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How does a VPN protect your privacy?

Avira Free Vpn Chrome Download

Whatever you do online, a VPN helps keep it between you and your device. Here’s a closer look at how a VPN works and why you should use one for online privacy.

Hide your IP address

  1. Avira Phantom VPN is the best free VPN for Windows Avira Phantom VPN is the best free VPN for Windows Avira Phantom VPN for Windows is the easiest way to protect your privacy while surfing the Internet – wherever you are.
  2. Whenever I click the icon from the pinned extension on my Mac Chrome, it only shows a small empty box. So I uninstalled the extension and re-installed it, so now.
  3. As the name suggests their primary focus is to allow you the quickest vpn speeds that.

Whenever you go online, you broadcast a wealth of personal data to the world—including your unique Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Personal details: A search of your IP address in the WHOIS database for example, could reveal your name, telephone number, or address.

Your location: Details include your country, region, city, GPS coordinates, and telephone area code. Accuracy varies.

Your online activities: The information you shared, the websites you visited, the Wikipedia pages you edited… they’re open doors to your political opinions, interests, beliefs, and more.

Your email address: If you sent emails while connected via this IP address, your email address is no secret either.

I have a MacBook, macOS 11.2.3. For several years in a row, I have successfully used Free Avira Phantom VPN as a Chrome extension. But suddenly a couple of days ago there was a problem.

Encrypt your data and communications

A VPN connection encrypts any data you transmit to a website and uses virtual locations across the world to hide your real IP address. Your online activity is anonymized automatically—without affecting your internet speed—to protect your identity online.

Avira Phantom VPN uses leading data encryption (AES-256) together with over 38 global server locations to give you the most secure and reliable VPN service available.

Did you know? 74% of Americans have limited their online activities due to privacy concerns.*

*VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats for 2018, vpnmentor

Anonymize your online activities

A VPN hides your IP address so you can browse anonymously for more privacy online. It also prevents your personal information from being misused.

Keep control of your personal data online

VPN prevents tracking via your IP address, so advertisers and large corporations do not develop a profile of you based on your online activities. You’re in charge of what you share!

Protect yourself from snoops and cybercriminals

A VPN encrypts both incoming and outgoing traffic to the internet. Your ISP won’t be able to trace the websites you visit. Hackers can’t steal your information, even on a pubic WiFi network.

Save on internet shopping

A VPN masks your true location. You won’t be subject to adverse pricing policies on, for example, air fares or hotel bookings, based on where you are. Plus, your banking and credit card details are encrypted and secure so you can pay safely, too.

Norman Cantrell

Avira Free Vpn Chrome
'Avira is really a great VPN for myself. Great security'

Avira Free Vpn Chrome Browser

Mark Cowan

'Reliable VPN always on regardless of mobile or WiFi network.'


'This is a straight forward VPN that I use on my phone, tablet, and pc. All the essential settings are available. No issues connecting to any UK services whilst abroad like I did when I tested the competition at last renewal'

Lisa-central FL

'I have used (or still do) 3 different VPN's on my PC. Avira is by far the simplest and most consistent of all of them. Great recommendation and well worth the 10 bucks/month. WELL WORTH.'


'The only vpn so far that can be left always on. And I really like the option to connect automatically at selected networks too.'

Patrick Dunn

Cedomir Babic

'I'm running Avira Phantom VPN behind a very complicated firewall system and it never even stuttered. I can play youtube, visit restricted sites, heck, I can even torrent if i wanted to! 5 star!'


'Avira Phantom VPN reliable and robust service not only for dark things but when you need to change your identity and country e.g. for better marketing insight, exclusive country information, still using localised google search or the best TV series...'

Surf anonymously—download now.

Shield your privacy and be anonymous on all your devices.


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A VPN to access worldwide content

If you want to keep up to date with your favorite shows while on holiday, or watch a foreign movie unavailable in your region, Avira Phantom VPN can help you bypass geoblocks to access the content you love.

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Avira Free Vpn Chrome Extension

Download Free VPN now

In a world with magnified net surveillance having a reliable vpn will help to cover our privacy. where you’re and what you are doing all things are protected from spying eyes.
Here we’ll count the highest five best vpn services that you just will use for free while they are doing lack sure options often found in premium vpns you just may realize that a free vpn is all that you really need. These are available for windows ,raincoat os, linux, ios and automaton.

let’s start because all vpns don’t seem to be created equal we’ll undergo the professionals and cons of each to assist you create a stronger call starting up for numeration at variety 5 is speedify.


