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Bolshoi Theatre
Base Cost 1450
EraIndustrial Era
Provides+2 Great WriterPoints per turn.
+2 Great MusicianPoints per turn.
+1 Great Work of Writing slot.
+1 Great Work of Music slot.
Awards 2 randomly-chosen free Civics when completed. Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Theater Square District.
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Civ 6 Gathering Storm, but I always build a Holy Site as the first district. Playing as Zara Yaqob of Ethiopia - a modded Civ by Sukritact. The map is Fracta. Civilization Series Favourite Scifi & Fantasy TC Scenarios & Mods Hunt: Blake00: 2: 1/2 2:10AM: Is the AI capitulating too easily a new bug? FatalAccident: 3: 11/26 11:21PM: New patch today including tech tree shuffle, natural wonder selector, and more. HMandACFan: 2: 9/2 7:04AM.

The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the Wonders in Civilization VI.

Notes[editedit source]

  • Awards 2 randomly-chosen free Civics when completed
  • Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Theater SquareDistrict.

Quote[editedit source]

Bolshoi Ballet is a universe of the imagination, a place of magic and enchantment, beauty and romance. Its many worlds vibrate with graceful dancers, glorious music, and sumptuous costumes.
~ Trudy Garfunkel

Historical context[editedit source]

The Imperial Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow - bolshoi being the Russian for 'grand' - is home for the Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera companies, among the oldest and largest in the world (the ballet has some 200 dancers). The Ballet company was founded in March 1776 by Prince Urusov and Michael Maddox, a British theatre manager; after performing in private home for some years, the company was profitable enough to acquire the Petrovka Thetre and opened ther for the first time in December 1780. Sadly, the Petrovka burned down in 1805, to be replaced by the New Arbat Theater, which burned down in 1812 during Napoleon's occupation of the city. The current Bolshoi Theater was built between 1821 and 1824, and it managed not to burn down - although it was renovated in 1843, 1856, 1921, 2002 and 2011. The last renovation included restoring the theater's acoustics to the original high quality (which had been mucked up by the Soviets) and restoring the original imperial decor (which had been ripped out by those same Soviets). Despite prices ranging up to 5000 rubles, ballet and opera performances continue to be sold out - mostly to the tourists.

Media[editedit source]

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One of the big things any civ should be striving towards in Civilization VI is to make sure you have discovered some Wonders in your civilization. They are one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-game buildings which are based on real-life buildings or landmarks and can give your civ a pretty big bonus.

Civ 6 Broadway

To add Wonders to your civilization, there are many requirements you have to take into consideration. Not only do you have to factor in terrain and adjacency to other parts of your city, but you need to unlock certain Civics trees as well as the usual tech trees.

There are currently 30 Wonders in-game, so there are plenty of opportunities to get some in your civ before your opponents. Here is a list of all the Wonders in-game, their full requirements and the bonuses they bestow.

Big Ben


  • Real-life location: Andalusia, Spain
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Castle
  • Tile Requirement: Alhambra is a castle, so it makes sense that it needs to be built on a hill which is adjacent to an Encampment district.
  • Bonus: +1 Military policy slot

Big Ben

  • Real-life location: London, England
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Economics
  • Tile Requirement: Like its real position next to the River Thames, Big Ben must be built next to a river and needs to be adjacent to a commercial hub district with a bank.
  • Bonus: +1 Economic policy slot and it doubles your current treasury.

Bolshoi Theatre

  • Real-life location: Moscow, Russia
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Opera and Ballet
  • Tile Requirement: Understandably, the Bolshoi need to be built adjacent to the theater district.
  • Bonus: Gives you two randomly-chosen free civics when completed.


  • Real-life location: New York, America
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Mass Media
  • Tile Requirement: As with the Bolshoi Theatre, Broadway needs to be built adjacent to the theater district.
  • Bonus: Gives a free random Atomic Era civic boost.


Chichen Itza

  • Real-life location: Yucatán, Mexico
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Guilds
  • Tile Requirement: As you would expect, this Mayan construction needs to be built in a rainforest.
  • Bonus: +2 Culture and +1 Production to all Rainforest Tiles around the city.


  • Real-life location: Rome, Italy
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Games and Recreation
  • Tile Requirement: The home of the Olympics must be built adjacent to an Entertainment Complex district.
  • Bonus: Grants +1 Amenity and +1 Culture for all cities in your civ.


  • Real-life location: Rhodes, Greece
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Shipbuilding
  • Tile Requirement: This giant statue of the Greek God Helios needs to be built on the coast and next to a harbor.
  • Bonus: Gives a free Trader unit.

Cristo Redentor

  • Real-life location: Rio de Janerio, Brazil
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Mass Media
  • Tile Requirement: 'Christ the Redeemer' must be built on a hill.
  • Bonus: Doubles the tourism output from all seaside resorts across your civilization.

The Great Library

Eiffel Tower

  • Real-life location: Paris, France
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Steel
  • Tile Requirement: Like its actual location in the heart of Paris, the Eiffel Tower needs to be big adjacent to the city center.
  • Bonus: All tiles in your civilization gain +2 Appeal.

Estadio Do Maracanã

  • Real-life location: Rio de Janerio, Brazil
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Professional Sports
  • Tile Requirement: None.
  • Bonus: Grants a +2 bonus to amenities to every city in your civilization.

