Civ 6 Alhambra

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Huey teocalli civ 6
Base Cost 710
EraMedieval Era
Provides+2 Amenities from entertainment
+2 Great Generalpoints per turn
+1 Military Policy slot
Wonder Movie
+1 Military policy slot
Provides the same defensive bonuses as the Fort improvement. Must be built on Hills adjacent to an Encampment district.

Alhambra is one of the Wonders in Civ VI Alhambra is a Wonder in Civ 6. While Civ VI is now comfortably beating Civ V’s player numbers, it took a while to achieve. Is civilization 6 good for beginners? To note, there are many leaders in Civilization 6 that are perfectly suitable for beginners, and indeed civs like Germany, Russia, and Sumeria are all.

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The Alhambra is one of the Wonders in Civilization VI.

Notes[editedit source]

  • Removed if game started after the Industrial Era.
  • Provides the same defensive bonuses as a Fort
  • Must be built on Hills adjacent to an EncampmentDistrict.
    • Including: Desert, Grasslands, Plains, Snow, Tundra
  • The +1 Military Policy Slot is only added at time of construction. Capturing this wonder does not award an additional policy slot. This is both before and after the Fall 2016 Patch and appears to be intentional.

Quote[editedit source]

Everything here appears calculated to inspire kind and happy feelings, for everything is delicate and beautiful.
~ Washington Irving

Historical context[editedit source]

The Alhambra began as a small fortress, constructed in 889 AD by the Moors of Granada in Andalusia (Spain), then it was rebuilt and expanded by the emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar in the 11th Century and yet again expanded and converted into a royal palace by Sultan Yussuf in 1333. The al-Hambra (literally, 'the red one'), so named for its red clay fortress walls, was lavish - at least by European standards of the time - with all the comforts, including indoor plumbing. It integrated the natural beauty of the spot with structures and gardens designed and outfitted by the finest Muslim, Jewish, and even Christian craftsmen and artisans of the region. Among its most striking aspects, many of the interior walls and columns are inscribed in carved flowing Arabic script with poetry and verses from the Quran. The last sultan of the Nasrid dynasty, Muhammed XII, surrendered Granada to the Spanish in 1492 AD, without the Alhambra being attacked by the crusaders - otherwise it would be just another pile and memories of elegance.

Media[editedit source]

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Teddy Roosevelt
BonusRoosevelt Corollary
AgendaBig Stick Policy
AbilityFounding Fathers
UnitP-51 Mustang
OtherRough Rider
BuildingFilm Studio
Civ First Look
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Teddy Roosevelt is the leader for America in Civilization VI.

History[editedit source]

Roosevelt took office following the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 and, at the age of 42, became the youngest United States President in history – a record he still holds today. Roosevelt championed his 'Square Deal' domestic policy, comprised of three basic ideals: the conservation of natural resources, greater control over corporate plutocracy, and consumer protection.

His efforts to regulate corporate 'trust' monopolies earned him the nickname 'trust buster.' He established the United States Forestry Service in 1905 and fought for the conservation of millions of acres of federal land, which are still protected to this day. Roosevelt also coined the iconic phrase 'speak softly, and carry a big stick,' describing his form of foreign policy of negotiating peacefully while simultaneously threatening with the 'big stick.' Roosevelt described this policy as 'the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.'

Intro[editedit source]

And so it is upon your broad shoulders, Theodore Roosevelt, to charge forth and lead your people on their great adventure. Use your military might to give the peoples of your homeland the square deal they so desperately deserve. Surely you will raise America into the Limelight and attract visitors from across the oceans just to see your lands. Bully for you, Mr. President.

Leader bonus[editedit source]

Civ 6 Alhambra Map

Roosevelt Corollary - Units receive a +5 Combat Strength bonus on their home continent. +1 Appeal to all tiles in a city with a National Park. Gain the Rough RiderUnique Unit when they research the RiflingTechnology.

Leader agenda[editedit source]

Huey Teocalli Civ 6


Big Stick Policy - Likes peaceful civilizations that have a city on his home continent. Hates civilizations starting wars against a city-state or civilization based on his continent.

Environmentalist - (Hidden) Builds National Parks, doesn't clear features, plants forests. Likes civilizations that plant forests or found National Parks. Dislikes civilizations that clear features.

Unique unit[editedit source]

Rough Rider - These mounted troops are effective in Hills, gain Culture from kills on their home continent and have a low Maintenance cost.

Quotes[editedit source]

'It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.'

'Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.'

Civ 6 Alhambra

'No man is above the law. It behooves you to remember that.'= Big Stick Policy: Negative

'Thanks for keeping the peace on the continent. Bully for you!'= Big Stick Policy: Positive

'I wanted to avoid this, you know, but your idea of peace left me no choice.'= Declares war as attacker

'If I must choose between righteousness and peace.... I choose Righteousness.'= Declares war as Defender

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'Welcome to the United States of America. If you conduct yourself well, you can consider us friends.'= First meeting

Trivia[editedit source]

- Once, before giving a speech on his 1912 campaign for the presidency, Theodore Roosevelt was shot. Instead of pleading to be rushed to a hospital, Roosevelt bravely went on to deliver his speech, saying, 'It takes more than one bullet to kill a Bull Moose.'

Media[editedit source]

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Civ 6 Alhambra Movie

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Civ 6 Alhambra

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