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Good practice, case studies, expert advice and tips for fundraisers on direct marketing for charities.

Fundraising study: Giving remains a national pastime

By Rebecca Cooney, Friday, 25 May 2018

Event administration vs. Event marketing While a charity needs to have a lawful basis for sending communications about an event, if you are sending communications for a genuine administrative purpose that is unconnected with “direct marketing” then the direct marketing. Better still, we are able to offer a VAT free service across many elements of your mailing, like envelopes, print and in some cases postage if you are a registered charity. Our range of charity marketing services includes: Donor acquisition & renewal campaigns.

Third Sector's annual Donating Trends survey finds few people are signing up to the Fundraising Preference Service, there is work to do on public trust, but a refreshingly high number of people still give, writes Rebecca Cooney

Direct mail: High costs, low returns

Monday, 25 Sep 2017

Fundraising agreements in which direct-mail agencies take the bulk of the income, leaving little for charitable causes, are coming under increasing scrutiny from the Charity Commission. Stephen Cook investigates

Where next for direct mail?

Friday, 27 Jan 2017

The fundraising method faces further pressure as a result of regulatory changes and data protection rulings. Susannah Birkwood assesses its future

Hopeful signs from the RNLI's opt-in experiment

By Susannah Birkwood, Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016

The first sector organisation to move to an opt-in-only system of communications, the life-saving charity has had good results from attempts to get existing supporters to say yes

Inside the Chris Stoddard fundraising method

Monday, 26 Jan 2015

Stoddard has been at the helm of a series of direct-mail agencies that have gone out of business. Stephen Cook and Andy Hillier chart the story of his comebacks and talk to his charity clients

Stephen Pidgeon: We are neglecting good opportunities - madness!

Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014

From shunning handwritten letters to ignoring those who donate goods to charity shops, fundraisers are not working hard enough at connecting with their supporters, writes our columnist

Charity calling: What's the outlook for telephone fundraising?

Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014

The sector receives £35m of its annual income from telephone fundraising, but there are signs that the method is increasingly unpopular with the public. Susannah Birkwood reports; and a practitioner tells his story

Case Study: Breakthrough Breast Cancer

By Jenna Pudelek, Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

The charity's TLC Text-to-Get campaign is taking a sensitive approach to new donors

Stephen Pidgeon: You have to raise money to spend it

By Stephen Pidgeon, Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014

Some trustees and chief executives view fundraising as an embarrassing black art, writes our columnist

Seven considerations for boosting mobile giving in 2014

Thursday, 19 Dec 2013

The success of the Disasters Emergency Committee's Philippines appeal should encourage charities to review how they can capitalise on the growth in mobile fundraising, says John Simcock

Case Study: Trinity Hospice

By Jenna Pudelek, Tuesday, 10 Sep 2013

Clinical staff at the charity in south London took part in a telethon

Debate: Is direct mail being replaced by email as a fundraising technique?

By Ken Burnett, Tuesday, 25 Jun 2013 Charity Direct Marketing

Figures from the Fundraising Standards Board show the amount of direct mail sent by its members fell last year

Analysis: How proposed EU data protection rules might affect direct mail

By Sophie Hudson, Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Some UK fundraisers fear that draft regulations will make a big dent in the income of charities, but EU officials and politicians say that little will change. Sophie Hudson looks at the proposals and their potential impact

Analysis: FRSB investigates surge in complaints on email fundraising

Direct By Jenna Pudelek, Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013

Alistair McLean, chief executive of the regulator, says it will ask its members for reasons why people complain about email and doorstep fundraising

Stephen Pidgeon: Be direct and ask - or it's just a waste

By Stephen Pidgeon, Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013

A recent Barnardo's advert that failed to include an 'ask' is using an outdated approach, writes our columnist

Case Study: WSPA

By Jenna Pudelek, Tuesday, 23 Oct 2012

The animal welfare charity explains how using shock tactics in its dog farms appeal paid off

Third Sector Excellence Awards 2012: Direct Marketing Campaign - Winner: WSPA UK: Animal Protector

Thursday, 27 Sep 2012

Awarded to the direct marketing campaign that best combined innovation and fundraising success

Analysis: A first step towards clearer regulation for fundraising

Monday, 17 Sep 2012

The Hodgson review was deeply critical of confusion and duplication in the way fundraising complaints are dealt with. Jenna Pudelek examines how the three main bodies have responded and hears from the four key figures

Analysis: Fundraising complaints - Are some methods being pushed too hard?

Monday, 11 Jun 2012

The Fundraising Standards Board's annual complaints report highlights persistent problems and new developments. Stephen Cook looks at direct mail and telephone calls and Jenna Pudelek reports on challenge events and email fundraising


Anna Taylor: Time to limit your use of snail mail

By Anna Taylor, Tuesday, 27 Mar 2012

Charity Marketing And Advertising Partners

New prices for second-class stamps could force the sector to consider alternatives to postal appeals, says our columnist

Case Study : World Vision

By Sophie Hudson, Tuesday, 24 Jan 2012

The charity asked people to give 75p a day to its Harvest campaign

Stephen Pidgeon: Online is just one piece of the puzzle

By Stephen Pidgeon, Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Online fundraising should be used with other methods to create a multi-channel approach, says our columnist

Debate: Should charities avoid fundraising areas that lead to lots of complaints?

Charity Direct Marketing Program

Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010

Marketing Direct Mail

The Fundraising Standards Board's annual report shows recorded complaints about most types of fundraising are rising

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