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Visiting websites and downloading files makes you vulnerable to threats and attacks. Protect yourself with the anti-malware powers of our award-winning free antivirus.

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Avira Free Security is a powerful malware removal software that includes a wide range of tools for security, privacy, and performance.

What is malware?

Malware is shorthand for malicious software that infects your system. It’s developed by cyber-attackers in order to steal personal data, gain access to your device, or cause damage to it. Rootkits, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, worms, and browser-hijacks are all malware.

Malware is typically spread through email attachments, phishing websites, malicious advertisments, malicious software disguised as utility software, and even GIFs or text messages.

C:Program FilesAvira C:ProgramDataAvira C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAvira. Restore the default folder view settings. Right-click the file 'aviraregistrycleaneren.exe' that you previously saved on your desktop and select Run as administrator. Activate the Avira Antivirus control box. Avira Antivirus Pro is an industry-leading antivirus software, which secures your data, protects your privacy, and keeps your PC malware-free. Just download, install, and sit back and relax, you’re protected! Avira Antivirus Pro gives you security in numbers, with Protection Cloud Technology.


Trojans sneak into your system, often disguised as a legitimate tool.


Spyware monitors what you do online and collects data.


Avira Free Security is a powerful malware removal software that includes a wide range of tools for security, privacy, and performance. Avira Free Security. Password manager included. Optional additional downloadable protection.

Ransomware encrypts the infected system, locking the user out until they pay a ransom.


Keyloggers log all your keystrokes and give cyber-criminals your login credentials.


Avira Internet Security Antivirus software, free download

Viruses can infect the operating system and slow it down or stop it from loading altogether.

Here’s why we ALL need reliable anti-malware every day

Hackers are continuously finding new ways to steal your data or just wreak havoc. It’s not just about security… but also preserving your freedom and confidence, and giving you peace of mind. If you surf the internet, browse, bank, shop, or connect devices to your computer or laptop, you risk malware infection every time.

For comprehensive protection:

1. Install antivirus/anti-malware software.

2. Be diligent about keeping that software updated.

Why choose malware removal software from Avira?

It’s part of our award-winning Avira Free Antivirus, so it’s technology you can truly trust for more than just malware scanning and removal. Plus, it’s made in Germany and backed by our 30 years of expertise in protecting your digital world.


The anti-malware feature in Avira Antivirus offers real-time protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and more. Fast and reliable, our security software provides instant protection against all types of malware.

Easy to use

Our malware protection software is automatically activated in the background and can be manually started to scan a device or folder. With one click, you can scan your entire system for malware and easily remove dangerous files.

Always current

Virus definition updates mean that you always have the most recent software. More than 10,000 new virus strains are added daily to our ever-growing database.

Fast—and so are you

Our antivirus software doesn’t slow you down because files are checked in our Protection Cloud, well away from your system. AI technology protects you from known and unknown threats, blocking even zero-day attacks.

Award-winning tech relied on by 500 million users and Fortune 500 companies.

Best protection

Best performance

Get your anti-malware for free—download now.

Secure all your devices with Avira.

Learn more about malware threats

New malware is being developed every day, making its way to a wide range of devices, from PCs and laptops to smartphones and even smart home devices. Cybercriminals are quickly adapting their malicious software for the latest operating systems. Here are some helpful tips for protecting yourself from malware threats.

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Avira Free Antivirus Editor's Review

Keep your computer malware free with this platform independent scanning utility.

Keeping your PC free of malware – either a virus or something that invades your privacy and steals your personal information – is a difficult job. The amount of malware on the internet today is staggering. Its difficult to go anywhere or do anything without putting you, your information and your bank and credit accounts at risk. This is one of the reasons why I really suggest using some kind of malware scanner with your computer. Its becoming a must have; and applications like Avira Free Antivirus are a good candidate for bringing safety and reliability to your computing experience.

Avira Free Antivirus offers effective protection against computer viruses on a single PC or Mac workstation. The app detects and removes more than 50,000 viruses. An Internet-Update Wizard updates both app and virus definitions. Avira's built in resident Virus Guard monitors file movements automatically, for example, when downloading content from the internet. Heuristic scanning also provides Protection against previously unknown macro viruses.

Avira Free Antivirus runs silently in the background while stopping Internet attacks before they infect your computer. Its lightweight footprint means you’ll never have to choose between security and performance. The app analyzes any file the system accesses and is completely configurable for on-demand searches for known viruses and malware when you suspect something isn't quite right.

When the app does find something that it doesn't like, the file is immediately quarantined, and offers you one-click repairs, if possible. Avira Antivirus also has an integrated scheduler that will automate recurring tasks, like updates or scans to help insure that your computer stays bug free.

App Pro’s: Free, easy to use, set it and forget it

App Con’s: The paid versions are a bit pricey for a desktop app

Conclusion: I've been a serious computer user since 1995. Throughout the years, I've had maybe, one or two serious malware infections. I mean, who hasn't been bitten at least once? Most often the best course of action is to recover what you can and then blow your system and start over. That... however can be problematic for many. Not everyone has the time, patience or skill to do that all the time.

When you don't, its good to have tools like Avira Antivirus. I use both Mac and Windows systems for both my day job and my night job. Its nice to have the same branded solution on both of the platforms that I use. That's a huge plus. The biggest issue that you have though is cost.


On the Mac side, where there really isn't an AV scanner at the OS level, having something on your Mac is a great idea, and important if you frequent sites that are less than on the up and up. On the Windows side, its getting harder and harder to justify any other malware scanner other than Windows Defender, as it is free, and integrated directly into the OS. There has been a huge push on both platforms towards unpaid malware solutions since 2009 or so.

This app is great on the Mac side and good on the Windows side as well. Paying for the app on either platform is a bit pricey. At €30 or $34 USD, its pricey for a paid desktop app. However, the biggest question you have ask yourself is – if I don't have an antimalware app, is running without one worth saving $35 bucks? The answer should be, 'no;' but only you can answer that. The free version does a good job, and is worth using.