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Avira Internet Security Suite. Their Internet Security Suite contains a premium version of their antivirus and has all the features of the free version along with customer support too. This version includes software updater and password management tools but without the VPN and PC speed-up tool. The Avira Prime option that covers five devices for $99.99 per year is $10 more than Bitdefender’s undiscounted Total Security, or $55 more expensive than the discounted Total Security.

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Complete antivirus protection and advanced optimization tools for all computers in a single package, ready to protect and speed up any PC


No matter how much PC knowledge you have, you still need to install a security product to keep malware threats at bay. One such solution is Avira Internet Security, a suite that combines the antivirus protection with a few extra utilities.

Extensive antivirus protection

You can start by scanning the current status of your computer using one of the available types of scans (full, quick, rootkit, hard drive, removable drive and others) or you can create a new custom scan where you choose the folder and the frequency.

When it comes to the type of protection you get with Avira Internet Security, you can rest assured that it can prevent viruses from making changes to your machine or from infecting you via email attachments. Web threats and ransomware are also kept away.

Avira Security

Additional protection tools

In addition to keeping you safe from malicious threats, Avira Internet Security also packs some additional tools meant to optimize your computer.

You can block tracking and ads on your installed browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera), you can manage your password securely, you can permanently erase files and folders so they cannot be restored or you can update your drivers and installed software.

Integrates Avira System SpeedUp

There are additional components that you can turn to boost the overall performance of your PC even more and they are neatly organized within Avira System SpeedUp.

You get to free up space and speed up your PC, help improve the battery use by switching between energy modes, you can boost the performance of your games, or reorganized fragmented data.


In a nutshell, Avira Internet Security is meant to help novices and experts alike to get the best performance their computer is capable of. Not only are viruses and other types of threats prevents from infecting your machine, but also the numerous extra components help you optimize with little to no effort.

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Giorgiana ArghireSecurity
  • 30-day trial
  • The Pro modules of Avira System SpeedUp are disabled
  • Nag screen
  • 2 GB of RAM or more
  • Minimum 2 GB of free disk space (additional space for temporary and quarantine files needed)
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 Processor or faster (with support for the SSE2 instructions set)
  • Administrator rights
  • Internet connection
New in Avira Internet Security 2013
  • We removed the switch “Expert mode” from the Configuration and display all the options as if this mode would be always activated. This way no option gets lost and you have to make a click less.
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Avira Internet Security

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Avira has released an all-new Avira Security for Mac, including a free version as well as Prime for premium features. The all-in-one solution blocks and removes threats, enables worry-free browsing, shopping and payment through its real-time protection, and protects data with VPN encryption.

Developed from the ground up on Apple’s latest tech stack, Avira Security for Mac, offers everything users need for a secure, private, and fast digital life across Apple products.

Avira Security for Mac has been redesigned from the ground up and is built using the latest Apple’s Swift, SwiftUI, Combine frameworks alongside with the best in breed Avira protection technologies such as SAVAPI and APC.


The app benefits from the latest technology stack to conserve system resources and not slow down the system, all while delivering best-in-class protection.

“Combining Avira’s protection engine with Apple’s own technology makes the product a powerful, fast and future-proof security application that runs smoothly on macOS,” said Stephan Brenner, Avira VP of Product.

“Most of the application’s components already run natively on the latest Apple Silicon M1 processors, and we are expecting to update the app to run fully native to Apple Silicon in the near future.”

All the features you need, powered by a single “Smart Scan”

Whether you’re a Free user or choose to upgrade to Prime for full functionalities, Avira Security for Mac offers a list of features for security, online privacy and better performance from a single interface powered by a one-click Smart Scan.

The Smart Scan detects and blocks viruses, deletes unwanted cookies and junk that clogs the system, and flags any other issues with your device. Additional Avira Security for Mac features include:

Security features
  • Real-time protection: With Avira Security for Mac, Real-Time Protection consistently runs in the background of your device to protect against malware by automatically checking the system for suspicious activity, scanning each file for threats and informing the user – in real time – when a file is used, copied, or accessed without consent. Powered by Avira’s award-winning anti-malware technology, Real-Time Protection benefits from the Avira Protection Cloud to deliver zero-day and advanced persistent threat detection. It can also check for threats on connected USB or other storage devices.
  • Quarantine: Quarantine is a safe place for all identified threats on your Mac. This feature lists all threats blocked by Avira Security for Mac and displays the name of the threat, file name, path, and date the threat was blocked. Infected files are encrypted and contained so they can’t harm your system. Further, a simple reviewer lets the user select items that shouldn’t be deleted and restore them.
  • On-demand antivirus scans: Avira Security for Mac offers three virus scan options: Quick Scan, which scans the most vulnerable areas of the device, Full Scan, which scans the entire device for viruses, and Custom Scan, which allows users to scan only the items they wish to check for threats. All three can be configured to run on a preferred schedule in the background.

Avira Security Software

Privacy features
  • VPN: The virtual private network (VPN) protects online privacy when browsing the Internet by keeping the Internet connection (IP address) private, regardless of where the user is currently located. This means that users are also protected on public Wi-Fi. The VPN also unlocks geographically restricted content.
  • Password manager: Password Manager creates strong, unique passwords for all accounts and automatically logs the user in to their accounts. It also synchronizes passwords across the user’s devices, simplifying the login experience.
  • Cookie cleaner: The Cookie Cleaner deletes tracking cookies from the device, allowing users to erase their digital footprint on the Internet and does not let websites record their behaviour .
Performance features
  • Junk cleaner: The Junk Cleaner detects old and unused files such as Cache, Log, and Temporary Files created by Mac applications. It removes files that take up too much storage space, improving the performance of the device.

Depending on the user’s preferences and lighting conditions, a dark mode and a light mode is available for the Avira Security for Mac user interface.

Avira Security for Mac is available in two versions: Free and Prime. Avira Free Security for Mac is free and does not contain any advertising.

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Avira Security

Avira Security Download

It protects viruses and threats in real time. Customers who need advanced online privacy and performance features such as the Tracker Remover and Junk Cleaner can sign up for a Prime subscription which also unlocks unlimited VPN and advanced Password Manager. This costs 99.95 EUR per year for 5 devices (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS).

Avira Security Suite


Mac with a macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later installed, as well as at least 2 GB of RAM, 2 GB of free disk space, and an Internet connection.