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The Civilizations and known unique Leaders or Units / Buildings listed so far in Civilization VI. See Also: City-States.

Civilizations[editedit source]

The Civilizations and their Leaders / Special Units / Agendas
CivilizationLeaderLeader BonusesLeader AgendaSpecial AbilitySpecial UnitSpecial OtherSpecial InfrastructurePlay Style
AmericaRoosevelt CorollaryBig Stick PolicyFounding FathersP-51 MustangRough Rider
Film Studio (Building)
ArabiaRighteousness Of The FaithAyyubid DynastyThe Last ProphetMamlukMadrasa (Building)Religion
AustraliaCitadel of CivilizationPerpetually on GuardLand Down UnderDiggerOutback Station (Tile Improvement)
AztecGifts For The TlatoaniTlatoaniLegend of the Five SunsEagle WarriorTlachtli (Building)Domination
BrazilMagnanimousPatron of the ArtsAmazonMinas GeraesStreet Carnival (District)Culture
ChinaThe First EmperorWall of 10,000 LiDynastic CyclesCrouching Tiger CannonGreat Wall
(UniqueTile Improvement)
EgyptMediterranean's BrideQueen Of The NileIteruMaryannu Chariot ArcherSphinx
(UniqueTile Improvement)
EnglandPax BritannicaSun Never SetsBritish MuseumSea DogRedcoat
(Unique Unit)
Royal Navy Dockyard (District)Domination
FranceCatherine's Flying SquadronLadies-In-WaitingGrand TourGarde ImpérialeChâteau
(UniqueTile Improvement)
GermanyHoly Roman EmperorIron CrownFree Imperial CitiesU-BoatHansa (District)Science
GreeceThermopylaeWith Your Shield or On ItPlato's RepublicHopliteAcropolis (District)Culture
Surrounded By GloryDelian LeaguePlato's RepublicHopliteAcropolis (District)Culture
(UniqueTile Improvement)
JapanDivine WindBushidoMeiji RestorationSamuraiElectronics Factory (Building)Domination
KongoReligious ConvertEnthusiastic DiscipleNkisiNgao MbebaMbanza (District)Culture
MacedonTo The World's EndThe HypaspistsThe Hetairoi
(Unique Unit)
Basilikoi Paides (Building)
NorwayThunderbolt Of The NorthLast Viking KingKnarrBerserkerViking Longship
(Unique Unit)
Stave Church (Building)Domination
PolandLithuanian UnionSaintGolden LibertyWinged HussarSukiennice (Building)
PersiaThe Immortal
(Unique Unit)
The Pairidaeza (Building)
RomeTrajan's ColumnOptimus PrincepsAll Roads Lead To RomeLegionBath (District)Domination
RussiaGrand EmbassyWesternizerMother RussiaCossackLavra (District)Culture
ScythiaPeople of the SteppesBackstab AverseKiller of CyrusSaka Horse ArcherKurgan
(UniqueTile Improvement)
SpainEl EscorialCounter ReformerTreasure FleetsConquistadorMission
(UniqueTile Improvement)
SumeriaAdventures With EnkiduAlly of EnkiduEpic QuestWar-CartZiggurat
(UniqueTile Improvement)

Let's put on civilizations in their real starting locations on a real Earth. This time with the 2 new nations and a bigger map! For more info on Civilization. ALL the vanilla civilizations have been revealed for Civilization VI! Let's have a look at their details and touch on some basic strategy! More civs covered. In vanilla Civilization VI, there is one leader for each civilization (except the Greeks). The Rise and Fall expansion adds Chandragupta as an Indian leader, the Gathering Storm expansion adds Eleanor of Aquitaine as an English and French leader, and the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack adds Kublai Khan as a Chinese and Mongolian leader.

