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Although Canada Post's Admail is a discounted bulk mail service, it is expensive compared to a similar bulk mail service offered in the U.S. By the United States Postal Service. To illustrate, consider a catalogue printed in a 'digest' format (24cm x 15cm) weighing 83 grams and mailed at the same time in 2011 in large batches of similar size on. JUNE 26, 2012 – In March 2012, Canada Post introduced Precision Targeter, a free, self-serve online tool that makes it easier for newspapers to plan and manage Unaddressed Admail mailings.

Hassle Free Canada Mailing Services

  • Drastically reduce your Canada mailing costs.
  • Free same-day pickup anywhere in the US or Canada
  • Direct deposit into Canada Post for 1-8 day national delivery
  • One day turnaround on Canada address correction & presort
  • Full service Canadian mail facility located in Ontario, Canada
  • Free Canada return address for your Canada mailing
  • Postage-paid Canadian Business Reply Mail
  • Expedited Parcel: Quick national delivery with confirmation
  • Substantial cost savings over USPS & Big Parcel
  • Fast Customs clearance, We submit Customs documents.
  • Quick turnaround on invoicing, Postal receipts included

Canadian Mail Services Featured Below

  • Canada Post Standard Mail
  • 3-8 Day National Delivery
  • 100 Piece Minimum *
  • Machinable Mail Discounts
  • No Envelope Required
  • Return to Sender Option
  • Canadian First Class Mail
  • 1-6 Day National Delivery
  • 30 Piece Minimum
  • Live Canada Stamp available
  • Machinable Mail Discounts
  • Free Canada Return Address
  • Unaddressed Admail
  • Select by Mail Carrier Walk
  • Target with Demographics
  • 200 Piece Minimum
  • 5-12 Day Delivery Speed
  • Request In-Home Dates
  • Canada Periodical Rate
  • 3-8 Day National Delivery
  • 150 Piece Minimum
  • No Envelope Required
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Monthly Electronic Returns
  • Guaranteed 1-7 Day Delivery
  • Online Delivery Confirmation
  • Up to $100 (CAD) Insurance
  • We Complete Customs Docs
  • Prepaid Taxes & Duties
  • No Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Canada Address Accuracy
  • Canada NCOA
  • Letter Carrier Presort
  • Merge/Purge
  • Canada Business Reply Mail
  • Secure Data Transfers

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Mail to Canada & Save up to 50%

* Canadian Postage Rates Update January 14th

On Janury 14th the Canada Post minimum volume requirement for Machineable Mail will be reduced from 400 to 100 items. In other words, Personalized Mail, Postal Code Targeting and Publications Mail will all require lower volumes to receive discounted Canadian postage rates.`

Specifically, this is for trigger-based marketing, an advertising tactic that focuses on leads resulting from a customer’s previous actions (website or store visit, cart abandonment, follow up to a direct mail item). To support this marketing approach, effective January 14, 2019, the minimum volume requirement for Machineable Mail will be reduced from 400 to 100 items per mailing for Personalized Mail (including mini-catalogues), Postal Code Targeting and Publications Mail. Phantom pricing will apply when mailing less than 100 items.

Canada Quick Reference Guide

  • We process your Canada mailing in Fort Erie, Ontario, across from Buffalo NY.
  • Your mail is deposited at the Canada Post BMC in Mississauga, ON, near Toronto.
  • Personalized Mail is Canadian Standard Mail. Minimum Quantity is 100 pieces.
  • The nationwide delivery standard for Personalized Mail is 3‐8 days.
  • Address correction is not required for files less than 5,000 records.
  • No Presort for Letter size Canadian Machinable Mail.
  • Postage for Machinable letters weighing up to 50 grams (1.76 oz) is $.485.
  • Maximum dimensions for letter size Canada mailing: 6.125” x 9.625” x 0.196”.
  • Larger pieces are oversized flats. Maximum weight for a flat is 1.36 KG (3 lbs).
  • Personalized Mail postage for a flat weighing up to 50 grams is $.73.
  • Additional postage is about $.035 for each additional 10 grams.
  • Canadian First Class Mail is known as Lettermail. Delivery speed is 1‐6 days.
  • Lettermail postage for letters weighing up to 30 grams (1.05 oz) is $.87.

Canadians Welcome Direct Mail

64% of Canadians prefer to receive business correspondence by mail compared to 32% by email and 4% by other means. Furthermore, 95% of Canadians usually read their mail the same day it arrives. Even more, 68% read it as soon as it’s received, while another 27% review it later that day.

Take advantage of postage-paid Canada Business Reply Mail and boost the response rate of your Canada mailing. We furnish a return address in Canada that establishes a Canadian identity for your company without the cost of opening a Canadian office.

