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This Saturday, January 27th, 2018 is to see the second recording of Civilization strategy podcast PolyCast‘s twelfth season. Beginning at 12PM ET North America (timezone converter), Episode 299’s topics list is set as follows:

CivCiv 6 Kilwa

Wishlist for potential Civ 6 DLC after NFP: Haudenosaunee, Navajo, Tibet, Hawaiʻi, Assyria, Kilwa, Venice Go check out the Community Monthly Challenge! It's really fun and it'd be super cool if we managed to get more participants! (^^) Have thoughts on which of Civ6's leaders has the best headwear? Vote & talk about it over here! Mar 25, 2021 As a game worked for in-your-face strategy players, Civilization 6 empowers the thought of endless strategic activities to dominate matches. A high ability roof is required for players to be fruitful in the most testing trouble settings.

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Civ 6 Kilwa Kisiwani

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Ikanda Civilopedia Entry from civ

Civ 6 thermal bath

CivR&F New Units: Drone, Pike & Shot, Supply Convoy

The Supply Convoy is a new Modern Era support unit that upgrades from the Medic, gaining +2 movement and granting adjacent units +1 movement as well.

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