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Free download Avira System Speedup Pro 6 full version Here for Windows, it is Full Maintain, Boost, and Optimize the Performance of your PC.

Open the Avira user interface and click Performance → Optimizer. Besides checking which programs and utilities are slowing down your device at startup, the feature also checks for unnecessary files, cookies, and broken registry entries, whicht take up space.

'Avira free security is the latest evolution of the modern antivirus solution. In its basic form, it brings forth one of the best antivirus engines, a VPN, and a lot of other efficient goodies that will have a big impact on protecting your privacy and even ensure that your computer is running as it should.' Avira Optimizer for overall system improvement For faster start-ups, smoother OS operation, and quick-loading applications, our free computer cleaner Avira Optimizer is the software of choice. Improve storage space and speed, and protect your private data with just one click. Discover free speed-up tools you’ll love For a digital life in the fast lane, you need this. Life’s too short to wait for your device. Speed up sluggish PCs, Macs, and Android phones for free, with these optimization solutions from Avira. Avira Free System Speedup.


Overview of Avira System Speedup Pro 2020

The Avira System Speedup has a unique interface for most PC repair tools. There is a column that stores most of the features of the app, and a large display area that shows the many tools available in the selected feature. For example, when you click on Statistics, you will see the total number of junk files cleaned, errors found, and other important numbers. In short, navigating with the Avira System Speedup is easy and complicated.

Status Screen

The status screen is the first thing you see when you turn on the Avira System Speedup. It gives you instant system information (if your PC has a lot of problems, the app says “Your system needs attention”) and a large, green Start Scan icon. The click of a button causes Avira System Speedup to run Junk File Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, and Smart Defragmenter respectively – these apps are the heart of the app.

System Optimizer

Avira System Speedup has many other tools, including File Recovery (which allows you to recover deleted files), Startup Optimizer (lets you choose which programs to download when your PC starts), and Shortcut Menu Manager (lets you to manage items from right click). That’s a fairly common amount of money in the tunnel help space, but Avira System Speedup has two great tools that I’ll still see competitors offered: Empty Folder Scanner and Zero-Size File Scanner. The tools let me find and delete useless folders and files on my PC, and there was an amazing amount of them.

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Start Up Optimize

Avira System Startup does not have Kromtech’s anti-theft option and Microsoft computer-certified help desk. In addition, Avira System Speedup has a useful widget from the beginning that displays your PC’s time and other system information.

Performance improvement
I tested Avira System Speedup’s ability to update the PC by performing two tests – using the Geekbench system operating system and measuring boot times – before and after using software to compare computer speed. I ran each test three times and weighed the results.

Boost System

The performance of the computer program improved after I used the Avira System Speedup. GeekBench’s rating rose to 6,101 – that’s 268 points below the Iolo System Mechanic’s 6,369 peak rating. The start time of the test bed dropped to impressive 40.1 seconds, which was slightly slower than the 39.7-second Iolo System Mechanic note.

computer experience

What, then, do these numbers mean? Improved computer experience. After doing the tests, I used a lot of PC testing to get an idea of ​​how the Avira System Speedup changed the machine response. I was excited to see applications like Audacity and GIMP open up faster.

Before the software launched the system, the 2GHz Intel Core i7 X990 notebook with 4GB of RAM and 80GB Intel SSD drive scored 5,914 Geek bench points and started in 50.3 seconds.

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Features of Avira System Speedup Pro Full

  • Update Disk. Analyzes the hard disk usage and applies its usage.
  • Disk Doctor. Checks for malfunctioning drives.
  • Restoration. Allows you to retrieve or back up files, registers, and master boot records.
  • Network. It gives you an overview of the situation and corrects Internet losses associated with certain types of software.
  • Getting Started Manager. It improves startup time by slowing down processes.
  • Registry Cleaner. Detects and clears registration errors.
  • Junk File Cleaner. Detects and deletes obsolete, duplicate, and empty files.
  • Smart Defragmenter. Receives and converts minute, empty space into useful memory.
  • File Encryption. It makes your saved files unreadable to outsiders.
  • File Shredder. Deleting files in addition to recovery
  • Cleaning Policy. Automatically clears daily browsing history and data (supports list releases and multiple profiles)
  • Disk Wiper. It ensures that hackers are unable to retrieve deleted files.
  • Battery Booster. It increases battery usage, so the battery will not be discharged from unnecessary procedures.
  • Release. Quickly, easily, and permanently uninstall programs, leaving no trace.
  • Procedure Manager. It gives you an overview of all the processes that work and how to prevent them.
  • Simple controls. Your user interface (UI) gives you an overview of the performance gains.