Canadian Customers Are On The Move

Close to 4 million people, between 16-18% of Canadians move each year. Canada National Change of Address (NCOA™) service keeps mailing lists up-to-date. NCOA keeps you in touch when customers are moving.

The Canada Post mover database contains over 11 million mover records with 6 years of history. Furthermore, the software identifies movers in your databases or mailing lists, using a combination of names and addresses. As a result, your data is cleaned, and you obtain new up-to-date address information.

Similarly, address changes preserve your customer base maintaining contact with valuable customers, and improving marketing response through faster mail delivery. Likewise, it saves time and money by reducing non-deliverable & returned mail.

Our in-house Data Processing team performs Canadian Address Accuracy and Letter Carrier Presort to your address file. Consequently, this improves deliverability and allows you to attain all available Canada Post presort discounts. We can also process your address file through the Canada National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

Mail to Canada at Bulk Rates

Above all, direct entry of your Canada mailing into Canada Post’s BMC in Ontario provides faster delivery at domestic Canadian postage rates.

Additionally, due to the strength of the US Dollar versus the Canadian Dollar, the cost of your Canada Mailing is the lowest in years.

Also, we help you qualify for Canada Machinable Mail rates . Thus, you to save even more on when mailing to Canada. Certainly, Atlas can save you money mailing internationally, but we can also offer a lot more. Furthermore, Atlas has a full array of letter-shop and fulfillment services. As a result, we can keep costs lower providing our own services. In contrast, other mailers rely on outside parties to fulfill these services at a higher cost to their customers. Also, some of the larger companies that do offer these services due so at a premium price. So, we’ve had to branch out into other services to keep those prices low. You also get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation. Get a free quote from Atlas now and compare rates direct from Canada Post.

Improving Direct Mail to Canada

Atlas offers quick delivery at domestic Canadian postage rates. Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post we can offer quick delivery at less expensive Canadian postage rates. Our Data Processing team performs Canadian Address Accuracy to improve deliverability, and as a result you attain all available postal presort discounts. Also, you get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation. Even more, with Services like Postal Code Targeting, Personalized Mail, Lettermail, and Neighbourhood Mail we can customize services to meet your businesses specific needs. We can help you improve your direct mail results and increase your ROI when you mail to Canada with Atlas International Mail. Atlas International Mail has been in business since 1990 and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Postal Code Targeting:Available February 13, 2017

Finally, Canada Post has a Postal Code Targeting service that provides Canadian mailers the ability to target a specific geographic or demographic element at the Postal Code level. Because of that, each Canadian mail piece has a unique 2D barcode. Canada Post sprays the address found within the 2D barcode onto the mail piece. After that, mail sequences for delivery. Certainly, this product is Canada Post’s answer to the USPS’ highly successful EDDM program.

Easy, Affordable Mailing to Canada

Above all, we make mailing to Canada easy. Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post we can offer quick delivery at less expensive Canadian postage rates. Our Data Processing team performs Canadian Address Accuracy to improve deliverability, and as a result you attain all available postal presort discounts. You also get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation.

Are You Sending Mail to Canada? You should be..

There are over 14 million targeted addresses available from Canada Post. For that reason, there’s a lot of potential customers, and Atlas can help you target the right ones for your business. Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post we can offer quick delivery at less expensive Canadian postage rates. Additionally, we provide all available postal presort discounts, and complete all the required customs documentation. Even more, you get same day pickup anywhere in the US and faster delivery at a lower price.

Why Mail to Canada with Atlas?

Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post we can offer quick delivery at less expensive Canadian postage rates. Our Data Processing team performs Canadian Address Accuracy to improve deliverability, and as a result you attain all available postal presort discounts. You also get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation. Atlas International Mail arranges for many different types of service, and for this reason can create an exclusive solution for you. Also, our already discounted international mailing rates continue to improve due to changing global market conditions. Finally, Atlas never make you sign contracts, charges hidden fees, or adds fuel surcharges.

Canada Post will continue to ban “sexually explicit” material from its general delivery admail service, despite a January ruling at least partially upholding the Sex Party’s right to freedom of expression.

The Sex Party challenged Canada Post’s criteria for “Non-Mailable Matter” in 2006 after the postal agency refused to deliver one of its political pamphlets. The pamphlet outlined the party’s Politics for a Sex-Positive Future and contained a sexual IQ test and images of potentially erotic art, including a photo of a doorknob in the shape of a penis.

Canada Post rejected the pamphlet because, according to its admail policy at the time, it “will not knowingly deliver offensive articles that contain sexually explicit material.”

Ruling that the corporation’s restrictions were “impermissibly vague,” federal court Justice Michel Beaudry gave Canada Post six months to clarify its regulations and define what counts as “sexually explicit.”

