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Direct Mail Letter Templates

  1. Canva’s templates are your shortcut to great design. And our simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy for you to customize a template until you get exactly the look you need. With over 2 million stock photos right inside our platform, plus thousands of templates for every kind of design, it’s easy to create graphics that impress.
  2. Direct Mail Postcards by Canva Marketing via direct mail postcards are a tried and tested way for small businesses to get some cost-effective marketing mileage. However, if your direct mailer looks like any other, or reads too much like an ad, the risk is having people ignore, or worse, throw out the mailer.

Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations and more.

Choose from a standard size direct mail letter (8.5 x 11) or a legal size direct mail letter (8.5 x 14).

Download these direct mail templates and add your own text, logos, or images using Microsoft® Word. We also demonstrate the use of Word mail-merge fields in these direct mail templates. One of the unique advantages of Zairmail is support for native Microsoft Word mail-merge to create personalized one-to-one direct mail letters.

Zairmail also offers a Snap Pack (pressure seal mailer) for high impact direct mail. This is the same secure format that banks use to mail PIN's and retailers use to mail rebate checks.

Standard Letter

Legal Letter

Once you have customized your direct mail letter, then login to your Zairmail account, upload a direct mail letter, upload your targeted mailing list (or buy one from Zairmail), approve an online proof, and launch your direct mail campaign.


Faster, easier, and 50% less expensive - discover the power of direct mail with Zairmail.

Need a Different Template?

- OR -

Some customers choose to use the online design site, Canva, for creating print-ready files. When doing so, it’s essential to make sure your files are set up correctly for the best print outcome.

Before you begin designing, we recommend that you turn on the print bleed setting. This function will allow you to view items going off of the page.

How to Set up Your Print Document

  • Click on “File” in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Then check “Show print bleed.” Bleed lines are essential for all photos and colors that extend to the edge of the page.
  • Due to the risk of a shift when cutting, make sure you extend the images outside of the bleed line to guarantee your document does not have a white stripe along the side of your page.

When you are happy with your design, it’s time to download the print files.

How to Download Your Print Document:

  • Start by clicking the download button in the top right.
  • Under “File Type,” make sure “PDF Print” is selected. (Not PDF Standard).
  • Make sure “Crop marks and bleed” are checked. While we do not require crop marks on our files, it is important that your file contains bleed. This setting will give you more bleed than needed, but it’s better to have more than not enough.
  • Download your files in a single-page PDF format.
  • Click “Download” to receive your files.

Now that you have your files, you are ready to place your print order through your Primoprint account.

When prompted to upload your files drag and drop the pdf file into the artwork field. Once the file loads, you’ll notice a few errors.

Canva Direct Mail Signature

  • Artwork dimensions exceed the expected size. This is due to the extra bleed, and crop marks Canva provides.
  • Font issues. This is due to the way Canva converts its web fonts.
  • Object uses RGB. This error is caused by the web application creating files in RGB, while print programs generate the file in CMYK. Our system will automatically convert the files to CMYK for you. But please note: some RGB colors do not convert precisely to CMYK, so there may be a shift in tone.

Canva Direct Mail Service

When you see these three errors with Canva files, don’t panic. These are expected and will not affect disrupt your print. One important thing to remember is that our team of Processors double-check all files before going to production. They will see the same error messages you received and will let you know if there are any actual file concerns before going to print.

Canva Direct Mail Delivery

Do you have questions or concerns about your Canva printing file? We’re here to help! Click here to contact us, or click the chat.