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It’s interesting how technology is changing the way everyone looks at the world! There are various advancements that you would observe every now and then. You can regard ONLYOFFICE vs. LibreOffice 2020 as one of them! If you find it tough to select between ONLYOFFICE or LibreOffice then you are in the right place.

There can be tons of questions on your mind right now, like “is LibreOffice better than ONLYOFFICE?”, “Which is better?”, “what should you select?”, and so much more! ONLYOFFICE compared to LibreOffice can give you a brief idea or at least you might figure out, what would be the most viable option for you!

Let’s dig in!

LibreOffice vs. ONLYOFFICE

It is a good idea to do a small comparison between the various features. There are a variety of things that might be on your mind like:

  • ONLYOFFICE vs. LibreOffice online
  • ONLYOFFICE vs. LibreOffice Nextcloud
  • ONLYOFFICE desktop editors vs. LibreOffice
  • and so much more!

Knowing the product features can help you decide.

  • Our exclusive system gives you a fast look at the general rating of Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. For total quality and performance, Apache OpenOffice scored 9.2, while LibreOffice scored 9.3. On the other hand, for user satisfaction, Apache OpenOffice earned 96%, while LibreOffice earned 97%.
  • There can be tons of questions on your mind right now, like “is LibreOffice better than ONLYOFFICE?”, “Which is better?”, “what should you select?”, and so much more! ONLYOFFICE compared to LibreOffice can give you a brief idea or at least you might figure out, what would be the most viable option for you!
  • Second, LibreOffice is easier to install and requires less space on your computer. Third, Libre Office is easier to use because it uses a single well structured menu (like Word 2003) rather than the ever changing “ribbons” of Word 2007, Word 2010 and Word 2013. Fourth, Libre Office is the world's most compatible and versatile word processor.

You might be looking for this information to get a peace of mind when you are offline and not working. You might be interested in knowing about ONLYOFFICE documents, or LibreOffice app, or simply because there could be a project on your mind and you just need to know what’s the viable option.

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out! But, let’s look at these in detail.


Opening ONLYOFFICE and using it for one minute, to me it's immediately better than LibreOffice. This is the first FOSS Office I may actually desire to use when I have to do some document writing. It has a better default font, a much nicer, comfortable-feeling and inviting-to-use interface, and it saves to a more useful format like DOCX by default.

As a successor to OpenOffice, LibreOffice, itself, is a predecessor to yet another program that we compared with OnlyOffice. Using this platform it would be possible for you to:

  • Get the documents that are well-structured! You just have to focus on the content.
  • It is compatible with a variety of document formats. For example, it would be suitable for .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt,.pptx, and many more. Mostly, it is used for Open Document Format (ODF). Thus, when you are using this platform, you would be able to use a variety of documents. However, if you get the extension, it would be possible for you to get more features.
  • It’s suitable for everyone’s use! Plus, it is available in a variety of languages.


If you are a beginner, then everything might sound jargon to you! But, worry not! Soon, you would be able to grasp enough information. If you are wondering, what ONLYOFFICE is, then consider the following:

ONLYOFFICE is a portal that would allow you to perform a variety of tasks. You might be looking forward to communicating with your team, there could be a need for organizing the business tasks, or there could be some personal documents that you need to share! For all of these and so much more, ONLYOFFICE would be a viable option!

  • It would be a suitable option for you especially if you are a small or medium-sized business. So, keep this in mind! It’s easy to manage things on your own, but when your business grows, you need an effective platform. Plus, your data is secured so you need not worry!
  • You would be happy to know that it is possible to download the mobile ONLYOFFICE Documents app for iOS users! However, you have to wait for the mobile version of the .com domain zone. It’s important for you to keep in mind that there is no mobile version available for the .org domain zone portals! When you are aware of such information, it becomes a little easier to decide whether to go for a certain option or not!
  • Using ONLYOFFICE, it would be possible for you to create spreadsheets, documents, and so much more! It has great compatibility with Microsoft Office, which is why it can be preferred by people who are fond of using the relevant formats. Usually, when you are sending a file and not using ONLYOFFICE, there are chances that the files at the receiving end would lose the format. It’s an interesting feature that might capture the attention of many people!

People You Collaborate With

When you have to select between ONLYOFFICE vs. LibreOffice, it would be wise for you to know what the majority of the people that you deal with are using! For example, if the people you come across are using Google Docs and Microsoft Office, then you need to use a platform that doesn’t compromise the formatting of the final documents.

Luckily, if you are a Linux user and prefer ONLYOFFICE, then it would be possible to get the documents without breaking the original formatting.


Now, you might be confused as to what jargon this is! ODF is Open Document Format as you already read above. It’s actually a new XML based format. Similarly, OOXML stands for Open Office XML and it’s launched by Microsoft. Well, why Microsoft should stay behind when everything else is advancing at such a super speed, right?

Anyways, it’s important for you to know that OOXML and ODF are incompatible. So, depending on the people you collaborate with, you have to keep such things in mind. It is possible that when you send a file to a person who is using a different platform than yours they might lose the initial formatting. Now you would understand why your document looks so different when you have used different platforms!

