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Clan Championship Cup 7

Clans fight for supremacy in a myriad of game modes, serious and fun.

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Civilization 6 World Cup

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With an incredibly strong lineup and well trained team, they not only surprise more than one during the qualifiers but managed to even make some of the top teams doubt about the outcome of their encounter. It has been a whole year since the last Cup earned by Eastern Europe. District Discount Mechanic: Zone Guide: Deity Playlist: https://www. Back to Civilization VI When starting a new game in Civilization VI, you can choose from a number of options, including an Advanced Setup. If you select 'Play Now' to begin immediately, it will begin a game on Small Continents, Prince difficulty map with randomly chosen leaders and at Standard speed. 1 Basic Settings 2 Advanced Setup 3 Related achievements 3.1 Difficulty level 3.2 Map type 3.3.

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CWC Qualifiers

The Civilization World Cup Qualifiers will give your team a chance to earn a spot in the next Season of the CWC !

Register now and may the best clan win !

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A Free-for-all and 4v4 challenge that is designed around leaders that are played less !

It will feature 16 Civilization leaders going against each other on Pangeea maps

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In short, the CWC is the Civilization World Cup. It is a month and a half long explosive 8 team tournament in an 4v4 team format. The best teams from the major communities from all over the globe are fighting for the title of Civilization World Champion. For more information, please follow the link to the CWC Discord server below.


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Civ V Teams

Tournament Format

Much like the previous seasons of the CWC, the format will be 4v4 games played on a variety of maps that will differ week to week. It will consist of two stages, a group stage and a bracket stage.

Games Scheduling

Civ 6 team playTeams

All games will be played from Friday to Sunday of that week. To ease the availability and scheduling, teams will be given a 2 day window to schedule their game. If after the 2 day window teams cannot agree to a scheduled time, a time will be given by the tournament staff. The scheduled games will be announced on wednesday of each week.

Communities Engaged

  • – Civilization Players League
  • – CivFR
  • – CivRUS
  • – Liga Brasileira de Civ VI

Tournament Organizers



Civ 6 Teams Share Research

Tournament Rules & Regulations

Map Rotation

  • – Pangea
  • – Primordial
  • – Seven Seas
  • – Inland Sea

Civ 6 How To Set Teams

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