Forbidden City

  • Real-life location: Beijing, China
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Printing
  • Tile Requirement: This grand palace needs to be built next to a city center.
  • Bonus: Gain a Wild Card policy slot.
Civ 6 broadway tickets

Great Library

  • Real-life location: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Recorded History
  • Tile Requirement: Also known as the Library of Alexandria, this building needs to be built adjacent to a campus district with a library.
  • Bonus: Grants a boost to all Ancient and Classical era technologies.

Great Pyramids

Great Lighthouse

  • Real-life location: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Celestial Navigation
  • Tile Requirement: As with The Colossus, the Great Lighthouse needs to be built on the coast and next to a harbor.
  • Bonus: All Naval units receive a +1 to movement.

Great Pyramids

  • Real-life location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Masonry
  • Tile Requirement: The only requirement that is that it is built in a flat desert.
  • Bonus: Gives you one free builder and all builders in your civ can build an extra improvement.

Great Zimbabwe

  • Real-life location: Lake Mutirikwe, Zimbabwe
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Banking
  • Tile Requirement: This ancient city must be built next to a commercial hub with a market and next to cattle.
  • Bonus: Grants +1 to your trade route capacity.

Hagia Sophia

  • Real-life location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Education
  • Tile Requirement: To add this basilica to your civ, you must have a founded religion and it needs to be built next to a holy site.
  • Bonus: Allows missionaries and apostles to spread religion 1 extra time.

Huey Teocalli

Hanging Gardens

  • Real-life location: near present day Hillan, Iraq
  • Tech / Civic Requirements: Irrigation
  • Tile Requirements: The Hanging Gardens must be built next to a river.
  • Bonus: Increases city growth by 15%


  • Real-life location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Tech / Civic Requirements: Natural History
  • Tile Requirements: This museum must be built next to a river.
  • Bonus: While there are no specific bonuses to building the Hermitage, it does yield +3 Great Artist points and +4 Great Works of Art slots.

Huey Teocalli

  • Real-life location: Mexico City
  • Tech / Civic Requirements: Military Tactics
  • Tile Requirements: This Aztec temple must be built on a lake tile next to an island.
  • Bonus: This grants +1 amenity to adjacent lake tiles, +1 food and production for each lake tile in your civ.

Mahabodhi Temple

  • Real-life location: Bodh Gaya, India
  • Tech / Civic Requirements: Theology
  • Tile Requirement: The two conditions for building this Buddist temple is that you must have founded a religion and it needs to be built in woodland next to a holy site with a temple.
  • Bonus: Gives 2 extra apostles.

Oxford University

Mont St Michel

  • Real-life location: Normandy, France
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Divine Right
  • Tile Requirement: The real Mont St Michel Abbey is on an island commune so it makes sense that it needs be built on a marsh or floodplains tile.
  • Bonus: All apostles gain an addition ability which you can choose yourself as well as a martyr ability.

The Oracle

  • Real-life location: Delphi, Greece
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Mysticism
  • Tile Requirement: Needs to be built on a hill.
  • Bonus: All districts in your city provide +2 Great Person points depending on their type.

Oxford University

  • Real-life location: Oxford, England
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Scientific Theory
  • Tile Requirement: It needs to be built next to a campus with a university and on grasslands or plains.
  • Bonus: Gives two randomly chosen technologies for free when finished.


  • Real-life location: Ma'an, Jordan
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Mathematics
  • Tile Requirement: Must be built on flat desert or floodplains.
  • Bonus: For all desert tiles within your city, you gain +2 food, +2 gold and +1 production.

Potala Palace

Potala Palace

  • Real-life location: Tibet, China
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Astronomy
  • Tile Requirement: Needs to be built on hill next to a mountain.
  • Bonus: Grants one extra diplomacy policy slot.

Ruhr Valley

Ik Kil Civ 6

  • Real-life location: Ruhr, Germany
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Industrialization
  • Tile Requirement: This heavy industrial wonder needs to be built next to an industrial district that contains factories and need to be alongside a river.
  • Bonus: You get +1 for each mine and quarry in the city.


  • Real-life location: Amesbury, England
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Astrology
  • Tile Requirement: Must be built on flat land next to stone.
  • Bonus: Gives you a free Great Prophet.

Sydney Opera House

  • Real-life location: Sydney, Australia
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Cultural Heritage
  • Tile Requirement: This building needs to be on the coast next to a harbor. It cannot be built next to a lake.
  • Bonus: It doesn't have any bonuses but does yield Great Musician points and Great Works of Music slots.

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army

  • Real-life location: Xian, China
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Construction
  • Tile Requirement: To build this army, you need to place it next to an encampment district which has either barracks or stables. It also has to be built on grasslands or plains.
  • Bonus: This wonder grants a promotion level to all land based units and allows your archeologists to go into other nations lands without having been granted open borders.
Civ 6 Broadway

Venetian Arsenal

  • Real-life location: Venice, Italy
  • Tech / Civic Requirement: Mass Production
  • Tile Requirement: It needs to be built on the coast and next to an industrial district.
  • Bonus: For each naval unit you train, this wonder gives you another.

Civ 6 Government Building

There you have it. All 30 Wonders of the World in Civilization VI. So, tell us, how many have you managed to get so far? how many have to earnt in one game? Let us know below!