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Avira Software Updater Pro offers a simple solution to keep your software drivers up to date on your PC. Keeping your software up to date patches security vulnerabilities and is critical to your cybersecurity. With Avira Software Updater Pro, you can easily manage software updates for over 150 software programs from the central console. Like other email providers, AVIRA SOFTWARE UPDATER PRO ULTIMATE DEFENSE SECURITY provides a simple process for rAVIRA SOFTWARE UPDATER PRO ULTIMATE DEFENSE SECURITYting or changing the password. Here are some steps and instructions that may help you access your account again. I bought Avira Software Updater pro, It's taking forever to download. It took over a day and still is not done. As I have paid for this I'm very frustrated and wondering if I have wasted time and money? Advanced Uninstaller PRO will automatically remove Avira Software Updater. After uninstalling Avira Software Updater, Advanced Uninstaller PRO will offer to run a cleanup. Click Next to start the cleanup. All the items of Avira Software Updater which have been left behind will be detected and you will be able to delete them.

The premium version of Avira Software Updater makes staying safely updated and fully patched incredibly easy, all thanks to its fully automatic and one-click modes.

Avira Software Updater Pro aims to automatically keep your operating system and applications up to date. It does the job, but in testing, it wasn't as automatic as I expected.

The premium version of Avira Software Updater makes staying safely updated and fully patched incredibly easy, all thanks to its fully automatic and one-click modes.

TETTNANG, February 21, 2017 - Updating and patching software is more than a convenience. It is an essential element in online security as the average computer contains a wide range of applications requiring hundreds of updates and patches each year. While some updates are automatic, many require users to search and directly download the needed updates. However, many people are annoyed by popups and unsure of the proper update regime, so they don’t update regularly –– and this puts them and their computers at risk. Given this substantial vulnerability, Avira has launched the Software Updater to enhance user security and its premium Software Updater Pro to put the entire update process on automatic pilot.

Updates are a problem

Keeping computers updated is a joyless task from two primary perspectives. First, the average computer runs more than 20 various applications. It is an organizational task to keep track of what software needs to be updated, go find the updates, and download them to the end computer in a timely fashion. Second, “update fatigue” is a major issue as people are tired of the barrage of update notifications and the disruption to their daily workflow.


Vulnerabilities are everywhere

Software Updater Version 1.8.3

Counting software vulnerabilities is a never-ending task. In 2016, there were 6435 new vulnerabilities in applications, browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems, according to CVE Details. This list included 1437 vulnerabilities in Mozilla’s Firebox browser, 1370 in Google’s Chrome, and 986 in Adobe’s Flash Player.

Risks are real

While software updates may seem like an annoying morning reminder, patching vulnerabilities is key to online security. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team has found that keeping computers updated can prevent many as 85 percent of targeted attacks. “Ensuring these are patched with the latest updates greatly reduces the number of exploitable entry points available to an attacker,” pointed out US CERT in its Alert (TA15-119A) on the Top 30 Targeted High Risk Vulnerabilities.

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Racing for your computer

With over 6000 vulnerabilities uncovered annually, there is an ongoing race between cybercriminals and software developers for the end computer. Cybercriminals seek to transform new vulnerabilities into a zero-day, open door for malware. Developers work to create and distribute an update that will patch the newest vulnerability. Meanwhile, the success of either side can depend on whether or not the user gets around to installing the latest update. The vast numbers of unpatched computers are clearly a huge attraction to cybercriminals. This last December, Avira identified and stopped over 26 million exploit kits on their way to users’ computer. The race is on.

The Avira solution within reach

Software-updater Mac

Software Updater Pro lets the user decide how and when to bring in the updates. “The security benefits are absolutely clear to staying fully updated. But, in our design of this updater, we worked to make the user’s day-to-day experience be just as easy and as hands-off as they want it to be,” stated Victor Mihaiu, Product Manager at Avira for Software Updater Pro.

Users have a choice between fully automatic updates and one-click installations:

Avira Software Updater Pro

*Fully automatic – Users makes a list of software and app updates that can be installed without their further input. Once an update is available, the updater automatically downloads and installs it without requiring additional actions from the user.

*One click – Once the Software Updater Pro interface is opened, users can select specific software to be updated with a single click, no further action required.

The automatic and one click updates are key features in the Avira Software Updater Pro. Smart Signal detection is available in both the premium and in the free Software Updater to help users find outdated software and navigate to the developer’s website with the help of our Publisher URL Database for a direct download.

Essential home maintenance made easy

“Good home security practices are simple, almost automatic. With Avira Software Updater Pro, our goal has been to make it as simple as possible for people to keep their digital lives safe and in order,“ said Andreas Flach, Executive Vice President of Product Development at Avira. “Both the free and the premium Software Updater variants perfectly dovetail into our growing family of consumer products and help support our company mission of protecting people in the connected world.”

Avira Software Updater and the premium Software Updater Pro can be downloaded at Avira.com and the major download sites.

About Avira

Avira’s mission is to protect people in an increasingly connected world. As the original pioneer of freemium security software, Avira offers consumers a complete portfolio of security, privacy, and performance tools for free with premium options. For over 30 years, Avira has been consistently innovating and adapting to the ever-changing digital world and today offers products for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and smart homes that are consistently rated best-in-class.

Avira is now a part of NortonLifeLock Inc., a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety. For more information about Avira visit www.avira.com.