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Sep 22, 2016 The official release of the much anticipated 4X video game, 'Civilization 6', is just a month away. However, the hype generated by its developer, publisher, and fans continue to excite everyone awaiting its official release. With this, 'Civilization 6' just revealed Rome and its well-known leader—Trajan. . Pack #6: Adds one new civilization and leader, one new game mode, new World Wonders, and one new map. Available March 2021.New game mode requires the Civilization VI Expansion Bundle to play.

ReligionImperial Cult[1]
AgendaOptimus Princeps
AbilityTrajan's Column
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Trajan is a vanilla leader in Civilization VI. Trajan leads the Roman civilization.


The Emperor Trajan, preceded on the throne by the short-reigning, undistinguished Nerva and followed by that Hadrian, took the empire to its apex of territorial expanse. The able soldier-emperor was in fact officially declared optimus princeps (“the best ruler”) by the Roman Senate, perhaps not impartial but with a certain vantage point. Trajan is also known for his relatively philanthropic reign (at least, compared to most other emperors), launching extensive public building projects and implementing forward-thinking social policies, many of the latter being abandoned by the short-sighted Senate after his death in 117 AD. He is considered to be the second of the “Five Good Emperors” (although Machiavelli coined that term in 1503, so take it with a rather large grain of salt).


Cast your net wide, oh Trajan, emperor of mighty Rome. Your legions stand at the ready to march out and establish the largest empire the world has ever seen. If you can truly get all roads to lead to Rome, yours will be an empire of great riches and luxuries. Surely then our citizens will proclaim you as their best ruler, the Optimus Princeps.

Leader Ability

Trajan's ColumnAll cities start with an additional City Center building. (Starts with a Monument building in the Ancient era.)

Leader Agenda

Optimus PrincepsTries to include as much territory as possible in his empire. Does not like civilizations who control little territory.


Divide and conquer!


First Look - Rome

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Rome is one of the most versatile Civilizations. I will explain how to win a game of Civilization 6 as Rome. What are the civ's strengths, strategies and win conditions. This guide is focused on the Gathering Storm expansion.

How to win Civ6 as Rome?

The short answer is to expand a lot early game and then rush Legions in the Medieval Era and conquer a lot of territory. After winning many wars using Legions, proceed to any type of victory you prefer, domination and culture being easier for this civilization. Settle as much as possible.

Rome Civilization VI info

Rome is an expansive Civilization. The secret to achieving any type of victory as Rome is simply settling so many cities that outputs are overwhelming.

Civilization Ability: All Roads Lead To Rome

Allows all their cities to start with a Trading Post, automatically builds roads to new cities within trade range of their Capital, and increases Gold income from Trade Routes going through their cities.

Trajan's Leader Ability: Trajan's Column

'Divide and conquer!'

All of his cities get an additional City Center Building (which will be a Monument if the game is started in the Ancient Era).

Unique District: Bath

A unique district of the Roman Civilization in Civilization VI. It replaces the Aqueduct district and must be built adjacent to both the City Center and a River, Lake, Oasis, or Mountain.

ResearchBase CostMaintenancePillage YieldLocation requisitesRequired to build


18 or 72 No maintenance25

Must be adjacent to the City Center and either a river, lake, oasis or mountain.


Additional information

  • Provides the city with a source of freshwater from an adjacent River, Lake, Oasis, or Mountain.
  • Cities that do not yet have existing fresh water receive up to 6 Housing.
  • Cities that already have existing fresh water will instead get +2 Housing.
  • Provides an additional bonus of +2 Housing and +1 Amenity in either case.
  • Prevents Food loss during droughts.
  • +1 Amenity if adjacent to a Geothermal Fissure.
  • Does not depend on Population.

Unique Unit: Legion

Roman unique melee unit. It replaces the Sworddman. Can construct a Roman Fort and has slightly higher strength than regular swordman.

ResearchCostMaintenanceUpgrades toResources neededStrengthMoves

Military Tactics

110 or 220 or 440 3Musketman (110 cost)

10 Iron ()

40 2

Additional information

  • +10 Combat Strength vs. anti-cavalry units.
  • Has 1 build charge. (Lost upon upgrade to Musketman)
  • Can construct a Roman Fort, available earlier than Forts built by Military Engineers. (Consumes build charge.)
  • Can clear terrain. (Consumes build charge.)
  • Higher Combat Strength (40 vs. 36).
  • Higher Production cost (110 vs. 90).


Although a strong early game unit, it doesn't shine as much as its Rome equivalent, the Legion.

The Legion should be combined with Archers for a Medieval Era conquering campaign. They can both build Forts and repair damaged upgraded tiles. This is great to defend and kick start your new conquered cities.

