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  1. 'This vast, sweeping landscape is dominated by hills and mountain ranges. These will present some interesting strategic and tactical choices and challenges for certain civs. Like Korea, Ethiopia, and even Bull Moose Teddy, with his passion for National Parks' said Amanda Bonacorso, Lead Producer. New Game Mode: Dramatic Ages.
  2. Civilization America Bonus Roosevelt Corollary Agenda Big Stick Policy Ability Founding Fathers Unit P-51 Mustang Other Rough Rider Building Film Studio Teddy Roosevelt is the leader for America in Civilization VI. 1 History 2 Intro 3 Leader bonus 4 Leader agenda 5 Unique unit 6 Quotes 7 Trivia 8 Media 9 External links Roosevelt took office following the assassination of President McKinley in.
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When Teddy lost his bid to become the GOP’s presidential candidate, he founded the Progressive Party, commonly known as the “Bull Moose Party” and was promptly nominated its candidate. His platform was simple: “to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics.”.

A hall mark of the Civilization series of of games is being able to choose from a variety of historical civilizations and leaders to build your own empire. Civilization VI has plenty to choose from. You can choose from leaders like Queen Victoria, Gilgamesh, and Alexander the Great. Each leader has a unique ability that can make or break you during game play. When playing against these leaders they all have unique Agendas followed by the AI players.

Here is a complete list of all the leaders available in Civ6, their special abilities, and their agendas.


  • Macedonian
  • To the World’s End – Cities are never war weary and military units are completely healed when they capture a city with a Wonder.
  • Short Life of Glory – Dislikes civilizations that are at peace, likes civilizations that are at war with another power other than Macedon. Grievances decay twice as fast


  • Nubian
  • Kandake of Meroe – Increased production towards districts, doubled if there is a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the town center
  • City Planner – Tries to keep the maximum number of districts in each city and likes civilizations that do the same. Dislikes civilizations that don’t build districts.


  • Gallic
  • King of the Eburones – Receives Culture equal to 20% of the production cost of non-civilian units after training. Melee ranged, and anti-calvary units receive +2 combat strength for each adjacent military unit.
  • Scourge of Rome – focuses on having as many military units as possible and likes those that do the same. Dislikes civilizations that don’t have a strong military

Basil II

  • Byzantine
  • Porphyrogennetos – Heavy and Light cavalry units deal full damage when attacking cities following the same religion.
  • Divine Guardian – Focuses on spreading his religion to other civilization and likes those that follow it. Dislikes civilizations that don’t follow his religion.

Catherine de Medici

  • France
  • Catherine’s Flying Squadron– Increased Diplomatic Visibility with each civilization they encounter. Free Spies and extra Spy capacity with each Castle.
  • Black Queen – Gains as many spies and as much Diplomatic Visibility as possible and likes civs that do the same. Dislikes civilizations that ignore espionage activities.

Chandragupta – Rise and Fall

  • Indian
  • Arthashastra – Can declare a War of Territorial Expansion with Military Training, instead of Mobilization. Gives increased Combat Strength and Moves for all units for the next 10 turns.
  • Maurya Empire – Dislikes civilizations that have cities close to their borders and will try to conquer them. Likes civilizations that are not his neighbors.


  • Egyptian
  • Mediterranean’s Bride – International Trade Routes grant increased gold. Trade Routes sent to Egypt from other civs provide more food for them and more gold for Egypt. Increased Alliance Points from trading with allies.
  • Queen of the Nile – Likes civs with powerful militaries and will try to ally with them to avoid conflict. Dislikes weak civilizations.
Preserve civ 6


  • Persian
  • Fall of Babylon – Increased Movement for all units for the next 10 turns after declaring a Surprise War. Surprise Wars count as Formal Wars for warmongering and war-weariness. Occupied cities have no penalties to their yields.
  • Opportunist – Will declare Surprise Wars and likes civilizations that do the same. Dislikes civilizations that do not declare Surprise Wars.

Dido – Gathering Storm

  • Phoenician
  • Founder of Carthage – Cities with Cothon gain the Move Capital Project which moves the Phoenician Capital to that city. Gains increased trade route capacity after building the Government Plaza building. Increased production towards districts in cities with the Government Plaza
  • Sicilian Wars – Wants to settle coastal cities and likes civilizations that settle inland. Dislikes civs with more coastal cities.

Eleanor of Aquitaine – Gathering Storm

  • English/French
  • Court of Love – Each Great Work causes foreign cities within 9 tiles to lose Loyalty each turn. Any nearby foreign city that leaves its civilization from lack of loyalty and receiving pressure from Eleanor will join her empire instead of becoming a free city.
  • Angevin Empire – Builds up the population of her cities and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civs with low populations.

