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Bootswatch hit a new major milestone with the release of version 5.0.0!

This brings the themes in line with the latest Bootstrap. To get a rundown of all of the changes this brings, from the deprecation of jQuery to improved RTL support, check out Bootstrap’s 5.0.0 release page.

Blog Home is an unstyled Bootstrap template you can use to quickly create a home page for a Bootstrap based blog website. Sidebar widgets that are easy to customize; Separated blog post preview sections; Includes a workflow environment built with npm, gulp.js, and browserSync. Bounty is a free Bootstrap blog template that also offers you to build an online magazine page if there is interest. Indeed, Bounty is very versatile and highly adaptive, altering to your needs and regulations without a sweat. Free Bootstrap 4 blog themes that are free to download, and ready to use to create your next Bootstrap based blog website or application. Material Admin Pro is here! Bootstrap 5 meets Material Design in this new dashboard theme! Start Bootstrap.

New Themes

Responsive blog built with the latest Bootstrap 5. Open source template for personal or commercial blog.

Bringing the grand total of themes to 25, we’re pleased to announce four new free Bootstrap themes!

Zephyr is a breezy, beautiful theme that’s at home in any context.

Blog Page Bootstrap Template Free Download

Morph lets you easily apply a neumorphic layer to the web.

Quartz takes things in a new direction with a glassmorphic layer that plays well with bright, vivid colors.

Finally, Vapor unlocks a retro, cyberpunk aesthetic for your pleasure.


Check out the new themes, and see your old favorites updated to v5, on the homepage!

Bootstrap Blog Page Design Example

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Bootstrap blog tutorial

Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular front end framework in the recent time. It is sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It uses HTML, CSS and Javascript. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Bootstrap Framework using which you can create web projects with ease. The tutorial is divided into sections such as Bootstrap Basic Structure, Bootstrap CSS, Bootstrap Layout Components and Bootstrap Plugins. Each of these sections contain related topics with simple and useful examples.

Why to Learn Bootstrap?

  • Mobile first approach − Bootstrap 3, framework consists of Mobile first styles throughout the entire library instead them of in separate files.

  • Browser Support − It is supported by all popular browsers.

  • Easy to get started − With just the knowledge of HTML and CSS anyone can get started with Bootstrap. Also the Bootstrap official site has a good documentation.

  • Responsive design − Bootstrap's responsive CSS adjusts to Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles. More about the responsive design is in the chapter Bootstrap Responsive Design.

  • Provides a clean and uniform solution for building an interface for developers.

  • It contains beautiful and functional built-in components which are easy to customize.

  • It also provides web based customization.

  • And best of all it is an open source.

Hello World using Bootstrap.

Just to give you a little excitement about Bootstrap, I'm going to give you a small conventional Bootstrap Hello World program, You can try it using Demo link.

Applications of Bootstrap

  • Scaffolding − Bootstrap provides a basic structure with Grid System, link styles, and background. This is is covered in detail in the section Bootstrap Basic Structure

  • CSS − Bootstrap comes with the feature of global CSS settings, fundamental HTML elements styled and enhanced with extensible classes, and an advanced grid system. This is covered in detail in the section Bootstrap with CSS.

  • Components − Bootstrap contains over a dozen reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, navigation, alerts, pop-overs, and much more. This is covered in detail in the section Layout Components.

  • JavaScript Plugins − Bootstrap contains over a dozen custom jQuery plugins. You can easily include them all, or one by one. This is covered in details in the section Bootstrap Plugins.

  • Customize − You can customize Bootstrap's components, LESS variables, and jQuery plugins to get your very own version.


This tutorial has been prepared for anyone who has a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and has an urge to develop websites. After completing this tutorial you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in developing web projects using Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Page Examples


Bootstrap Blog Page Codepen

Before you start proceeding with this tutorial, we are assuming that you are already aware about the basics of HTML and CSS. If you are not well aware of these concepts then we will suggest you to go through our short tutorial on HTML Tutorial and CSS Tutorial.