Civ 6 New Frontier Pass Ios

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We’re coming to the end of Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass – a year-long run of new Civ 6 DLC and free content that closes out with the Portugal pack this week, and then the free update in April that’s looking to rebalance around two-thirds of the game’s 50 civilisations. Civilization VI has experimented with.

  1. Get the New Frontier Pass for Civ 6 to unlock new civs, game modes, resources, and more.starting today! Get It Here: Sponsored.
  2. Get the New Frontier Pass for Civ 6 to unlock new civs, game modes, resources, and more.starting today! Get It Here: Sponsored.
  3. Oct 12, 2020 Hopefully the New Frontier Pass content on iOS and Android arrives with a much needed update to make Civilization VI on mobile feel as good as it should. Categories Featured.
Civ 6 New Frontier Pass Ios

With the game making its console debut last year, it's clear that Civilization 6is still a major part of 2K Games' lineup going forward into the future. So far, a myriad of additional content has made its way to the title as well, with the game currently offering a number of new civilizations, scenario packs, and major additions to the franchise's staple gameplay.

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It seems 2K is far from done adding content to the title, however, with the publisher recently announcing that it will be bringing several Civilization 6expansions out over the course of a year under a season pass its dubbed the 'New Frontier Pass.' The pass itself will include 6 entries of fairly substantial DLC, bringing new leaders to the game alongside fresh game modes and additional content. The pass itself will retail for $40, although players can opt to buy each pack individually.

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As for what's included in each of these separate Civilization 6 DLC packs, 2K Games has detailed exactly what fans can expect when they purchase the expansion pass. The first piece of new content will release in May and will contain the 'Maya and Gran Columbia Pack,' which sees the addition of two new civilizations and two leaders, alongside new city-states and resources. It also includes the Apocalypse Game Mode, which sees players' civilizations have to tend with crashing meteors, forest fires, and solar flares. The next pack will be the 'Ethiopia Pack' in July, which contains a new civilization and leader, alongside a game mode titled Secret Societies, a new district, and additional infrastructure.

Following these releases, there will be packs coming in September and November, as well as January and March next year. These mystery packs - which have yet to receive any concrete theme - will bring 5 new civilizations and 6 leaders to the game, alongside four new game modes, and plenty more completely original content. 2K Games has also claimed it will be releasing quality of life updates and small content packs for free for all players. For fans of the game, it's undeniably exciting to hear that more content will be coming to Civilization 6 regardless of the fact that it launched all the way back in 2016.

The studio behind Civilization, Firaxis, is no doubt having an exceptional year already, with the company releasing XCOM: Chimera Squadlast month and now getting ready to ship six major new expansion packs to Civilization 6. With the Coronavirus currently seeing thousands trapped in their homes, it's clear players will have a lot to thank the developers for as they provide reams of new content through two of their biggest franchises.

Civilization 6 is available for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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Civ 6 New Frontier Pass Ios

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