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The latest stable version of FileZilla Client is 3.53.1

Open a Linux terminal, and type in the following command to initiate the installation of FileZilla on your Linux system. Sudo apt-get install FileZilla FileZilla will also install additional files to work, and it will consume around 39-40 MB of disk space after the installation is complete. May 26, 2020 FileZilla is probably the most famous and by many regarded as one of the best FTP clients out there. This is mostly because it is rich in features and can be used not only as an FTP client but also as a general file manager. To install FileZilla execute: $ sudo apt install filezilla. email protected:$ sudo apt-get install filezilla -y Open the FTP client application and enter the public IP address and other credentials of the FTP server. When you click ‘Quickconnect,’ you will connect to the FTP server and automatically be taken to the directory specified in the ‘localroot’ option in the ‘/home/ubuntu/ftp.

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Windows (32bit x86)

Size: 11251360 bytes


SHA-512 hash: 15f1a3bcc15aef0878f76e594831d69c361423fd5928e3b11dde71b917df7a56b1f4e4289255b65c535b4698395d2385673cebeb927ff20d6629129fe2969876

The 32bit versions of Windows 8.1 and 10 are supported.

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Prerelease versions

To download the latest prerelease version (currently 3.54.0-rc1), go to the download page for unstable releases.


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Filezilla is a powerful GUI-based sftp client.

LFTP is a simple and powerful text based ftp client which supports FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS.

Filezilla ftp server download

Installing LFTP

The LFTP package in Debian is called lftp and is installed with

  • Howto on editing remote files via SCP or FTP

SSH comes with scp/sftp.

  • midnight commander (mc can browse remote folders over SSH. See menu > Shell Link)

Wget is a simple and powerful command line download tool which can be used to retrieve web pages, whole websites and files from FTP servers.

Installing Wget

Apt-get Filezilla Client


The Wget package in Debian is called wget and is installed with


  • Wget Website

Apt-get Install Filezilla

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