When you are dealing with people and have to collaborate, share information, and so much more! It’s really important to find a viable solution. A good way to figure out is to know what’s most popular in the environment or what most people are using! If you feel that majority of the people are using OOXML as compared to ODF, then you know what to do! Again, if the situation is reversed, you know what’s viable!

It would be interesting for you to note that Microsoft Office was the most popular Office Suite and hence, the majority of the documents are available in the relevant format. Thus, if you have to support such documents, it would be a viable option to go for the one that supports your relevant documents. The choice would be yours! It also depends on the kind of formats you like or prefer the most.


As mentioned previously, ONLYOFFICE is compatible with Microsoft Office. Actually, it can work well with .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx. In fact, it appears that the formats of ONLYOFFICE are suitable for Microsoft Office. So, if you are fond of Microsoft Office and the people you collaborate with are using it, you can check out if it’s a feasible option for you!

Plus, it would be interesting for you to know that ONLYOFFICE would work with ODF as well! But the initial format would be incompatible and it would convert to OOXML. So, it would be a win-win. It is always a good idea to know about the relevant features. Knowing even small details can help you with the final decision. It is also important for you to know that when you are using ONLYOFFICE for ODF, there could be a difference in the formatting. Based on all such information, you can decide what’s the best option for you!

ODF and LibreOffice

Now you would have an idea that ODF is for LibreOffice. However, it can also open .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx, but you can expect some issues. You can also say that LibreOffice is like a desktop editor. When you are a beginner and have no idea what to opt for, it would be a good idea to research thoroughly and then decide! It might be overwhelming at this point, but it’s okay! You can get it. It would be a good idea to have a know-how of how everything works as it assists in the long run. When you are aware of the relevant features and formats, you would know what’s feasible.

Which One To Select?

Now, you might be confused between the two options! LibreOffice vs. ONLYOFFICE. In fact, it’s quite tough to make a final decision. There are a variety of factors. For some people, price is a viable factor and they make decisions solely based on the price. If that’s the case you have to see what’s the most affordable option for your budget. There are some who would like to have some sort of customer support as they might be looking for some guidance.

Free Office Vs Libre

You can consider the following points:


Make sure the platform you select is user-friendly. You don’t want to go through the hassle of a complicated platform. It would be best to make a decision on the basis of the user-friendliness. A good place to gather such information is to ask people on your social media. There is tons of information available. You can make a list of pros and cons along with user-friendliness.

Product Features

When you are making a final decision, it would be best to note the relevant product features. It can help you decide. For example:

  • If you talk about the LibreOffice, then it has the product features like collaboration tools, document assembly, document indexing, and file type conversion. It would be suitable for platforms like Linux, Windows, macOS, and many more!
  • On the other hand, if you talk about ONLYOFFICE, then it has the product features that include collaboration tools, invoicing and CRM systems, project management toolset, calendar, list of team members, and so much more! Plus, it is important for you to know that ONLYOFFICE is web-based and is suitable for platforms like Linux, Windows, and many more! If you are interested in getting the Mobile version, then ONLYOFFICE would be a suitable choice as mentioned previously in the article.

Based on the features and based on what you want, you can see what’s the most viable option in your opinion. It is always a good idea to check the official website for the updated information. You can get tons of current information. Plus, you would also know what changes to expect and what has occurred so far.

Better Than Libreoffice
Compatibility With Microsoft Office

If you are looking for a platform that is most compatible with Microsoft Office, then you can opt for ONLYOFFICE. You might be dealing with people who use Microsoft Office and hence, you have to deal with the relevant formats. It is always better to go to what is feasible for your business. However, if that’s not an issue and your aim is not the compatibility with Microsoft Office then you can opt for LibreOffice. It would depend on what exactly you are searching for! If you have a clear idea, then making a selection would be a lot easier for you.

Is Openoffice Better Than Libreoffice

Still, confused? Well, it’s okay!

If you find yourself confused at this point, you can ask people on social media. Run a small poll and see what others have to say! After all, if you are getting the platform for dealing with people then it would be best to know what the majority is using. You can get a variety of information from them, but when you dig in and see for yourself, it would be worth the effort! Just ask and you would get to know that some people prefer LibreOffice while others opt for ONLYOFFICE. However, it appears that those who are looking for some mobile versions of the Microsoft compatibility would go for the ONLYOFFICE.

Final Verdict

Usually, it is hard to decide what’s the best option! If you find it confusing to select between the two options, consider what people you collaborate with are using. You can do a small survey on social media to gather relevant information, before making a final decision. It’s always good to use the platform in advance so that you would know which one is user-friendly.

Despite that some people would say they find one better than the other, the final decision would be yours! You have to decide what works best for your business. You can go for LibreOffice if you prefer ODF; however, if you are looking for the most compatibility with Microsoft Office then you consider ONLYOFFICE.

Good Luck!