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Buy Email Lists by Occupation Title, Industry, SIC & NAICS Codes. Whether you’re looking for a list of medical doctors, dentists, certified public accountants, bookkeepers, property managers or real estate agents, we have the business list you need. All of our business related and industry email lists are organized by SIC and NAICS code to. Buy Targeted Email Lists from Lake B2B is the most sought-after email list by both individuals and businesses. It is the most powerful marketing tool with verified contact information of your target audience. We ensure our clients are able to make more deals and increase sales by effectively using our USA Target Mailing Lists. Download an accurate targeted email list for the best marketing campaigns and get B2B sales leads with 95% email deliverability! We have human-verified mailing lists for sale for any industry or position. Buy now and contact better leads today! Buy email list by industry to bring you closer to the right potential clients who are interested in your products. Create effective advertisements Understanding the prospect’s demands will help you advertise with relevant broadcasts that state the value-additions that your products make to businesses. Buy Targeted Mailing List by Industry to locate the ideal audience for your products. In-depth data on influential buyers engaged across businesses of all sizes. Most affordable Industry mailing list for successful email marketing. Best marketing source to connect with numerous business executives within various industries.

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Buy Industry Wise Email List!

Buy Mailing List By Industry

The Industry Email List provided by Optin Contacts promises a significant increase in sales volume and leads to a marketer. The Industry Mailing Lists plays a significant role in lifting up the B2B marketing campaigns for any growing business firm. We at Optin Contacts hence provide you with an Industry Email Database enriched with all informative data. With Optin Contacts, you would surely rule over the prevailing market.

Optin Contacts is the leader in database management and service provider. If you are trying to focus on industries, looking for market research or business prospects, then with Optin Contacts, your prospects are to be met. The Industry Mailing List of Optin Contacts avails you with the top industry personnel details.

We bring you the leading Industry Email Lists!

The Industry Mailing Lists can make a markable increase in generating leads and improving brand presence for any firm. Optin Contacts aims high at obtaining valuable industrial and business leads for all its customers. Optin Contacts has been a reliable junction for all business prospects. We target the right audience, which results from improvement in the quality of email and mail lists. Our Industry Mailing Lists provides enormous opportunities to our customers to customize our products easily.

The Industry Wise Mailing List provided by Optin Contacts is of the best quality and unique in nature. The data in our Industry Email List is segmented and sorted out according to the business needs. The database considers all the practical requirements of a business firm. As well as, it is absolutely different compared to the old theoretical-based one. Our Industry list provides a variety of data based on any aspect of any industry all around the world.

Our Industry Email List Includes:

Why Optin Contacts?

The Industry Mailing Database of Optin Contacts facilitates business communications from all verticals, providing several technical data according to different business needs. Our Industry Wise Email Lists helps you in acquiring all-inclusive and precise lists of your marketing needs. Business excellence depends on the prolonged use of the right tools of marketing as well as reaching the right audience. With Optin Contacts, you avail both in a specified period.

Data Included in our Industry Mailing List:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Contact Title
  • Telephone Number & Fax Number
  • Web Address, Postal Address, and Zip Code
  • Organization Name
  • SIC Code and NAICS Code
  • Company Name
  • Business Name

Our Data Sources:

The Industry Wise Mailing Lists of Optin Contacts is very vast and informative. It avails you with required marketing data which is regularly updated and checked.

To get current data, we have partnered with leading publications and journals. We do have an experienced team of professionals, to present you with a highly researched and corrected set of information.

Do trust us in providing you with productive marketing strategies and gaining a higher response rate. Utilize our Industry Email Lists to increase lead generations.

For any Marketing Query, contact Optin Contacts right now.

Reap the benefits of targeted communications with our opt-in email lists

Today most companies are investing in email lists for their campaigns. As marketers we clearly understand that relying on traditional method of communication will not deliver desired results and hence, you will have to integrate various channels for optimal results. We, at Email Data Group have kept this in mind while building the Email address list, keeping it compatible for multi channel communications through emails, direct mails, telemarketing and more. When you invest in our lists therefore, you make multi channel communications possible, making sure that your marketing messages are conveyed to your respective audiences.

An electronic mailing list or email list is a special use of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. It is similar to a traditional mailing list, a list of names and addresses, as might be kept by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers.

At Email Data Group we therefore encourage marketers to buy b2b e-mail list making it convenient for you to make direct contact with geo-targeted professionals for business. So whether you want to roll campaigns for generating leads, expanding markets, adding new customers, reducing sales cycle time or any other our business email list database is going to be a good place to start.

Make the right moves in a competitive market with our exclusive email address database of decision makers

At Email Data Group therefore, while building our b2b email addresses, it has been our priority to keep the database targeted and up-to-date, considering its exclusive audience base. Our business email lists are built keeping client requirements as priority. It is our guarantee therefore, that with our lists by your side, communications will be made easy and market growth will be possible. So, buy Email List and make your move.

