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70-75°C or 70-75°F ?

also what is giving you this reading?

The system should shut down if it reaches a temperature that could begin to cause a problem. This is maintained by the System Management Controller which I'll give you instructions to reset below if you have any doubts about its ability to do its job.

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Your CPU or GPU in 5k is processing approximately 6x the information that HD (1080p) requires, that is going to be far more draw on those devices.

Once installed, you can open Core Temp to easily see your CPU temperature. At the bottom of its panel, you'll see the current CPU temperature for each individual core. Alongside this, the software shows the Min and Max recorded temperature of each core so you can see how it's performed over time. In this video you will learn how to check and monitor CPU temperature on your mac and what is the safe temperature for your CPU model.Download Intel Power Ga.

  1. The average Mac CPU temperature should float around 45-65 degrees Celsius. However, if it goes above the average level, you should consider quitting a few heavy apps for some time. Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt method to check the Mac CPU temperature.
  2. A good temperature for your desktop computer's CPU is around 120℉ when idle, and under 175℉ when under stress. If you're using a laptop, you should look for CPU temperatures between 140℉.
  3. The CPU temp depends entirely on the CPU used. In general, anything between 40°C and 65°C (or 104°F - 149°F) is considered a safe heat range during a normal workload. On my desktop gaming PC, which has plenty of cooling and a high-end CPU, I see temperatures varying around 50°C when I’m not really doing anything demanding.
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To Reset the SMC

shut down disconnect all external devices except OEM keyboard and mouse

reset the SMC

repeat this two or three times.

Then I suggest you use safe boot with the devices still disconnected.

reboot into safe mode

How To Check Mac Temperature

Check Mac Cpu Temp

How To Check Mac Cpu Temperature

reboot normally

You may post an EtreCheck report for futher analyis. The link is

Check Cpu Temperature Mac


While you have an iMac this may provide you with some information about Mac CPU temps in general.

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