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Canada Post’s Personalized Mail (formerly Addressed Admail) is our “workhorse” direct mail service. It allows you to tailor your advertising message to each and every customer or prospect and to communicate with them on an individual basis. Canada Post’s Personalized Mail (formerly Addressed Admail). The third class of mail handled by Canada Post is Direct Marketing. This involves bulk postings of advertising mail, with a minimum quantity of 1,000 items. The firm also offers a service called Snap Admail, which supports businesses in devising direct marketing campaigns.

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Canada post snap admail
7 October 2014

Canada Post Snap Admail

Update- Canada Post creates Snap Admail for small businesses
OTTAWA—In a press release issued last week Canada Post announced its partnership with Taradel, an American marketing firm, to create Snap Admail, an online tool that would help small businesses plan and distribute direct marketing campaigns. We reached out to Canada Post to relay some of the concerns we—and many of the readers—had with what seemed like a case of outsourcing print jobs across the border.
Canada Post’s manager of media relations, Carley Smith assured PrintCAN that this wasn’t the case and although it wasn't clarified in the press release, printing will remain in Canada.
Although she couldn’t name the company, Smith said it’s the same Canadian printer that prints many Canada Post products, including stamps and other materials. Canada Post partnered with Taradel to take advantage of its software.
'Taradel has just invented this software that we’re using,” she said. “It was already developed and they’ve been using in the states for quite some time, it’s just a platform to go in and easily create DMP’s.
It’s very unique. There’s nothing that we know of in Canada that’s the same and it was kind of a turnkey solution, so we just wanted to provide that to small businesses here in Canada.'
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