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To help you make the best choice among the hundreds of products available, we have decided to offer you a comparison of the Chromium Mineral Supplements in order to find the best quality/price ratio. In this ranking, you will find products listed according to their price, but also their characteristics and the opinions of other customers. Brewer's yeast is considered to be one of the best sources of chromium, but foods such as corn, buckwheat, apples, beets, tomatoes, wheat germ, bran, and sweet potatoes are excellent sources as well. View Top 50 Overall Products View Top 10 In Each Category.

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To be able that will assist you to locate a fantastic solution, we have researched & narrowed the best chromium supplements on the industry at the moment.

Best 10 Chromium Products In comparison

1. Thorne Research Chromium Picolinate

Thorne Research Chromium Picolinate is a powerful chromium product that’s formulated in an easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule with chromium picolinate. It’s free from harmful additives like stearates, BPA, synthetic preservatives and prohibited substances. It’s also free form several allergens, like nuts, milk, gluten-free and much more.



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  • 500mcg chromium picolinate
  • Free from stearates, BPA, synthetic preservatives and metallic based colorings
  • Free out of nuts, dairy and gluten-free
  • Convenient to vegetarians

Who Makes It?

Thorne Research is a nutrient supplement manufacturer that’s been devoted to enhancing lives for more than 30 decades. Their products are science-based, manufactured in GMP certified facilities, and as pristine as effective as you can. They utilize very few additional components, and their goods are subjected to strict quality controls.

Bottom Line: This item offers you high quality and efficient chromium dosage.

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2. NOW Chromium Picolinate

NOW Chromium Picolinate is devised with all the most well-absorbed kind of chromium — chromium picolinate — with a vegetarian capsule. This item is high quality, non-GMO, vegan, free from several allergens and it’s affordable.


  • 200mcg chromium picolinate
  • Cheap
  • Non-GMO, gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, corn, milk, fish, shellfish and tree nut-free
  • Vegan and vegetarian

Who Makes It?

NOW Foods is a famous supplement manufacturer which has been set up in 1968 and specializes in top quality, organic supplements. They produce their own nutritional supplements in centers in the USA and Canada so that they have complete control over their quality. Their centers are GMP licensed and designed to be as sustainable as possible.

Best chromium for diabetes

Bottom Line: Manufactured and made by the trustworthy brand, NOW Foods, it’s formulated to be acceptable for vegans and vegetarians and loose from the most frequent allergens.

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3. Solgar Chromium Picolinate

Solgar Chromium Picolinate is acceptable for poultry, poultry free, wheat and dairy, and it utilizes chromium picolinate in its own formula.


  • 500mcg chromium picolinate
  • Cheap
  • Acceptable for vegetarians
  • Gluten, wheat and dairy-free

Who Makes It?

Solgar is a nutrient supplement manufacturer that’s been in the market since 1947, which makes them among the earliest (and most experienced) supplement companies on the market. They take a huge number of wellness products which are all created in GMP accredited facilities with the maximum quality control criteria.

Bottom Line: This highly effective chromium supplement is fabricated with a trusted company with powerful absorption in your mind. It supplies you with a good chromium dosage, utilizing a powerful form of vitamin. It’s also free of wheat, gluten and milk, and appropriate to vegetarians.

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4. BlueBonnet Chromium Picolinate

BlueBonnet Chromium Picolinate is formulated with chromium picolinate at a noodle chromium tablet. It’s gluten-free and yeast-free. In general, it’s a great pick for anybody interested in attempting chromium.


  • 500mcg chromium picolinate
  • Gluten, yeast, yeast, fish, poultry, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and soybean complimentary
  • Vegan chromium pill
  • 100 percent kosher
  • The strong vitamin supplement dose

Who Makes It?

BlueBonnet Nutrition is an organic supplement manufacturer that employs the farm-to-table strategy to nutritional supplement production. They’ve been in the business for 26 years producing top quality vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbal supplements.

Bottom Line: This item competes well with different goods available on the marketplace. It’s fabricated with a dependable well-known manufacturer, and it utilizes high excellent chromium picolinate.

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5. Pure Encapsulations Chromium

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Pure Encapsulations Chromium will help fight against oxidative lack without artificial additives, GMOs, environmental contaminants, additional excipients or allergens.


  • 200mcg chromium picolinate
  • Cheap
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Convenient to vegetarians

Who Makes It?

Pure Encapsulations is among the greatest supplement manufacturers and specializes in creating top-quality and powerful supplements. All their products are science-based and created in GMP certified facilities.

Bottom Line: because of its effectiveness, quality and absorbability, it’s beneficial to practically anyone who would like to increase their general wellness, and its hypoallergenic standing means that people who have dietary restrictions may take action. But, there are just 60 pills per bottle, and you’ve got to take between 1-3 daily.

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6. Country Life Chromium Picolinate

Country Life Chromium Picolinate is a vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher vitamin supplement that’s formulated with high excellent chromium picolinate. It’s fortified with vitamin B6 and L-leucine for increased muscle development and metabolic advantages.