Start Bias

No start bias.

Types of victories

Rome is just about expanding and then proceeding to any type of victory you're interested in..

Domination victory:

Surely the easiest type of victory to achieve as Rome. Early game play very aggressive (if playing on deity difficulty) and very expansive. In the Ancient Era Rome shines, Trajan's Column makes it so you start with a free Monument, and therefore you will reach Oligarchy faster than usual, giving your units +4 strength. Conquer and expand as much as possible.

  • An excellent district array would be Bath+Commercial Hub+Encampment. The Bath will make your cities grow, Commercial Hub will generate the gold for your army's maintenance and the Encampment is for obvious warmongering reasons .
  • For inner cities replace Encampment with Campus, place it where it gives a higher bonus (adjacent to Mountains or Geothermal Fissures). Science is very important while trying to achieve a domination victory.
  • Commercial Hubs are great to fund your military, but there are other ways too, such as pillaging and trading with other civs.

Science victory:

Science victory doesn't come naturally to Rome, there is not a single science bonus, except for the fact that Rome is expansive, therefore more cities and then more sciente output..

  • Try and get Free Inquiry Golden Age dedications, this will make the Commercial Hub adjacency (to Campus) bonus go even further.
  • In the late game have some cities with good production in order to help your Space Port.
  • Do go to war at the earlier stages of the game, other leaders will be annoyed with your expansionism anyways.

Civilization 6 Demo

Culture Victory:

Culture victory is a good fit for Rome, granted not as good as Domination. Free Monuments will kickstart your culture in order to get Drama and Poetry sooner. Bigger cities with Baths in them will allow for higher culture output. Free trade routes will make it easier to get Tourists from other Civilizations.

  • An excellent array would be Bath+Theater Square+Encampment. Focus on Theater Square. Replace Encampment with Commercial Hub or Campus as you see fit.
  • You are achieving a Culture Victory but conquering 1 or 2 Civilizations in the Medieval era doesn't hurt, build Encampments in your outer cities. Destroy Civilizations that go for Culture victory.
  • Make allies, trade with them and try to make a Cultural alliance with another Civilization that has high population numbers but no interest in culture victory.

Religious Victory:

Religion is just not an attractive type of victory for many of us, for those of you who are the exception: Rome doesn't have any particular bonus towards religion. You will have to do with the sheer amount of cities and output.

Diplomatic Victory:

Diplomatic victory is an acceptable path for Rome, the expansion will make you meet a lot of city states, and therefore have a lot of Diplomatic Favor. This combined with the production of your cities will make for a fairly easy Diplomatic victory.

  • An excellent array would be Bath+Industrial Zone+Commercial Hub.
  • The Industrial Zone should be in the middle of all other districts for maximum productivity.
  • The extra productivity should be used to win over the Statue of Liberty (awards 4 points toward diplomatic victory).
  • If you see war is inevitable (a neighboring Civilization has Agendas that make them don't like you) go as soon as possible in order to not get punished with Grievances.
  • Build some Army for deterrence.

In depth: Trajan's Leader Ability: Trajan's Column

Trajan's Column:

All of his cities get an additional City Center Building (which will be a Monument if the game is started in the Ancient Era).

This is one of the leader abilities with the shortest description in the game. Very simple, yet effective bonus. Having a free building affects mostly the early game as you get Monuments in your cities, and therefore you will be the first to get your civics, which in turn will bring many bonuses with them. To make best use of the bonus try and produce some settlers early game. Having a lot of cities will equal having a lot of Monuments and it will only snowball from there. Point your governor points towards Magnus with the Provision promotion (Settlers in the city do not consume population)

Point your civic development towards Early Empire, did I mention we want to expand? Pick up as many inspiration as possible:

  • Craftsmanship - Improve three tiles
  • Foreign Trade - Discover another continent.
  • State Workforce - Build any district.
  • Early Empire - Reach a combined total of 6 population in your empire.
  • Political Philosophy - Meet 3 City-States.

Political Philosophy is important too, you want to get it around the time you start conquering cities with your Legions. Oligarchy will make it so your units have +4 strength, this will mean your Legions will hit with 44 strength, which will give you an edge over other Civilizations. Depending on the difficult level you're playing there is going to be a window of time where your opponents won't have access to Oligarchy, and therefore will be weaker.

In depth: Legion strategy

In the real world Legions effectively transformed Rome into an empire, conquering barbarian with superior order tactics. In Civilization VI they are stronger than regular Swordsmen, but starting Gathering Storm they do have 10 iron cost. If you expanded properly in the early game you should cover enough territory and therefore you are very likely to have Iron inside your borders.

