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Blur can be really good to show movement. It can show dynamic action in a way that many crystal-clear stills cannot. If you want to show some action, consider throwing in some blur to help draw the audience’s eye in a way that a static photo cannot. Fotor Photo Blur. Fotor Photo Blur is an online tool to deblur your photos. It has a very interactive. Tilt-shift and Blur. Operation Methods. Click Effect and choose the Tilt-shift/Blur. Select circular/linear blur and then adjust the size and intensity parameters. Move the mouse cursor to an area and click Apply after finishing. Tilt Shift-Brush. Operation Methods. Click Effect and choose the Tilt Shift-Brush.

The trend of taking photos to remove fonts is becoming more and more popular and is a hot trend used by many people in their pictures. Even many smartphones today are equipped with a mode to remove background blur blur background image to serve the user's needs. If you do not know how to do it, today I will guide you.

1. The way to blur images online

Thanks to the advent of online photo editing websites that have made it easy for users to create fantasy and quick delete fonts, the steps will be guided in each of the following.

Blur the image with Pixlr E tool

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: You access this website here

Step 2: At the main interface of the website, click the blue Upload photo in the left corner of the screen.

A window appears for you to select photos available on your computer, then click Open to upload the image file.

Step 3: In the image editing interface, click the water droplet icon, which is the blur blur mode.

Step 4: When entering this mode, the options will be on the top including: blur mode, creating strokes and thickness for you to choose and adjust the font accordingly.

With section Create brush strokes , when clicked you will adjust the size, softness of strokes with many different options.

With the Weight section , a adjustment bar will appear for you to drag the level from left to right, corresponding thickness from less to more.

Step 5: To save the edited image, click File> Save .

Here will be options including image format selection, image quality. Then press the Download button is done.

Blur the image with the Fotor tool

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: You access the website here


Step 2: Here, click Open to upload photos to the site.

Then select the line Computer.

A window appears for you to select photos available on your computer, then click Open to upload the image file.

Step 3: At the image editing interface, click Effect> Tilt-shift to delete fonts.

Step 4: Now click on the Circular or Linear options to select the font erasing size, then click the adjustment bar in the Size section to change the size.

Section Blur Intensity will adjust the blur of the image. After making changes, click Apply to save the image blurring operations.

Blue fortera

Step 5: To save the photo, click the Save button at the top.


Now the options to change the format and image quality will appear for you to choose. Finally click the Download button below to download the image to delete the font is finished.

So you already know how to blur the image online already.

2. Do you know: What is image blur?

Blur Fotor

In fact, blurring the image is the mode to take pictures to remove fonts that devices like cameras and cameras on phones are often equipped with. At that time, to bring out the subject of the image, the background in the background or the background will be blurred to create the most 'magic' and artistic portraits and scenes.

Theoretically, in order to produce beautiful background images, the camera must be equipped with all three components: focal length, sensor and aperture.

However, with the rapid development of current technology, it is possible for everyone to experience and create background blur images thanks to advanced processing technology, thus creating images. Removing fonts is increasingly simplified and much easier.

That is also why online photo editing websites came into being and supported users to blur and remove fonts with a few simple steps.

So I showed you how to blur online photos with free photo editing websites in the simplest way. Hopefully the above article will be useful to you. I wish you successful implementation!

Part 1. Top 3 Free Online Blur Background Apps

Look for a blur background app to blur out background on your Windows PC or Mac? Here we recommend 3 free online photo background blur apps for you.

Best Blur Background App - Free Background Remover Online

To make picture background blur, you can rely on the popular Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online. This photo editor app has the capability to blur the background of your pictures easily. Moreover, it enables you to remove or change the image background based on your need. It is compatible with any popular image format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and more.

This picture background editing software is designed with the advanced AI portrait recognition technology to remove or change the background from portrait. It carries the object recognition to remove background from animals, products, graphics, etc. with ease. Free Background Remover Online also offers some editing features including resize, crop, and rotate.

Free Photo Blur Remover

Free Online Blur Background App - Fotor

Fotor Blur Background

Fotor is an easy-to-use photo background editor that helps you to blur out backgrounds and easily highlight the subject of your photo. It provides you with a simple way to make your picture look professional. This free online blur background app allows you to upload a picture from your computer, Fotor cloud, Dropbox and Facebook.

Fotor offers 2 blur modes for you to blur your photos. Also, you can adjust the photo blur intensity according to your need. After your blur background of photo, you can choose the output image format, size and quality. If you want to export a high-quality picture, you are required to sign in your account. As an all-featured online blur background app, you may need take some time to load its image editing features completely.

Blue Fortera Ingredients

Online Photo Background Blur App - Free Image Blurring

Fix Blurry Photos Free Online

Free Image Blurring is another popular online photo background blur app that lets you blur out background. It highly supports any frequently-used image formats like JPG, PNG, RAW, PDF, RAF, DNG, ORF and more. This free blur background app allows you to blur one or more photos at a time.

Blur Fotor

Besides the image blurring feature, it also carries other photo editing functions including crop, rotate, sharpen, adjust saturation, custom brightness/contract and more. One thing you should know is that, this free online blur background app will also blur the main subject.