Frederick Barbarossa

  • German
  • Holy Roman Emperor – Gain additional Military policy slots in all Governments. Increased Combat Strength for all units when fighting a city-state.
  • Iron Crown – Will try to conquer as many city-states as possible and likes those who do not associate with them. Dislikes anyone that associates with or conquer city-states


  • Indian
  • Satyagraha – Increased Faith for each met civilization including India that has a founded Religion and is not at war. Enemies receive double War Weariness from fighting against Gandhi.
  • Peacekeeper – Never declares wars for which he can be branded a warmonger. Likes peaceful civilizations and dislikes warmongers

Genghis Khan – Rise and Fall

  • Mongolian
  • Mongol Horde – Cavalry units gain increased Combat Strength and have a chance to capture defeated cavalry units.
  • Horse Lord – Builds a strong cavalry and likes civilizations that do not compete with him in cavalry strength. Dislikes nations with strong cavalry.


  • Sumerian
  • Adventures of Enkidu – May declare war on any Civ that is at war with an ally without incurring Warmonger penalties. Sumerian and allied units share pillage rewards and combat experience when at war with a common ally and withing five tiles of each other. Earn Alliance Points every turn Sumeria and an Ally are at war with the same Civ.
  • Ally of Enkidu – Is easy to befriend and likes civilizations that are declared his friend. Dislikes anyone that denounces or encourages attacking his friends.


  • Indonesian
  • Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds – May purchase naval units with Faith. Religious units don’t have a movement cost for embarking or disembarking. City Centers adjacent to Coast or Lake tiles gain increased Faith.
  • Archipelagic State – Likes civilizations that avoid having cities on small landmasses. Dislikes nations with cities on several islands.


  • Greek
  • Thermopylae – Killing a unit provides Culture equal to half its Combat Strength.
  • With Your Shield Or On It – Never gives up anything during a peace deal and likes warmongers that match the same approach. Dislikes those who have capitulated in a peace treaty or that have never gone to war. Grievances against this leader decay at twice the usual rate.


  • Babylonian
  • Ninu Ilu Sirum – Upon building each type of specialty district, except the Government Plaza, for the first time, instantly receive the building with the lowest production cost that can be built in the district. Upon building any other district for the first time, receive a free Envoy.
  • Cradle of Civilization – Tries to build every type of district and likes nations that do the same. Dislikes nations that refuse to do the same.

Harald Hardrada

  • Norwegian
  • Thunerbolt of the North – Increased production toward naval melee units. All naval melee units have the ability to perform coastal raids. Gain the Viking Longship unique unit with Sailing.
  • Last Viking King – Builds a strong navy and likes civilizations that do the same. Dislikes civilizations that don’t have strong navies.

Hojo Tokimune

  • Japanese
  • Divine Wind – Increased combat strength for land units in Coastal tiles and naval units in Coast tiles. 100% increased production towards Encampmenbt, Holy Site, and Theater Square Districts.
  • Bushido – Likes civilizations that have both a strong military and strong Faith or Culture outputs. Dislikes nations with strong militaries but weak Faith and Culture.


  • Polish
  • Lithuanian Union – Taking territory from a foreign city with a Culture Bomb converts it to Poland’s religion. Relics grant more Gold, Faith, and Culture. Holy Sites receive an increased adjacency bonus from districts.
  • Saint – Tries to build up Faith and likes nations that do the same. Dislikes civs that don’t focus on Faith.

Jayavarman VII

  • Khmer
  • Monasteries of the King – Increased food and housing from Holy Sites adjacent to a river. Building a Holy Site triggers a Culture Bomb that claims surrounding tiles.
  • An End to Suffering – Likes civilizations with many Holy Sites and a high population. Dislikes nations that are lacking either.

John Curtin

  • Australian
  • Citadel of Civilization – 100% production if you have received a Declaration of War in the past 10 turns or liberated a city in the past 20.
  • Perpetually on Guard – Likes civilizations that liberate cities, dislikes civilizations that are occupying enemy cities.

Kristina – Gathering Storm

  • Swedish
  • Minerva of the North – Buildings with at least three Great Work slots and Wonders with at least two Great Work slots are automatically themed when those slots are filled. Gains the Queen’s Bibliotheque unique building in the Government Plaza.
  • Bibliophile – Tries to collect as many Great Works as possible and likes nations that leave them to her. Dislikes civilizations with many great works.