Added in Rise and Fall:

  • Chandragupta - India alternate leader
  • Genghis Khan - Mongolia
  • Poundmaker - Cree
  • Seondeok - Korea
  • Wilhelmina - Netherlands
  • Tamar - Georgia
  • Robert the Bruce - Scotland
  • Lautaro - Mapuche
  • Shaka - Zulu

Expected Future Civilizations[editedit source]

Soon to be added in The Gathering Storm:

  • Mathias Corvinus - Hungary
  • Kupe - Māori
  • Wilfrid Laurier - Canada
  • Pachachuti - Inca
  • Mansa Musa - Mali
  • Christina - Sweden

Civ 6 All Civs
v·d·eCivilizations and Leaders
America • Arabia • Australia • Aztec • Brazil • China • Egypt • England • France • Germany • Greece • India • Japan • Kongo • Macedon • Norway • Poland • Persia • Rome • Russia • Scythia • Spain • Sumeria
Teddy Roosevelt • Saladin • Montezuma • Pedro II • Qin Shi Huang • Cleopatra • Victoria • Catherine de' Medici • Frederick Barbarossa • Gorgo • Pericles • Gandhi • Hojo Tokimune • Mvemba a Nzinga • Harald Hardrada • Jadwiga • Trajan • Peter • Tomyris • Philip II • Gilgamesh • John Curtin • Cyrus II • Alexander
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Civ 6 all civs tier list

One of the first choices players will make before starting a game of Civilization 6 is which Civ and leader they wish to play with. This is an extremely important choice, as players wanting to win a certain way should pick the best civ for each victory condition. Unfortunately, choosing a leader is something players will rarely need to put any thought into, as most civilizations only have one leader which is chosen by default upon picking that civ. Firaxis Games could fix this by adding more leader options to each civ, and it wouldn't mess with the game's balance.

Best Civs Civ 6

What civ the player chooses affects what types of units they can train, what unique buildings they have access to, and what sorts of things the player will excel at. For example, Canada has some unique passive abilities which lend towards getting a diplomatic victory while Macedonia's unique troops make it much more suited for a domination victory. Despite there being only one leader for most civs in Civilization 6, the game takes care to separate what abilities come from the civ itself and which come from the leader. Because of this, it seems like the systems may already be in place.

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Civilizations With Two Leaders

Initially, the only civilization with two leaders was Greece, and players had the choice between Pericles or Gorgo. The latter offers a much more aggressive playstyle, while Pericles' culture boosts promote taking a different approach. With the introduction of DLCs, three other civilizations have joined the list of ones with two leader choices, the English, French, and Indian civs. England and France are unique in that their second leader are actually the same, being Eleanor of Aquitaine, who historically had a hand in both countries' history. Finally, India received Chandragupta as its second leader, representing the less peaceful side of the country's history.

Civ 6 All CivsCiv

Having two leaders helps make civilizations feel more varied within themselves, and gives the developers more freedom to play with different concepts. English players can try to colonize the world with Victoria or use Eleanor's loyalty boosting abilities to gain power all while still playing the civ they like the best. Likewise, a player may be very much into the idea of playing Greece, but not be a huge fan of Gorgo's militant tendencies. That player has the option to play Pericles and try something new. This kind of freedom should be given to all civs, and developers shouldn't be shy about trying certain combinations.

Civ 6 Potential New Leaders

The list of civs and leaders in Civilization 6 is already expansive, but adding secondary leader options would only require developers to think up abilities for these leaders that would synergize with the existing civilization abilities. This may not be the easiest task, but it would go a long way to making games feel more diverse. There are several famous leaders which come to the mind quickly as well which players no doubt would love to see added to the game.

For example, the American civ offers Teddy Roosevelt as a leader, but any other popular presidents could work as well, with George Washington being a popular choice. Charlemagne is another frequently requested addition who could serve as a leader for Germany and perhaps other civilizations as well in a similar way to how Eleanor works. Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden would provide that civ with a more militant playstyle, while any of Rome's famous leaders could be great choices as well.

Civ 6 All Civs Afraid

Civilization 6 is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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