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  • The Trader is an Ancient Era civilian unit in Civilization VI. It is used to service Trade Routes.
  • For Civilization 6, building the Colossus means bragging rights, +3 Gold, +1 Great Admiral point per turn, +1 Trade Route capacity, and a free Trader unit. Early economic advantages prop up any strategy to reach a Victory Condition.
  • The alternative would be to build a military unit and have it go pop instead of the trader. Who moves one more tile and goes pop the turn after. Early game clear barbarians from the routes later game when most of the lalnd has been claimed by civs you only loose traders during war and one single unit wouldnt make much of a difference when.
  1. Civ 6 Trader Range
  2. Civ 6 Trade Route Distance
  3. Civ 6 Trader Embark

A Trade Route runs for a minimum of 20 turns on Standard game speed (affected by game speed), but only ends when the Trader reaches the origin city. As Traders move at a speed of one tile per turn, Trade Routes can only end after (n. 2. route length) turns, where n is a natural number = 1.

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Civ 6 Trader Range

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One of the most important factors for reaching enough tourism to get a Cultural Victory in Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is to collect various Great Works provided by Great People, martyrs, and archaeologists. However, like most resources in Civilization 6, civilizations can trade Great Works with each other.

With Civilization 6 players that want to get as much tourism as possible wanting as many Great Works as possible, some may wonder if it's a good idea to trade one for another. Players may also wonder if it's a good idea to trade a Great Work for gold or resources.

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Civ 6 Trade Route Distance

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When trading, there are many different variables that affect whether or not it's a good idea to trade certain things away. As long as players act smart about their trades, they can make any trade benefit themselves.

Certain Great Works cause tourism benefits depending on how the museum is themed. Having works of a similar theme, but different artists in a museum can help increase tourism. The same goes for having artifacts from the same era, but different civilizations in archaeological museums. The best ways to get this variety is through trading Great Works with other Civilizations. By making fair trades where both players benefit from having a new Great Work, these trades can be easily made.

Players can also offer their resources in trades for other civilizations' Great Works instead of trading their own. Due to the value of Great Works, this may cost a lot of resources with AI controlled leaders or trickery with unknowing human leaders. Great Works can also be stolen by spies if they are housed in theater squares.

Civ 6 Trader Embark


There is no benefit to trading works of writing, music, or relics due to them not having theme bonuses in museums. However, they can be used to obtain other Great Works or generate tourism where they're already housed.

Players who aren't going for a Cultural Victory can use their Great Works to trade for more resources and Gold. They can also be used as leverage against players going for a Cultural Victory in order to get even more resources or even help convince that player to join in a war.

Civilization 6 is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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