Kupe – Gathering Storm

  • Maori
  • Kupe’s Voyage – Starts the game in the Ocean. Increased Science and Culture per turn before the first city is settled. The first city receives a free Builder and increased population. The Palace grants increased Housing and Amenity.
  • Kaitiakitanga – Tries to avoid contributing to climate change by not removing features, planting Woods, and founding National Parks. They like civilizations that do the same and dislike ones that have no concern for the environment.

Lady Six Sky

  • Mayan
  • Ix Mutal Ajaw – Non-capital cities gain 10% increase to all yields within six tiles of the capital city. and -15% to all yields if more than six tiles away. All units receive increased Combat Strength when within six tiles of the Mayan Capital.
  • Solitary – Keeps her cities clustered around her Capital and likes civilizations who settle far away from her. Dislikes those who encroach upon her border with cities or troops.

Civ 6 Bull Moose Teddy

Laurtaro – Rise and Fall

  • Mapuche
  • Swift Hawk – Defeating an enemy unit within the border of an enemy city causes that city to lose 20 Loyalty. Pillaging a tile within the border of an enemy city causes that city to lose loyalty.
  • Spirit of Tucapel – Tries to maintain his cities loyalty and likes nations that do the same. Dislikes civilizations that fail to maintain loyalty.

Mansa Musa – Gathering Storm

  • Malian
  • Sahel Merchants – International Trade Routes gain increased gold for every flat Desert tile in the sending city. Entering a Golden Age permanently grants increased trade route capacity.
  • Lord of the Mines – Tries to build up large stores of Gold and likes civilizations that do the same. Dislikes poor civilizations.

Matthias Corvinus – Gathering Storm

  • Hungarian
  • Raven King – Levied city-state units receive increased Movement and Combat Strength and can be upgraded at a discount. Levying troops from a city-state grants two envoys with that city-state. Gives the Black Army unique unit with Castles.
  • Raven Banner – Will levy troops from city-states and likes those who do the same. Dislikes nations that shun mercenaries.

Menelik II

  • Ethiopian
  • Council of Ministers – Ethiopian cities founded on hills receive Science and Culture equal to 15% of their Faith output. Increased Combat Strength for all units when fighting on hills.
  • Ethiopian Highlands – Tries to settle cities on Hills and likes civilizations that avoid settling near hills. Dislikes nations that settle on hills.


  • Aztec
  • Gifts for the Tlatoani – Improved Luxury resources provide an Amenity to two extra cities. Military units receive increased Combat Strength for each different Luxury resource in Aztec territory.
  • Tlatoani – Likes civilizations who have the same Luxury resources as he does. Will try to collect every Luxury resource available. Dislikes those with Luxury resources he doesn’t have.

Nvemba a Nzinga

  • Kngolese
  • Religious Convert – May not build Holy Sites or found a religion but receives all of the beliefs of any religion that is established as Kongo’s majority, just not the follower beliefs. Build a Mbanza or Theater Square grants a free Apostle.
  • Enthusiastic Disciple – Like civilizations that brings religion to the Kongo, dislikes those that will not spread religion to a Kongolese city.

Pachacuti – Gathering Storm

  • Incan
  • Qhapaq Nan – Domestic trade routes have increased food for every Mountain tile in the origin city. Gain the Qhapaq Nan improvement with foreign trade.
  • Sapa Inca – Tries to settle near Mountains, and likes those who mountains for him to settle. Dislikes civilizations that settle near mountains.

Pedro II

  • Brazilian
  • Magnanimous – Recruiting or patronizing a Great Person refunds 20% of their cost.
  • Patron of the Arts – Will recruit as many Great People as possible, and likes civilizations that do not compete with him for Great People. Dislikes civilizations who take Great People from him.


  • Greece
  • Surrounded by Glory – Increases culture per city-state Greece has Suzerainity over.
  • Delian League – Likes civilizations that are not competing with him for city-states. Dislikes civilizations that are directly competing with him for the allegiance of a city-state.


  • Russian
  • The Grand Embassy – Trade Routes to more advanced civilizations grant Russia increased Science for every three technologies that civilization is ahead of them, and increased culture for every three civics.
  • Westernizer – He likes those that are ahead of him in civics and technology. Dislikes civilizations that are behind him.

Philip II

  • Spanish
  • El Escorial – Increased Combat Strength for all units when fighting civilizations that are following a different religion. Inquisitors have one extra use of their Remove Heresy ability.
  • Counter Reformer – Likes civilizations that follow the same religion as him and has cities that all follow the same religion. Dislikes those who spread their religion into his empire.