As the name suggests their primary focus is to allow you the quickest vpn speeds that you just will apprehend will this by permitting you to mix two or a lot of your net connections in any combination. you can mix your wi-fi a bound iphone or automaton smartphone 3 four or 5g cellular and LAN.
for example mistreatment each your wi-fi and cellular knowledge can facilitate to confirm that you’re obtaining the simplest performance speeds doable they have quite one 000 servers located in over fifty countries the data you send and receive is totally encrypted and speedify encompasses a no work policy they don’t log information processing addresses and also the websites you visit keeping you anonymous online with their free service that they decision the starter set up you get 2 gigabytes of data each month however it’s solely out there to use on one device here’s another con for a few of you speedify relies within the us which means they’re subject to requests from legal and governmental authorities speedify is on the market for windows raincoat linux, ios and automaton.

Free Avira Phantom Vpn For Chrome

VISIT : https://speedify.com


Its based in North American nation this vpn includes several features found in their premium service that ar out there in their free set up as well they are illustrious for having associate degree excellent privacy policy with no work of your knowledge your username is hold on however is erased at intervals three minutes of ending your session geo-restricted content is additionally unblocked in more than sixty countries they claim to ne’er track you and offers dns leak protection to safeguard your information one draw back is that they do not offer 24 seven live support for his or her free or premium plans winscribe steps it up from our variety five pick instead of two gigabytes per month you get 10 gigabytes with a verifiable email address with servers out there in additional than ten countries there aren’t any limits on the number of connections you’ll be able to have it’s out there for windows raincoat UNIX system ios android and that they joke concerning being available for blackberry you can conjointly get extensions for the chrome firefox and opera browsers.

VISIT : https://windscribe.com


In the variety 3 spot one in all our high picks for privacy and security is hide.me they need a strict no work policy your knowledge is protected with aes 256 encryption and since they are primarily based in Malaya they’re not indebted handy over its user knowledge to any legal authority even with their free set up there aren’t any ads they do not limit your information measure ensuring fast load times and you get twenty four seven technical support to get facilitate if you expertise any problems whereas hide.me will supply a generous ten gigabytes of knowledge monthly you can solely connect one device at a time and you’re restricted to 5 server locations those server locations embody the east and geographical region of the US canada singapore and also the The Netherlands high.mi is on the market for all the foremost operating systems including windows raincoat UNIX system automaton and ios and it is also out there for amazon fireplace tv in the rival spot returning in at number 2 is hotspot defend it offers the second most knowledge of these mentioned during this video you get five hundred megabytes of knowledge to be used each day adding up the daily limits that is a easy lay of around fifteen gigabytes per month while they are illustrious for being one in all the fastest vpn suppliers with straightforward to use apps they are primarily based within the us and there is some work of your knowledge they do claim that none of the info collected may establish users with the free set up it’s ad supported there is a 1 device affiliation limit and you’ll be able to solely access servers placed in the us if you’ll be able to digest the negatives their data limit is kind of generous when compared with different free vpns therefore it might be price mistreatment for you in addition to windows hotspot defend is available for UNIX system mac os ios and automaton and there is conjointly an extension out there for the chrome browser real quickly before we have a tendency to get to our high pick.

VISIT : https://hide.me/en/free-vpn​


Avira free vpn chrome browser

here’s some honarable mentions that you may need to ascertain out first of that primarily based in European country is avira phantom. avira will afford unlimited simultaneous connections on the draw back their knowledge allowance is a paltry five hundred megabytes per month. it’s out there for windows raincoat ios and android at this point it isn’t out there for linux.

VISIT : https://www.avira.com/en/free-vpn​



the other award is tunnelbear what’s nice concerning this vpn is that it’s extremely easy but similar to a avira phantom the monthly data limit is five hundred megabytes. it’s out there for windows raincoat ios and android but seems to not support UNIX system they even have extensions for firefox chrome and opera whereas primarily based in North American nation. tunnelbear was noninheritable in 2018 by the yank cyber security firm mcafee creating them subject to legal requests for data in each countries.

VISIT : https://www.tunnelbear.com/​


Proton vpn this one stands out for its various free options often solely found within the premium versions of its competitors let’s undergo the professionals initial there are fully no knowledge limits making it nice for streaming content and it’s not ad supported. they conjointly do not log any of your on-line activity if your primary focus once selecting a vpn is privacy. they use the strongest level of encryption to secure your net connection. they’re conjointly primarily based in European country outside the jurisdiction of the united states and international organization because of this nucleon vpn states they can’t be coerced into spying on their users now for the cons of that there are a few there’s a 1 device affiliation limit servers will solely be accessed in 3 countries and also the biggest of all for some of you will be that there’s no peer-to-peer support in their free set up other than that it’s feature packed for a free service and out there for the usual suspects windows raincoat UNIX system ios and android.

VISIT : https://protonvpn.com/free-vpn​

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