When the case was heard last October, Canada Post lawyer Steinman offered the following definition: representations of nudity suggestive of sexual activity, representations of sexual intercourse, and written text describing sexual acts in a way that is more than technical all fall under the umbrella of sexually explicit, he said.

Had that definition been included in the corporation’s regulations to begin with, Beaudry said he would have dismissed the Sex Party’s complaint outright.

Imposing certain conditions on the distribution of sexually explicit material is demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society, he ruled.

Dr Gary Kinsman, sociologist at Laurentian University and author of The Regulation of Desire: Homo and Hetero Sexualities, says the court’s decision is typical.

“They don’t want to actually rule that something is unconstitutional,” he says, explaining that instead courts tend to suggest that the flaw is in the procedure, not the prohibition.

The admail program is unique because, according to Canada Post, it is “the only national distribution network with access to homes, apartment buildings and businesses.”

“Canada Post really has the complete monopoly over deliveries to, for example, anybody [with] a letterbox in the West End,” says Sex Party leader John Ince.

Ince claims that most other political parties in Canada take advantage of the service precisely because Canada Post employees can access addresses to which private delivery companies cannot.

Having removed the term “offensive” from its admail policy and added a definition for “sexually explicit,” Canada Post says it’s now in line with the court’s requirements.

The revised policy states that admail containing images or representations of nudity “that are suggestive of sexual activity,” images or representations of sexual intercourse, and text that “describes sexual acts in a way that is more than purely technical” must now be enclosed in an opaque envelope marked “adult material.”

Material considered illegal under Canada’s obscenity law is entirely prohibited.

At the hearing, Ince told the court it wasn’t an option to put his pamphlet into envelopes marked “adult material.”

“Nothing in the material purports to be aimed specifically at adults. We want young people to have access to our content if they are interested,” he said, adding that concealing the flyer only perpetuates a negative attitude towards sex and sexuality.

“The idea that there is something wrong with sexually explicit material and sex-it’s exactly the opposite of what we want to express.”

Now Ince feels the new rules offer some “liberalization” of the policy, in some ways.

Nudity alone “doesn’t need an envelope,” he points out, “which is a big change. And pornography, which they used to prohibit, is now permissible — all it takes is an envelope.”

Still, he has concerns.

“The effect is that anything that is sexual, whether it is political expression or hardcore pornography, is classified as the same,” says Ince. “We see that as a classic emblem of sexphobia.”

To the Sex Party’s assertion that concealing the material runs counter to its political aim of eradicating the “cultural taboo” against open discussion about sex, Beaudry ruled that this constraint “is outweighed by the benefits of protecting children from unfiltered access to the information.

“The possible harm that could be produced by a young person looking at the Sex Party’s pamphlet is incredibly minimal,” says Kinsman, “compared to the damage that’s done to young people by not allowing them to have any access to sexual information.”

Kinsman insists that “young people are not simply innocent” of sexuality or eroticism. “They’re interested in exploring their bodies and their pleasures,” he says, arguing that this curiosity should be “supported and facilitated” in safe contexts.

Ince says his party agreed with Canada Post’s submission that some children might be rendered anxious or embarrassed by the materials contained within the contested pamphlet in the same way that an environmentalist or homophobic tract might cause these reactions. But, he says, “that’s never been the test in a democracy.”

Paraphrasing a 1983 United States Supreme Court decision in a contraceptive company’s suit against the US Postal Service, Ince told the court: “The standards of regulating the letterbox are not to be governed by the standards of the sandbox.”

Beaudry, citing differences between the Canadian Charter and the United States Constitution, dismissed the American case as irrelevant to his own ruling.

Laws and prevailing social attitudes surrounding sex have a strong influence over sex education, Kinsman notes.

In the event that the Sex Party’s pamphlet was seen by children accessing the mail, he thinks that it “could actually open up some useful conversations between children and parents or caregivers.”

Kinsman asserts that sexual explicitness is often judged through a heterosexual-identified male gaze. It is less contentious to portray “prone, naked women’s bodies” he says. “Where sexual explicitness actually has come in is when the penis is present in these images, especially penises with any level of erection.”

Depictions of queer or otherwise marginalized sexuality have historically been considered “more sexually explicit,” he adds.

Ince says the Sex Party expects to run candidates in the event of a fall election and plans to create a new pamphlet that will conform to Canada Post’s guidelines.

Canada Post Admail Delivery

“What we can do is not show images that are sexual,” he explains. “Erotic art can be erotic art but have no sexual connotation.

“It’s still going to bother anybody who has problems with nudity or nakedness,” he notes, adding, “we want to see if Canada Post will allow that.”

Canada Post Admail Requirements


Neighbourhood Mail Canada Post

If not, he adds, the party will likely go back to court.