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Bitwig Studio 2 is here and with it comes a refreshing round of updates including a re-conceptualized modulation system with 25 brand new Modulators, numerous device updates, 17 entirely new devices, better hardware integration with improved MIDI handling, VST3 support, and a lot more. Bitwig Studio Regular price is $399.00/standard license. The discounted price at ColorMango is only $299.00/standard license. ColorMango Support Team; Ask a New Question. Bitwig Studio 2 or higher. Which you can then use to purchase Studio One Professional at a price of $299.95 USD (a 25% discount!). Please allow up to 24 hours for.

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Bitwig 8-track price
Bitwig Studio 16-Track

Make Bitwig Studio 16-Track your entry into the world of Bitwig Studio, with a selection of the tools you need to make music.

Bitwig Studio

Get the complete Bitwig Studio package with 125+ instruments, effects and modulators, The Grid with 150+ modules, and other creative tools.

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AskVideo 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide

Learn the basics of Bitwig Studio with Certified Trainer Thavius Beck in this 30-video tutorial course by Ask.Video.

AskVideo 201: Modulators Explored

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Become a modulation master in Bitwig Studio with Certified Trainer Thavius Beck and Ask.Video.

Bitwig Sweetwater

AskVideo 301: Exploring CVs and MIDI

Get to know the hardware integration features of Bitwig Studio and how to include hardware instruments and effects into your workflow.

AskVideo 202: Phase-4 Deconstructed

Learn all about Phase-4 the excellent phase distortion and phase modulation synthesizer in Bitwig Studio.

AskVideo 203: Sampler Deconstructed

Bitwig Studio Price In India

Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck teaches everything you need to know about the powerful Sampler in Bitwig Studio.

AskVideo 302: The Grid Explained and Explored

In this course, artist and trainer Thavius Beck explores the sound design possibilities offered by the Poly Grid device.

Bitwig 8-track Price

AskVideo 204: Polymer Explored

Polymer is Bitwig Studio's powerful new hybrid modular synth. Dive deep into its limitless synthesis possibilities in this fun and informative course by Bitwig Certified Trainer, Thavius Beck.

Bitwig Price

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