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You can define the behavior of the on-demand scan routine (options available in expert mode only). If you select certain directories to be scanned, depending on the configuration, the System Scanner scans:

  1. Avira Scan Online
  2. Avira Scan Stuck
  • with a certain scanning priority,

  • also boot sectors and main memory,

  • all or selected files in the directory.

Avira Antivirus lets you configure different scans on a regular basis. You can define yourself which kind of scan you would like to be performed regularly. Virus Scans Run a Smart scan Open the Avira user interface and click Smart scan. The results are displayed right after the scan, and divided into three categories: Security, Privacy and Performance. The rootkits scan is not available for Windows XP 64 bit! Scan Registry If this option is enabled, the Registry is scanned for references to malware. Allow stopping the Scanner If this option is enabled, the scan for viruses or unwanted programs can be terminated at any time with the button “ Stop” in the “Luke Filewalker. Download the latest Antivirus installation file. Double-click the downloaded file. Select the Repair/Update option and click Next. Verify if all the required components are flagged for installation and click Next.


The System Scanner can use a filter to scan only those files with a certain extension (type).

All files

If All files is enabled, the button File extensions cannot be selected.

Use smart extensions

If this option is enabled, the selection of the files scanned for viruses or unwanted programs is automatically chosen by the program. This means that your Avira program decides whether the files are scanned or not based on their content. This procedure is somewhat slower than Use file extension list, but more secure, since not only on the basis of the file extension is scanned. This option is enabled as the default setting and is recommended.

Avira Scan Online

If Use smart extensions is enabled, the button File extensions cannot be selected.

Use file extension list

If this option is enabled and you have deleted all entries from the list with file extensions, this is indicated with the text “No file extensions” under the button File extensions.

File extensions

Please note that the default list may vary from version to version.

Additional settings

Scan boot sectors of selected drives

Scan master boot sectors

Ignore offline files


Integrity checking of system files

This option is only available with Windows Vista and higher.

This option should not be used if you are using third-party tools that modify system files and adapt the boot or start screen to your own requirements. Examples of such tools are skinpacks, TuneUp utilities or Vista Customization.

Optimized scan

Avira Scan Stuck

This option is only available on multi-processor systems.

Follow symbolic links

The option does not include any shortcuts, but refers exclusively to symbolic links (generated by mklink.exe) or Junction Points (generated by junction.exe) that are transparent in the file system.

Search for Rootkits before scan

The rootkits scan is not available for Windows XP 64 bit !

Scan Registry

Scan process

Allow stopping the Scanner

Scanner priority


The System Scanner is only allocated processor time by the operating system, if no other process requires computation time, i.e. as long as only the System Scanner is running, the speed is maximum. All in all, work with other programs is optimal: The computer responds more quickly if other programs require computation time while the System Scanner continues running in the background.


The System Scanner is executed with normal priority. All processes are allocated the same amount of processor time by the operating system. This option is enabled as the default setting and is recommended. Under certain circumstances, work with other applications may be affected.


The System Scanner has the highest priority. Simultaneous work with other applications is almost impossible. However, the System Scanner completes its scan at maximum speed.


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