Targeted Email lists from Email Data Group can give you access to executives working in the fast-paced software industry. These IT professionals are business savvy and a blend of technical and scientific skill. Reach out to technology users in the most effective manner with our e-mail list. This file is sub-divided into various segments to suit the different preferences of marketers.

Explore business opportunities globally with our customized email address list

As marketers, we all value timely communication. We are always talking about how important it is for organizations to reach the right people and make contact with them for the sales and promotion of their products and services. At Email Data Group our email list database in fact is based on the whole idea of simplifying communications, including the ease to fix appointments, get noticed and be responded to. .

So, how about working on your communication processes too for reaching out to your customers. Start by purchasing email list from Email Data Group, and making the right move with your b2b campaigns. Using our list of business emails is a smart business move in that it will simplify communications through multiple channels making it possible to engage with a wider audience pool through emails, direct mails and telemarketing campaigns..

Moreover, considering our experience and expertise in the field of data collation and compilation, we make it convenient for marketers to acquire data through our email lists as per their campaign requirements. So, if you think that your products and services are ready for being promoted to key decision makers, then make your move and purchase your customized Email List today.

Acquire responsive email marketing list in 3 creative ways

There is no fixed rule of acquiring an email database, however, marketers can adopt either of the three methods of email list acquisition mentioned below:

  • Buy email list: You can buy email lists based on specific demographics.
  • Rent an email database: You have to work with the email provider to send out your email.
  • Own opt-in email addresses: Some voluntarily give out their email addresses for opt-in emails on specific kinds of campaigns. Marketers can leverage from this and earn the trust of their contacts who are already interested customers.

Boost business relationship with our email address list

Business growth happens through quality client relationship. And when it begins with email marketing, then better get an e mail list that is segmented based on industry type, location, title, SIC code, NIC code, etc. So, if you buy email address list from us, you can utilize it diligently to enhance your email marketing techniques through cost-effective means. Buying email lists will help you to identify your potential customers through opt-in email messages, and fetch customer response in real-time. So, serve across a wider geographical magnitude by utilizing our email lists.

Buy email list by industry

Purchase email lists to fortify email campaigns in 4 steps

Buy Mailing List By Industry

Every campaign has to be customized according to the audience type and it goes without mentioning that delivering the Right Message at the Right Time can maximize deliverables. Here are 4 steps to be carefully used by marketers in their email campaigns to develop and maintain interest in their prospective customers towards their products/services.

  • Welcome Email Campaigns

    Welcome email is meant for building bridges between marketers and their business prospects. Every detail on new offers, subscriptions should be provided to prospective clients along with e-books, whitepapers, etc.
  • Ask for Preferred Frequency

    Do not send across information repeatedly, making subscribers unsubscribe before they want to place order for your services. Inquire subscribers about the frequency they would like to receive informative messages from you.

  • Time campaigns

    Utilize email access time tracking software to capture the time the recipients mostly check their inbox and through this tool send your email across to the recipient.

  • Message Depending on Buying Cycle

    Send relevant messages to customers depending on the buying cycle phase they are in.

Buy Email List By Industry

Marketing email lists is a privilege for us who get to understand market trends from marketers like you. So, call us at 1-800-710-4895 or email us at [email protected] to get updates on our newest email marketing database offers. If you are worried about where to buy email lists, then we ensure that our service will positively affect your marketing scenario in terms of yielding high sales lead counts and revenues.


Yes. Investing in a targeted email list can be a prudent business decision as it can help in niche marketing. Email Data Group provides accurate purchasing targeted email list for brand building initiatives. Buy targeted email lists as it is certain to add dynamism to your global campaigns.

Targeted email list can minimize all the glitches you face in multichannel campaigning. A targeted email list is designed with precision to suit your specific business criteria thereby helping you achieve unmatched campaign success and reducing your overall campaign costs. To reap global campaign success, buy targeted email lists.

You may buy targeted email lists in few simple steps. There is a request quote option on the right top corner of the page which will help you fill in details to make the purchase. For further queries you may write in to us at: [email protected] or call on +1 (800) 710-4895

Buy Mailing List By Industry Code

The email list collated by Email Data Group can maximize campaign returns and help in revenue generation. If quick response and higher ROI are your campaign goals, buy targeted email lists and experience the leap in results.

Yes. Email Data Group is indeed the best place to buy email list as the b2b email lists are compiled from reliable global sources and verified thoroughly to ensure higher deliverables and returns. The email lists may also be customized based on your business requirement making it a one stop solution for all your b2b campaigning needs.

Yes. You can buy targeted email list in few simple steps. Choose the request quote option or write in to us with your requirement at [email protected] or call on +1 (800) 710-4895

Some companies that have been building their own email lists are gradually investing in email lists. We have time and again received queries for our impeccable and responsive targeted b2b mailing lists. So, yes companies do buy email lists.

Buy Mailing List By Industry Guide

Email Data Group is a pioneer in providing verified targeted email list for business communication. You may request quote to buy targeted email lists. For further queries you may write in to us at [email protected] or call on +1 (800) 710-4895