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Top 10 Direct Mail Companies

There are many keys to a successful mailing: knowing what your message is, knowing who your audience is, and getting your message delivered to your audience. If you do not already have an address list for your message, then you need to put together, buy, or rent a mailing list.

Where To Buy Mailing Lists


The Postal Service does not keep a database of residential or business customers and does not sell address lists. However, the Postal Service has products and services that help mailers check and standardize their addresses (for instance, whether 123 MAIN is a ST, AVE, or DR) and keep their lists up to date (for example, providing ancillary services to let mailers know if addressees have moved).

Below are some popular examples of targeted direct mail lists we can provide for your next campaign. B2B Mailing Lists. Target businesses by location (radius, area code, city, county, state, or zip code), business type, or data such as the number of employees, annual income, number of years in business, NAICS code, and more. A direct mailing list performs better when you target your prospects based on the demographics of your current customers. Our online mailing list service allows you to define your mailing list by age, income, gender, length of residence and much more. Telephone Numbers. You can purchase a telemarketing file that includes only the contact name and phone number without confirmed addresses. Mail-only files. If you're doing your first mailing, your best bet is.not. to buy a list unless you are.not. in a competitive area, got cash to burn, and just wanna get started as quickly as possible. Putting together your own list will get you better response rates, and the chance of other people targeting the same list is lower. Buy Mailing Lists: Consumer, Business, New Homeowner, New Mover Mailing Lists. Guaranteed Deliverability. Call Free 866 306 8674. Buy a mailing list service from us today and use the best database list for direct marketing to save time and money. Trust Marketing Lists Direct for the most up to date mail list brokers with the highest level of industry accuracy for your next campaigns. HIGHEST QUALITY.

There are companies that collect and sell information about consumers and businesses. You can buy or rent a mailing list from those companies. Look in the yellow pages under 'lists' or 'mailing lists' or do an on-line search for list providers in your area.

Refer here to learn more about how a list provider can help you target your exact audience.

Buying Direct Mail List

Whether you maintain your own list or buy or rent a list, the next important step is to check the accuracy of the addresses on your mailing list.

ListHow to buy email lists for marketing
  • Frequently, list vendors also offer other mailing services. You may want to ask your list vendor. for help with other aspects of your mailing.
  • Ask list providers about the National Deliverability Index (NDI) of the list you're buying.