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Best direct mail offers

Looking for an affordable, low risk marketing campaign to find newcustomers and bring existing clients back for more business? Work withthe best direct mail companies to find experienced vendors who know what it takes to design and send an effective mailing without exceeding your budget.

Direct mail offers you an advertising technique toreach several people at once with a low initial investment. You canquickly send offers to alert customers about limited-time sales, newproduct releases, and company news. The best direct mail companies canshow you how to track results, and use the experience as a learningtool for future mailings or other campaigns.

  • Direct mail services include an $85.00 list processing fee. Further processing of the same or different lists will incur an additional $85.00 fee per list each time it is processed. Additional mailing services fees apply to inserting, tabbing (if needed and not chosen on the website), or delivery of non-mailed pieces.
  • We surveyed the 23 best direct mail companies in the United States in 2020, and then ranked them into four categories: highly-rated, direct mail-as-a-service, high-volume mailers, one-stop-shops. Click through to find the direct mail vendor for your next campaign!

Why work with the best direct mail companies?


Perhaps the most important thing a quality direct mailcompany can do for you is get you deep discounts on postage. Directmail firms arrange exclusive agreements with the US Postal Service toget the lowest rates possible on large mailings. Since the cost ofpostage accounts for roughly one-third of your direct mail budget,these savings are quite valuable.

Save Money with Modern’s Direct Mailing Services. Whether your quantity is large or small, we’ll identify postal strategies that allow maximum efficiencies and deep postage discounts. We analyze every direct mail program to determine a best-fit postal solution based on your mailing list, order quantity, postage type and the size of your mail piece.

Best direct mailing list service

While you can certainly print up your own direct mailpiece, stuff it in an addressed envelope, and send it out, it takes alot of time. You'll have to hire temporary staff or allocate availableresources to put the mailing together. Instead, the best direct mailcompanies can do everything for you from design to assembly tofulfillment at a low cost, allowing your staffers to concentrate ongrowing the business.

Additional characteristics of the best direct mail companies

Among the qualities the best direct mail companies share:

Best Direct Mail Services
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Present different options based on your target audience and available budget
  • Provide additional services like design work or copy writing
  • Offer only the services you're looking for
  • Member in good standing with regulatory organizations like the Direct Mail Association
  • Have lengthy industry experience
  • Full customer service during and after the sale
  • Describe what worked best for companies similar to yours

Finding the best direct mail company

Best Direct Mail Companies For Real Estate

Always contact multiple vendors when searching for thebest direct mail company. You want to give each vendor a fair shake andfind out for yourself who offers the right mix of good service,customer support, and fair price.

The best way to find the appropriate direct mail companies is to submit a free BuyerZone request for direct mail service quotes.We'll match you up with as many as six of our top direct mailsuppliers who will assess your needs and present you with customizedquotes. You then select who you want to work with.

Best Direct Mailing List Service

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