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Saving Your Dot Grid Paper Template. You can save your template as a Word doc or template, or as a PDF. To do this, click File Save As Browse in the ribbon. You can select how you want to save the file from the “Save As Type” drop-down menu. To save it as a typical Word file, select “Word Document (.docx).”. Browse 217,633 incredible Background Template vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy! Blue, Red, or Green Graph Paper Grids. All of the above graph paper templates for Word are theme-enabled.docx files, meaning that you can change the color of the grid by going to Page Layout Themes Colors.I've saved these all using a custom medium gray theme because color printing is.

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The tenant background check form is an authorization from an applicant seeking a residential lease to the landlord. The authorization serves as a release that allows the landlord to perform a credit and/or criminal background check of the releasor. The landlord will usually assess a fee for providing the service that is commonly from $18 to $75.

Rental Application – Use to create a template for a landlord’s housing rentals. This form includes information about the property as well as areas for the tenant to write their personal details before having a credit and background check.

1 – Obtain Authorization


The tenant will need to enter their information on the Tenant Background Authorization Form and sign. If there is an application fee then the tenant will need to pay this at the time of submission. This form gives the landlord the details needed and the legal permission to perform the look-up.

2 – Choose Service Provider

There are two (2) main providers of online tenant background services: – An affiliate of TransUnion, a premium service (gives detailed credit and eviction report) that costs $35. This fee should always be billed to the applicant with no costs for performing the check coming from the landlord.

RentPrep – A limited background check for $18.95.

Background Word Template

3 – View the Tenant’s Background

The landlord may be able to view the background of the tenant and be able to make a decision whether to lease the property to them or not. If the landlord decides to rent the property, a lease agreement should be drafted in a reflection of the terms agreed upon.

If the credit report pulled is not satisfactory to the landlord they can give the tenant a rejection letter stating the reasons for the denial.

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Word Background Template Landscape

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Free Background Templates For Word

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Word Doc Background Template

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