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Mod Kit + Avastar Dummy Alpha HUD for Body. Body, HUD, and texture applier scripts by GamaTech. Mesh is not fitted - but still very customizable with basic shape sliders. It has a wide range of expression, and soon to be more! See item in Second Life ®.

Among its amazing features is the stunning PixelSense Display that supports Surface Pen and touch, its long battery life of up to 13.5 hours, plus razor-sharp and brilliant color resolution. But even with all these exciting features, there are still moments when you’ll experience technical issues, like when the Surface Pro won’t connect to. This is a video talking about all the features in the new Avastar 2 addon for Blender. Avastar helps creators of Second Life products to better and quickly c.

Your purchase directly helps the Blender development. We forward 250 US$ of our monthly sales directly to the Blender Developer Fund.

Avastar Second Life

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Avastar (includes the ‘Bento’ skeleton)

Full Version(1)443611000Includes 1 year support
Support Renewal22185500Additional year of support

Upgrade from Avastar-1

You get your upgrade to the most recent Avastar Release if you purchase a Support Renewal:

Upgrade(2)000Switch to new Avastar License
Support Renewal22185500Additional year of support

Important note:
– Prices are subject to change.
– The USD and GBP prices include fees for cross border money transfer and currency exchange to Euro.

(1)The full version at time of purchase can be used with or without Support renewal in perpetuity.
Support purchase grants access to any versions released till the end of that Support period.
Note that you can renew your support at any time even after your current support period has expired.

(2)The Upgrade from Avastar -1 to the most recent Avastar release changes your license to the new Avastar license policy
This means: We no longer offer life long free updates

What is Avastar ?

Avastar is a Blender Addon for Second Life Mesh Creators and Animators. We have created various functions to make the creation of content as easy as possible. Avastar supports the entire production chain starting from Modelling, rigging, weighting, up to single character and multi character animations.
Avastar integrates seamless into the Blender framework. We support download of SL shapes to Blender as well as upload of mesh characters to SL.We provide .bvh as well as .anim format. We added Auto FK and IK/FK controls to the standard SL Rig and we support attachment point animation as well as Collision Volume animation.
LifeAvastar Second Life

Character Creation

  • SL Shape Import
  • SL Shape Sliders
  • Non T-Pose baking
  • Support for attachment bones
  • Support for Collision Volumes
  • Texturing with SL UV Maps

Character Animation

  • Attachment point animation
  • Supports .bvh and .anim
  • IK/FK Auto-IK Controlls
  • Multi Character Animation

Kawaii Avatar Second Life

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