Poundmaker – Rise and Fall

  • Cree
  • Favorable Terms – All Alliances provide Shared Visibility. Trade routes grant increased food in the sending city and increased gold in the receiving city per Camp or Pasture in that city.
  • Iron Confederacy – Establishes as many alliances as possible and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations that do not establish alliances.

Qin Shi Huang

  • Chinese
  • The First Emperor – Builders receive an additional build charge. Builder charges can be spent to complete 15% of the production cost for Wonders.
  • Wall of 10,000 Li – Builds Wonders whenever possible and likes civilizations that do not build Wonders too. Dislikes nations with more Wonders than him.

Robert the Bruce – Rise and Fall

  • Scottish
  • Bannockburn – Can declare a War of Liberation with Defensive Tactics instead of Diplomatic Service. 100% Production and increased movement for all units for 10 turns after declaring a War of Liberation.
  • Flower of Scotland – Will never attack his neighboring civilizations unless they break an promise to him. Dislikes civilizations that are waging war on his neighbors and likes those at peace with them.


  • Arabian
  • Righteousness of the Faith – The Worship building for Arabia’s religion is 90% cheaper to purchase with Faith. Arabian cities with that building gain increased Science, Faith, and Culture.
  • Ayyubid Dynasty – Wants his worship building in as many cities as possible and likes civilizations with it. Dislikes civilizations following other religions or waging war on followers of his religion.

Seondeok – Rise and Fall

  • Korean
  • Hwarang – Cities with an established Governor receive increased Culture and Science for each promotion that Governor has.
  • Cheomseongdae – Tries to build up Science and likes those that focus on the same. Dislikes Civilizations that with weak Science output.

Shaka – Rise and Fall

  • Zulu
  • Amabutho – May form Corps with Mercenaries, instead of Nationalism and Armies with Nationalism, instead of Mobilization. Corps and Armies gain additional combat strength.
  • Horn, Chest, Loins – Forms as many Corps and Armies as possible and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations with small militaries.

Simon Bolivar

  • Gran Columbian
  • Campana Admirable – Entering a new era grants the Comandante General unique Great Person.
  • Carabobo – Focuses on promoting units by building many Encampments and likes civilizations with many promoted units. Dislikes civilizations without an elite highly-promoted army.

Suleiman – Gathering Storm

  • Ottoman
  • Grand Vizier – Has access to Ibrahim the Grand Vizier governor. Gain’s the Janissary unit with Gunpowder.
  • Lawgiver – Tries to keep his cities happy and loyal, likes nations that do the same. Dislikes civs that struggle with happiness and loyalty or haven’t conquered many cities.

Tamar – Rise and Fall

  • Georgian
  • Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith – 100% Faith for the next 10 turns after declaring a Protectorate War. Each Envoy sent to a city-state of Georgia’s majority religion counts as two envoys.
  • Narikala Fortress – Builds high-level walls around her cities and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civs that do not fortify their cities.

Teddy Roosevelt

  • American
  • Roosevelt Corollary – Increased Combat Strength for all units inside America’s home continent. Increased Appeal to all tiles in cities with a national park. Gain the Rough Rider unit with Rifling.
  • Big Stick Policy – Likes peaceful nations that have a city on his home continent. Dislikes civilizations starting wars on his continent.


  • Scythian
  • Killer of Cyrus – Increased Combat Strength for all units when attacking wounded units. Units heal up to 30 hit points after killing an enemy.
  • Backstab Averse – Likes nations that are declared her Friends. Dislikes nations that backstab their allies and declare Surprise Wars


Rough Rider Teddy Civ 6

  • Roman
  • Trajan’s Column – All cities start with a free building in the City Center or a Monument.
  • Optimus Princeps – Tries to include as much territory as possible in his empire and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations with little territory.


  • English
  • Pax Britannica – Founding a city or Royal Naval Dockyard outside of England’s home continent grants a free melee unit to that city. Gain the Redcoat unique unit with Military Science. The first city founded on other continents increases trade route capacity.
  • Sun Never Sets – Likes civilizations that have a city on her home continent and will try to expand to all continents. Dislikes nations that do not have cities on the same continents as her.

Wilfrid Laurier – Gathering Storm

  • Canadian
  • The Last Best West – Can build Farms on Tundra tiles with Civil Engineering. Snow, Snow Hills, Tundra Hills, and Tundra tiles are 50% cheaper. There is a 100% extraction on these same tiles for accumulated resources. Mines and Lumber Mills have increased production and Camps receive more food.
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force – Participates in Emergencies and Competitions whenever possible and likes civilizations that do the same. Dislikes those that ignore Emergencies and Competitions.