10 Best Chromium Supplements For 2021 - Supplement Hound

  • 200mcg chromium (from 1.7mg chromium picolinate)
  • 2mg vitamin B6
  • 18mg L-leucine
  • Employs chromium picolinate
  • Convenient to vegetarians
  • Fortified with vitamin B6 and L-leucine

Who Makes It?

Country Life Vitamins is a nutrient supplement manufacturer which was set up in 1971. They create their merchandise in GMP and USDA accredited organic facilities which follow strict excellent control guidelines. They take complete lines of routine physical fitness products, protein powders, and whole food supplements.

Bottom Line: Country Life Chromium Picolinate is fabricated with a trusted firm utilizing vegetarian capsules and chromium picolinate. It’s also fortified with vitamin B6 and L-leucine, which makes it more valuable to athletes. On the other hand, the inclusion of these components makes it less acceptable for each and every user. Additionally, it has lower quality packing.

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7. Superior Source Chromium Picolinate

Superior Source Chromium Picolinate is a sublingual chromium pill that’s formulated with chromium picolinate that immediately melts under the tongue. It’s well absorbed by the human body and formulated with a proprietary hydro drying procedure which needs fewer binders and fillers within their merchandise.


  • 500mcg chromium picolinate
  • Sublingual chromium picolinate
  • Readily absorbed
  • Small pill
  • Powerful vitamin nutritional supplement

Who Makes It?

Superior Source Vitamins is a nutrient supplement manufacturer that specializes in sublingual pills. They create nutritional supplements utilizing Microlingual technologies that make instant dissolving pills for increased absorption.

Bottom Line: This really is a fantastic chromium alternative that absorbs quickly and easily into your system. But it contains flaxseed, so people who are vegetarian or lactose intolerant can’t take it.

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8. MegaFood GTF Chromium

MegaFood GTF Chromium is a top-notch chromium pill that’s fortified with a resistant health blend plus a nourishing whole food mix. It’s gentle and easy to digest and made with genuine organic foods.


  • 100mcg Chromium GTF
  • 155mg resistant health combination (S. cerevisiae, organic broccoli)
  • 35mg nourishing whole-food mix (organic parsley, carrot and beet origin )
  • Simple to digest
  • Fortified with resistant and entire food combinations


  • Contains more fillers
  • Not formulated with chromium picolinate
  • Maybe less successful

Who Makes It?

MegaFood is an organic supplement manufacturer that produces its supplements”new from farm to pill.” They focus in real, whole food nutritional supplements that help enhance lifestyles. MegaFood creates its goods in GMP certified facilities.

Bottom Line: This product does comprise more fillers and it’s formulated with chromium GTF rather than chromium picolinate. This means it might be less successful.

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9. Innate Response GTF Chromium

Innate Response GTF Chromium is a medical whole food nutrient pill that’s been analyzed for purity and potency. It’s fortified with a natural whole food mix, immune mix and bioactive proteins and enzymes to boost efficiency.


  • 100mcg GTF chromium
  • 30mg organic whole food mix (organic parsley, carrot and beet origin )
  • 206mg immune mix (S. cerevisiae, organic broccoli, CoQ10 and much more )
  • 75mg bioactive enzymes and enzymes
  • Fortified with extra nutritional supplement combinations
  • Easily digested

Who Makes It?

Innate Response is an organic supplement manufacturer that produces its merchandise together with the guiding principles of holistic wellbeing. They utilize real, whole foods to generate organic health supplements that enhance your body’s capacity to heal itself.

Bottom Line: Those interested in a complete foods chromium supplement can reap the most from Innate Response GTF Chromium. But it could be less effective as it isn’t created with chromium picolinate, and in addition, it contains lactic amino acids, trace minerals, probiotics and much more.

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10. NutraBio Chelated Chromium GFT

NutraBio Chelated Chromium GTF is devised to enhance the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It’s chelated to improve absorption and helps enhance energy levels by enhancing glucose and nutrient uptake, and so is fantastic for those attempting to eliminate weight.


  • 200mcg chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate
  • Chromium GTF pill
  • Great for athletes
  • Chelated for enhanced absorption


  • Employs chromium GTF
  • Contains fillers
  • Less powerful

Who Makes It?

NutraBio is an athletic supplement manufacturer that has been set in 1996. They supply products which are goal unique, and also general health nutritional supplements such as vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids. They can be FDA registered, and create all of their goods in GMP certified facilities.

Bottom Line: If you’re searching for the athletic advantages of vitamin, this might be the chromium supplement for you. But it isn’t formulated with chromium picolinate also it comprises fillers — that means it might be less powerful than some choices.

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Often Asked Questions Concerning Chromium Supplements

What’s Chromium?