Legions are not that great if they go alone, there are other Civilizations that can go and conquer the early game just with a single tye of unit. This is not the case for Rome. Combine Legions with Archers and one Battering Ram if the opponent has walls.

  • Rush: To get Legions going ASAP point your research (and Eurekas) into the Military Tactics tech. It goes like this: Research Bronze working, make a Spearman, kill a unit with your Spearman to trigger the Military Tactics eureka, research Military Tacticas, profit.
  • Use: As said before you have to boost your Legions with Oligarchy and Oligarchy legacy wildcard. If the opponent has walls, build a Battery Ram to support your Legions. Just attack, conquer everything while the Medieval Era lasts. Try and make a war declaration that doesn't add too much grievances. Combine them with Archers, Legions are not that great if they go alone. After conquering cities use your Legions to repair damaged tiles (the tiles they pillaged themselves). This will make it so your new acquired cities will be producing much faster without the need of workers.
  • Promote: Use war time to give your units a lot of experience. In the end Legions will be capable of attacking twice with their last promotion, Elite Guard.
  • Upgrade: Just upgrade as soon as Musketman comes.

In depth: Bath

What is the advantage of having so many cities if there aren't people living in them? Enters the Bath, while being much cheaper than Aqueducts it provides more population room. You have to be careful about settling cities in a location with a source of water for your Bath, remember, Mountains will do too.

In depth: All Roads Lead To Rome

Allows all their cities to start with a Trading Post, automatically builds roads to new cities within trade range of their Capital, and increases Gold income from Trade Routes going through their cities.

Continuing with the expansionist Rome style, the Civilization is all about connecting those new cities. Free Trading Posts and Free Routes make it so you have enough money to fund your military and movement inside the empire is easier.

Free Roads:

Movement inside a big empire is necessary. Roads will make it so all tiles cost 1 movement point to enter, except for river crossings. This is even better in areas with lots of woods and rainforest that would usually be very hard to navigate. You will be able to quickly send builders to remote areas or defend against Barbarians with fewer units if necessary.


This ability becomes really useful when the Medieval Era hits and your Legion start getting Hungry for some new cities, after conquering a city it will automatically have a road to your capital, granted the newly-captured city is in a 15 tile range of city of your own that is connected to your capital. Reinforcements will be easy to deploy, Rome will indeed send more Legions through it's roads. This means you can start wars with a small army and add numbers down the road.

Holy Sites

I recommend to ignore religion in my how to win on deity guide, but if you're going for a religious victory there is no way of achieving it without an early holy Site and many more as the game advances. Hojo Tokimune's ability to build Holy Sites built in half the time makes it easier to get a Prophet.

The difficulty with building Holy Sites is that you're using the space of a more useful district and therefore the city has to grow. Choose pantheons that help in this respect.

Religious victories often become unviable when another civilization is as or more dominant. Unlike other civilizations Rome can do something here as you will have the infrastructure needed to go for another type of victory.


Civilization 6 Gameplay - Part 4 - Rome - Trajan

Science is important no matter what type of victory you are trying to achieve. To get a Legion in time you need a lot of science and therefore should have at the very least 1 good Campus.

Civilization 6 demo

Use the Mountains and Geothermal fissures in your favor. If you're unlucky enough to not get Mountains nearby (either occupied by a city state or other civs) then use the huge Government Plaza bonus. Either way don't be late at building Campuses.

Natural Philosophy civic card doubles Campus adjacency bonus and thus is very recommended. Its upgrade in the modern era is the Class struggle civic and doubles Industrial Zone adjacency too.

Harbors and Commercial Hubs

You have to choose between Commercial Hub and Harbor because the city can only hold one trade route so it doesn't make sense to have both districts. If given the option (city has coast tiles) build a Harbor, this is much better as it gives production and food too. Also the Great Admiral points are impactful as they have powerful bonuses.

Harbor is so much better than Commercial Hubs that making a Harbor in a 1 tile lake is worth it. You can surround it and get huge adjacency bonuses while getting food and production in a tile that otherwise would have been useless.

How to counter Rome

Rome is just a strong Civilization, harder to play against than other AIs. There are good ways to go about it:

  • Pillage Baths: Districts are part of the strength of Rome. Use your light cavalry to pillage them before they can do anything. Rome tends to build slow units and therefore you can get away with this.
  • Focus down Legions with your Crossbowmans: The weakness of Legions resides in its low movement. Use this to your advantage and kill them before they get close to you.
  • Survive the early game: Rome doesn't have advantaged in the mid to late game when compared to other Civilizations. If you survive the early game without letting it expand too much you will be fine.