. The weatherman from the latter also returns.
  • The builder's claim that he used to build underwater and Dandolo's mention of Seahenge are both references to Civ 6: New Workers.
  • Suleiman's regret of creating more homes for crabs is an obvious reference to Ban Crabs.
  • Enrico Dandolo's outfit might be a reference to Aquaman.


Civ 6 World Congress Resolutions

  • The costumes were made by Allison Devery and Carolyn Dellinger.
  • The sketch was filmed at Our Lady of the Lake University.

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