Chromium is a essential mineral that people require for controlling blood glucose, insulin, metabolism and body fat percent. The sources of chromium include whole wheat, onions, broccoli, garlic, orange juice and a lot more.

The American diet is very low in chromium average, with 90% of American diets being reduced in vitamin. Chromium supplements aid to resist chromium deficiency, and they also have added health benefits for weight control and cardiovascular health.

The very best chromium supplements can be found in many chemical forms — chromium nicotinate, chromium picolinate, chromium histidine, chromium-enriched yeast, chromium, and glucose tolerance factor chromium (GTF). These formulations may be utilized in capsules, pills and multivitamins.

Which Are the Uses & Benefits of Chromium?

Chromium is a trace mineral with a couple of vital impacts on our health. A number of the Main chromium advantages include:

Weight loss pills
  • Blood glucose: Chromium can help affect insulin action in the body, resulting in a possibility of positive effects on blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. A number of studies have found that it works better if combined with other treatment regimens, and might not be that effective by itself. Chromium has been indicated as a possible aid in handling diabetes symptoms, though there’s insufficient evidence to indicate it might be good for diabetes.
  • Cholesterol: Chromium is necessary for the typical metabolism of cholesterol and other fats. Some clinical evidence indicates a connection between improved chromium intake and blood glucose levels. In 1 study, participants discovered lower rates of LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol following taking chromium during the class of their 42-day study. More study is necessary to confirm such effects.
  • Weight control: Initial evidence indicates that chromium picolinate could be related to a decreased risk of obesity and a decreased frequency of weight reduction. Researchers are not certain of this direct cause of the result. 1 study with 42 obese women found that participants who had been given chromium reported reduced appetite, decreased food consumption, less cravings, and also a small decline in body fat within the duration of this trial. This is a rather small study, a lot more study is required.
  • Cognitive purpose: there’s a connection between healthy insulin reaction and cognitive functioning, especially in old age. Since chromium is supposed to influence insulin reaction, some researchers think it might be valuable in keeping brain function as we age. Chromium is considered to enhance hypothalamic works, which may potentially enhance brain function and lower the rate of cognitive decline. This can be a new frontier when it comes to chromium research, and a lot more trials are required to be able to confirm these possible applications.
  • Other applications: Other possible uses of chromium include enhancing energy and metabolism, protecting against bone fractures, fighting osteoporosis, obesity, and keeping eye health. Nonetheless, these possible uses have never been demonstrated, and additional research is required to assess these claims.

While chromium has many possible advantages, the health community is combined on the efficacy of supplements.

Many people get rid of the trace mineral out of their diets, and food resources are thought to be a much healthier approach to attain chromium. It’s unclear currently whether vitamin nutritional supplements provide an advantage to otherwise healthy people.

Who Would Benefit from Chromium?

  • People attempting to eliminate Weight — if you’re attempting to eliminate weight by eating healthy and exercising, however, you still discover that you struggle to loseweight you aren’t alone. Chromium may allow you to begin shedding those stubborn pounds because it could help to improve your metabolism, burn more calories a day, and enjoy additional energy in the foods which you consume! This could allow you to lose weight more efficiently, and also enhance your energy levels — particularly if you’re eating less than you’re utilized to.
  • People who have Unhealthy Diets — A poor diet lacking in fresh fruits, vegetables and other chromium-rich foods may increase the possibility of nutrient deficiency.
  • Trainers — Chromium has cardiovascular benefits that might help to boost blood flow and improve muscle pumps through resistance training. They also enhance energy levels by boosting the metabolism, which can help improve your endurance.

How Can I Require Chromium?

Chromium supplements must be obtained as directed by the producer and your physician. Based on the item, it can be better to take it with or without meals.

Do not take vitamin supplements using corticosteroids, diabetes drugs, NSAIDs, levothyroxine or antacids because of interactions.

Best Chromium Supplements - Top 10 Brands For 2021

Are There Any Beneficial Chromium Stacks?

Chromium can be found in multivitamins to encourage overall wellness, and also combined with herbal nutritional supplements. These vitamins contain formulas that were researched and give your body with proper nutrient accounts, and it is a fantastic chromium pile for your wellbeing.

There are several distinct kinds of chromium which have various interactions with numerous nutritional supplements and drugs.

Are There Any Side Effects of Chromium?

Many individuals don’t experience unwanted side effects when taking vitamin supplements supplements in 1000mcg or less daily. But some individuals might encounter unwanted side effects like nausea, nausea, mood fluctuations etc.. Taking over 1000mcg of chromium every day for over two years can cause more severe side effects.

How Do I Select a Great Chromium Product?

Chromium Picolinate Best Brand

The greater quality chromium supplements in the marketplace use chromium in the kind of chromium picolinate. This is due to the fact that the picolinate form of chromium is much more broadly researched and might be the most readily absorbed form of vitamin nutritional supplement. Most chromium is badly absorbed by your system , therefore it’s very important to select the kind of chromium that’s probably to be properly absorbed.