Wilhelmina – Rise and Fall

  • Dutch
  • Radio Oranje – Trade routes provide increased Loyalty each turn for the starting city. International trade routes provide increased Culture.
  • Billionaire – Tries to have as many trade routes as possible and likes nations that trade with her cities. Dislikes civs that refuse to trade with her.

Alternate Personas

Two of the leaders in Civ6 have alternate personas with varying leader abilities and agendas. These personas drastically change the gameplay for those leaders while also keeping true to their historical actions.

Catherine de Medici – Magnificence

  • French
  • Catherine’s Magnificences – Increased Culture for improved Luxury resources adjacent to a Theater Square or Chateau. Cities with a Theater Square gain the unique Court Festival project which grants Culture and Tourism based on the number of Luxury resources you possess.
  • Sumptuous Finery – Tries to collect as many Luxury resources as possible and likes civilizations that trade those resources to her. Dislikes nations that do not trade Luxuries with her.

Teddy Roosevelt – Bull Moose

  • American
  • Antiquities and Parks – Breathtaking tiles gain increased Science when adjacent to a Natural Wonder or Mountain and increased Culture when adjacent to a Wonder or Woods. Increased appeal in all tiles in cities with a National Park.
  • The Bull Moose – Tries to settle near high Appeal tiles and builds Districts and Wonders to maximize Appeal. Likes civilizations with many high Appeal tiles in their territory and dislikes those lots of low Appeal tiles.

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Teddy Roosevelt
BonusRoosevelt Corollary
AgendaBig Stick Policy
AbilityFounding Fathers
UnitP-51 Mustang
OtherRough Rider
BuildingFilm Studio
Civ First Look

Civ 6 Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt

More on this on Wikipedia:

Teddy Roosevelt is the leader for America in Civilization VI.

History[editedit source]

Roosevelt took office following the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 and, at the age of 42, became the youngest United States President in history – a record he still holds today. Roosevelt championed his 'Square Deal' domestic policy, comprised of three basic ideals: the conservation of natural resources, greater control over corporate plutocracy, and consumer protection.

His efforts to regulate corporate 'trust' monopolies earned him the nickname 'trust buster.' He established the United States Forestry Service in 1905 and fought for the conservation of millions of acres of federal land, which are still protected to this day. Roosevelt also coined the iconic phrase 'speak softly, and carry a big stick,' describing his form of foreign policy of negotiating peacefully while simultaneously threatening with the 'big stick.' Roosevelt described this policy as 'the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.'

Intro[editedit source]

And so it is upon your broad shoulders, Theodore Roosevelt, to charge forth and lead your people on their great adventure. Use your military might to give the peoples of your homeland the square deal they so desperately deserve. Surely you will raise America into the Limelight and attract visitors from across the oceans just to see your lands. Bully for you, Mr. President.

Leader bonus[editedit source]

Roosevelt Corollary - Units receive a +5 Combat Strength bonus on their home continent. +1 Appeal to all tiles in a city with a National Park. Gain the Rough RiderUnique Unit when they research the RiflingTechnology.

Leader agenda[editedit source]

Big Stick Policy - Likes peaceful civilizations that have a city on his home continent. Hates civilizations starting wars against a city-state or civilization based on his continent.

Environmentalist - (Hidden) Builds National Parks, doesn't clear features, plants forests. Likes civilizations that plant forests or found National Parks. Dislikes civilizations that clear features.

Unique unit[editedit source]

Rough Rider - These mounted troops are effective in Hills, gain Culture from kills on their home continent and have a low Maintenance cost.

Quotes[editedit source]

'It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.'

'Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.'

'No man is above the law. It behooves you to remember that.'= Big Stick Policy: Negative

'Thanks for keeping the peace on the continent. Bully for you!'= Big Stick Policy: Positive

'I wanted to avoid this, you know, but your idea of peace left me no choice.'= Declares war as attacker

'If I must choose between righteousness and peace.... I choose Righteousness.'= Declares war as Defender

'Welcome to the United States of America. If you conduct yourself well, you can consider us friends.'= First meeting

Trivia[editedit source]

- Once, before giving a speech on his 1912 campaign for the presidency, Theodore Roosevelt was shot. Instead of pleading to be rushed to a hospital, Roosevelt bravely went on to deliver his speech, saying, 'It takes more than one bullet to kill a Bull Moose.'

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