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Spring 2021

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Basic Notation Math


All talks are from 1200-1300 in the Conference or Seminar room, unless otherwise specified.

Basic Notion

A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team. The first thing you see on Notion’s sidebar is the control panel section, which holds the key for a bunch of basic operations. Right on top, you see your workspace identifier. You can click on. Another way to say Basic Notion? Synonyms for Basic Notion (other words and phrases for Basic Notion).

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  • Complexity from Simplicity: Dimensions, Fractals, and Chaos
    Darren Creutz
    Time: 03:45 PM

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    Picture a (equilateral) triangle. Choose a point at random inside the triangle. Now pick a corner of the triangle at random and move halfway from your point toward that corner. Repeat: pick a corner at random and move halfway to it. Repeat this indefinitely. Where can we end up? Can it be anywhere inside the triangle? (The answer may surprise you; it certainly got my attention).By a series of examples, I will present the sorts of simple systems that give rise to complicated behavior, leading us to conceptual questions about dimensionality, chaos, and the oft-mentioned but not always well-explained fractals.The talk will be *very* accessible, assuming minimal mathematical knowledge (e.g. if you know what complex numbers that would be good but not necessary).