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Easy gesture controls like swipe. Create QR code. App can be used as a QR code Generator for your contacts, apps or any text that you type-in and share it with friends, family and colleagues (using Whatsapp, Facebook,WeChat.etc).You can convert barcode into QR code. To enable WeChat Pay (Barcode), send an email requesting this feature to [email protected] You will need to review and accept new terms and conditions. Payers using present their Quick Pay payment code to you. You must scan the payment code using a barcode reader and use it to create a new charge. WeChat Pay will process the charge.

Accept in-store payments from WeChat Pay users through your point-of-sale system (POS) using the payment method.

This payment method implements Quick Pay from WeChat Pay allowing you to gain access to one of China's most popular online payment methods without needing a WeChat account or registering for a Chinese bank account. This guide walks you through the payment flow and details on how to implement.

How to enable

  • Supported Countries: Thailand
  • Minimum API version:2017-11-02

To enable WeChat Pay (Barcode), send an email requesting this feature to [email protected] will need to review and accept new terms and conditions.

Payment flow

Payers using present their Quick Pay payment code to you.You must scan the payment code using a barcode reader and use it to create a new charge.

WeChat Pay will process the charge.Once you receive the charge completion webhook, you may verify the charge status and confirm the payment with the user.


To create a charge using WeChat Pay (Barcode), make the following API requests.

  1. Create a new charge specifying the required parameters.
  2. After receiving the charge completion webhook event, retrieve the charge to verify its status (optional, but recommended).

Use your secret key to create the WeChat Pay (Barcode) charge.

Creating a charge

Jasa Scan Barcode Wechat

When the payer confirms they wish to use this payment method, create a new charge specifying the following parameters: amount, currency, source[type] (barcode_wechat), and source[barcode].

amountinteger(required) See Limits
currencystring(required) THB
source[barcode]string(required) WeChat Pay Quick Pay payment code number
source[type]string(required) barcode_wechat

The following example demonstrates how to create a new charge using curl.Replace $OMISE_SECRET_KEY with the test secret key found on your dashboard.

Setting the charge to expire

Cara Scan Barcode Wechat

charges that have not yet been authorized (status=pending) can be set to expire immediately.In effect, this cancels the charge.

Completing the charge

At this point, you have created a new charge with its status set to pending.Other possible values for charge status are successful, failed, and expired.

The following sections detail how to authorize a charge, receive its completion webhook event, and update its status.

This sequence diagram shows the entire flow.

sequenceDiagram participant customer participant merchant participant participant payment providercustomer->>merchant: Present payment code for scanningmerchant->> Create charge using payment>>merchant: Return Send 'charge.create' webhookcustomer->>payment provider: Provide charge authorizationpayment provider-->>customer: Return payment resultpayment provider-->> Return payment Send 'charge.complete' webhook

Authorizing the charge

The payer confirms the payment on their WeChat Pay app using their payment password.

Receiving the charge completion event

The best way for you to be notified of the completion of a charge is using webhook events.Set up a location on your server to receive webhook events, and add this location as a webhook endpoint on the dashboard.

Once a charge is completed, a POST request will be sent to this endpoint with the charge response embedded.

The key attribute for the event object contains charge.complete and the data attribute contains the charge object.See Events API for event object structure.

Checking the charge status

After receiving this event, retrieve the charge using its id and confirm that its status matches the status of the charge contained in the event.

If the value of status is successful, you got paid.If the value of status is failed, check the failure_code and failure_message in the charge object for an explanation.

Possible failure codes are listed below.

Failure CodeDescription
payment_cancelledPayment cancelled by payer.
failed_processingGeneral payment processing failure.
insufficient_balanceInsufficient funds in the account or the payment method has reached its limit.
payment_rejectedPayment rejected by issuer.

Voids and refunds

WeChat Pay (Barcode) charges can be partially or fully refunded within 365 days of the transaction date using the API.


  • Minimum:2000 (THB20.00)
  • Maximum:15000000 (THB150,000.00)

Next steps

WeChat Barcode: A few days ago WeChat announced a new service to track the status of express deliveries in China by scanning the delivery form’s bar code (see picture below). But surprisingly few people know that with WeChat you can already pick up and scan the barcode on pretty much ANY kind of Chinese consumer product and instantly check its price and information online.

Above: WeChat’s new express delivery tracking feature

The ChCh 7Eleven Test

We went down to the 7Eleven store and used WeChat barcode scan to check the prices on some of the goods. Does the corner store offer value for money or is everything really just cheaper online?

Test 1: A bottle of Chinese Baijiu Rice Wine


13 yuan ($1.89) in the shop

9.2 yuan ($1.33) on WeChat / JD JingDong

A clear win for online WeChat shopping here. The baijiu was significantly cheaper on JD and YiHaoDian stores. In tier 1 cities in China JD can often deliver same day with their own network of bike and small van delivery drivers.

Test 2: A can of Red Bull


6.2 yuan($0.9) in the shop

6 yuan ($0.87) on WeChat / JD JingDong, Amazon China and YiHaoDian

Barcode Wechat

This one is a much closer. Saving a mere 2 mao online there’s not much of a difference.

Barcode Wechat

Test 2: A Colgate Toothbrush

Got to get the taste of all that Red Bull and baijiu out of my mouth somehow right? Time for a toothbrush.


5.9 yuan ($0.86) in the shop

5.9 yuan ($0.86) on YiHaoDian

A draw.


Comparing prices of things in store with those online is an ingrained habit of price sensitive and mobile savvy Chinese consumers. A recent report commissioned by KPMG indicated that 69.4% of Chinese consumers have looked up a product on their smartphone while in a physical shop. Using the WeChat scanner is not only convenient but also facilitates social sharing of the product information. There’s one major drawback however on WeChat, we can’t search China’s largest online market places of Taobao or Tmall.