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Today I show off all important Synthesis Methods and how you can setup them easy & simple in the grid. Also some ways to create dynamic oscillator shapes. Try Bitwig Studio for free in demo mode, without time limitations. Save and export are disabled. If you have a license, register it in your Bitwig account and activate Bitwig Studio using your login details. Bitwig Studio 3.3 (230 MB) There's one installer for all versions of Bitwig Studio.

Download previous releases (Bitwig Studio)

3.3.7WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.3.6WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.3.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.3.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
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3.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.8WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.7WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.6WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.1.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.1.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.1.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.0.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.0.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.0.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
3.0WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.5.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.4.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.4.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.4.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.3.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.3.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.3.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.3.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.3.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.2.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.2.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.2.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.1.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.1.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.1.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.1.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
2.0WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes

Download previous releases (Bitwig Studio 1)

1.3.16WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.15WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.14WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.13WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.12WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.11WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.10WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.9WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.8WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.6WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.3.0WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.2.0WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.11WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.10WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.9WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.8WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.7WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.6WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.15WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.14WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.13WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.12WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.11WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.10WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.9WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.8WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.7WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.6WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.5WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.4WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.3WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.2WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
1.0.1WindowsmacOSUbuntuRelease notes
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Bitwig Studio
Bitwig Studio 3.2 Arranger Window with devices below
Developer(s)Bitwig GmbH
Initial release26 March 2014; 7 years ago
Stable release
Written inC++,[1] Java
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, macOS, Linux
TypeDigital Audio Workstation

Bitwig Studio is a proprietary digital audio workstation developed by Bitwig GmbH. Bitwig is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Bitwig is designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering. It offers a suite of controls for beatmatching, crossfading, and other effects used by turntablists. Bitwig supports both traditional linear music arrangement and non-linear (clip-based) production. It has multi-monitor and touch screen support. Bitwig is notable for its strong modulation,[2] and automation capabilities.[3] The current stable version of Bitwig is 'Bitwig Studio 3.3'. The latest major release, Bitwig Studio 3.0, was released on 10 July 2019. In 2017, Bitwig Studio was named DAW of the year by Computer Music (magazine).[4][5]


Bitwig was founded and developed in Berlin by Claes Johanson, Pablo Sara, Nicholas Allen and Volker Schumacher in 2009.[6] Since 2010, Placidus Schelbert has been the CEO after he left his position as an International Sales Manager at Ableton, in the same year.[7]



Effects [8]

Bitwig Studio 3.2 Beta

Audio EffectsMIDI Effects
  • Amp
  • Bit-8
  • Blur
  • Chorus
  • Comb
  • Compressor
  • DC Offset
  • De-Esser
  • Delay-1
  • Delay-2
  • Delay-4
  • Distortion
  • Dual Pan
  • Dynamics
  • Equalizer (EQ+, EQ-2, EQ-5, EQ-DJ)
  • Filter
  • Flanger
  • Freq Shifter
  • FX Grid
  • FX Layer
  • FX Selector
  • Gate
  • Ladder
  • Multiband FX-2, FX-3
  • Peak Limiter
  • Phaser
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Replacer
  • Resonator Bank
  • Reverb
  • Ring-Mod
  • Rotary
  • Saturator
  • Stereo Split
  • Time Shift
  • Tool
  • Transient Control
  • Treemonster
  • Tremolo
  • Vocoder
  • XY FX
  • Channel Filter
  • Channel Map
  • Diatonic Transposer
  • Micro-pitch
  • MIDI Program Change
  • MIDI Song Select
  • Multi-Note
  • Note Delay
  • Note Echo
  • Note Filter
  • Note FX Layer
  • Note FX Selector
  • Note Harmonizer
  • Note Latch
  • Note Length
  • Note Pitch Shifter
  • Note Receiver
  • Note Velocity
  • Transposition Map

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