Many sewing tools, including two different ones.
Improves PC performance.
Info widget.


We are missing unlimited licenses.
It offers smaller pc performance improvements than competing resources.

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Change Log

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  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or Above.
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • HDD Free Space: 2 GB or Above.
  • Version:
  • License :Full_version
  • Release date: 9th, September 2020
  • Languages:Multilingual
  • Our Provided FIle: Zip

Download Avira System Speedup Pro Full Below[ 28.8 MB]


For a digital life in the fast lane, you need this.

Avira System Speedup Test

Life’s too short to wait for your device. Speed up sluggish PCs, Macs, and Android phones for free, with these optimization solutions from Avira.

Avira Free System Speedup

Why does your device slow down over time?

You started off with a blazing fast device. Now… it’s… so… slow you want to take a shower while you wait. Here are the main culprits:

Heavy software baggage

From new games to the latest updates, users tend to accumulate more and more on their devices. Plus, updated apps demand better, bigger hardware to run and hog your resources.

Too many start-up items and tasks

It’s convenient when Skype, Dropbox, OneDrive, and co. show up in your task bar when you boot up, but adding more and more items slows you down.

Cluttered hard drivE

Over time it becomes packed with unnecessary stuff such as temp files, traces of your internet surfing, and unnecessary user data.

Poor maintenance

Many devices don’t get the regular clear-out and tune-up they need to perform at their peak. Poor things.

System Speedup for Windows

Discover an industry leader for more stable, turbo performance:

Helps you “lose weight”: Rids your system of all the clutter it no longer needs (system cache, temp files, internet junk, duplicates, etc.).

Tidies up your browser: Removes all online traces and temporary data from every browser to declutter your machine and shield your privacy.

Cleans your registry: Invalid registry entries? Remnants of uninstalled software? System Speedup analyzes the problems and clears them out.

Optimizer for Mac

Fire up the app, do a scan, and see it remove the clutter that’s slowing you down.

Does a spring clean: The Junk File Cleaner deletes unnecessary files and browser junk. The Duplicate Finder clears copies of photos and other files.

Gets rid of monsters and dinosaurs: It spots XL and old files that are hogging your resources.

Speeds up start times. Helps you speed up by around 25%, as it limits the number of tasks performed while Windows loads.

Optimizer for Android

Turn even an older Android into a lean, mean mobile machine.

Boosts speed: Optimizes processes for faster start-ups and greater performance.

Cleans up fast: Clears your cache junk and duplicate files on your phone and SD card for a feather-light, speedier experience.

Manages apps: Gives you instant insight into how much space each app uses so you can uninstall the worst offenders with a tap.

Worried about maintaining your device? Relax.

We hope you have more on your mind than device optimization—that’s why we created OnWatch for PCs and Macs. Use it to schedule automatic alerts to clean your device.

Discover the Avira advantage

We’re proudly Made in Germany. Our multi award-winning software portfolio is the result of 30 years of experience in developing security and performance solutions. In fact, our applications already protect over 500 million devices, so you’re in good company!

Mr Henry Hardwick

“Excellent. Got my old desktop running fast again.”

Avira System Speedup Review

Sean Kelly

“My laptop works great when optimised. There was a time where it would take ages to even load.”

Paul Roberts

“I was amazed how well Avira increased the performance of my formerly sluggish computer. Startup time was reduced from over 5-minutes to about 1-minute. I would recommend this product without reservations.”

Heinz Hammer

“Very helpful program. Fast and efficient. Thank you.”

Jan van Jaarsveld


Mohamad Ali Golkar

Avira System Speedup Review

“Fast , user friendly and strong. Choose it and enjoy it.”

Avira System Speedup Test Tool


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Avira System Speedup Tester

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Avira System Speedup Testversion

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