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Multiple Communication Channels With our App like WeChat on board, you can provide several communication means, including private messaging, group chatting, HD video calling, etc. Seamless & Reliable solution Our WeChat like app allows users to interact with each other without delay or interference, making the entire process seamless throughout. The best way to understand WeChat is to imagine apps like Uber, Apple Pay, Facebook, WhatsApp, Expedia, and a range of other user-centric apps rolled into one, ultra-powerful app. The success story of WeChat as a super app has inspired companies across the globe to make an attempt at building their own do-it-all app. Check out the best apps like WeChat to message and call your friends. WeChat alternatives include Messenger, IMO, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Groupme and more. Telegram – Telegram is also another one of the best apps like WeChat out there. This app is free and is available on iOS and Android. This is a very good app that will sync to any device you have and it can go between mobile and laptops. You can group chat up to 200 people and also send a message to 100 contacts at once. Are you looking to build an app similar to WeChat? Or perhaps just curious as to how WeChat works? We look at what you should consider when building an app l.

People left the text messaging platform for a better and more attractive option, which is an instant messaging app. There are several of them available but one of the most popular ones is WeChat.

It is a third-party instant messaging app whose number of users is significantly large and still growing. This means a lot of bad people are also focusing on it with the intention of cyberbullying, and people are using it as a closed platform in order to hide its evidence. So, the need to spy WeChat is also growing day by day, whether it is to protect your kid or to catch your cheating spouse, an app to spy WeChat is required and we are here to introduce you to the best available option. Just read the article below.

Reasons to Track WeChat Messages

There are actually several reasons to install spy tool on someone else's device in order to monitor WeChat. Let's have a look;

Monitor if Child is Sending/Receiving Something Dangerous

This is an issue and worry of all the parents out there, as their kids are getting access to smartphones and such instant messaging apps. At this young age, kids are very vulnerable; they don't know how to protect them from dangerous and cheap people from the internet. So, as parents it falls in our hands to do everything to protect our kids and installing a WeChat spy tool for Android/iPhone is one of the effective ways to protect them.

Catch Cheating Spouse

Some people may not like this use of WeChat tracker app but it is a fact. If you suspect your spouse or girlfriend is cheating, you can install such app on their respective Android devices, just to check with whom they are chatting.

Monitor Employees

Best app to replace wechat

WeChat is a very attractive instant messaging platform. It is just too addictive. Chatting is good but employees may get carried away while they spend too much time chatting with their friends or even families which is ultimately making them distracted and less productive on the job. So, you can install a WeChat monitoring app on the company provided devices to monitor the WeChat activity during the work hour.

But finding an effective way to monitor Wechat messages is very troublesome if you just type 'how to spy WeChat conversation'. Don't worry, we will guide you 3 ways below and help to find out the most effective one. Just keep on reading.

Way 1: Hire Hackers to Spy Wechat Conversations

Hiring professional hackers is one of the methods for spying Wechat messages. They will use various ways to hack the smartphones and steal information from someone's social media account like Wechat. So everything from social media apps like messages, posted pictures or videos can be easily spied by these hackers without having the owner's phone.

However, these hackers are doing some incorrect things, for hacking someone's social media accounts and steal information from that is illegal. If you do want to monitor someone's Wechat conversations, you should not take a risk in this way and spend a large amount of money on it. So, let's turn to the next way.

Way 2: Use The Web Version of WeChat

Wechat app has a web version of it, which is more convenient to use. When using the web version of Wechat and chatting with others, all the message send and received will be synced with the target's phone.

But there are many restrictions when using this way. One-time physical access to the target phone is required, because before logging in the web verison of Wechat, you need to confirm that on the smartphone first. In addition, using web version is very likely to be catched by the target. Overall, this way is not an effective one to track WeChat messages, either.

Way 3: The Easiest Way to Monitor WeChat Messages

So, after a few testing sessions, we have chosen an app and it is one of the best. It met all our criteria and the app is easily available. This app is called KidsGuard Pro and let's have a look into its extensive capabilities in terms of monitoring WeChat.

What Can KidsGuard Pro Do in WeChat Monitoring

Here's what KidsGuard Pro can provide if you are using it to monitor the WeChat messaging app;

Track WeChat Messages Content & Record Keystrokes Typed on WeChat

KidsGuard Pro provides very extensive and detailed monitoring results. You will be able to view the entire conversation, including the name of the sender and the time of delivery. What's more, the app is equipped with a useful keylogger feature. So, it will record all the typed keystrokes on the WeChat app, which is definitely another helpful way to monitor the target.

Automatically capture real-time screenshots on Wechat app

When the target is using Wechat, KidsGuard Pro will automatically take screenshots and show you the current screen activity. Then you will clearly see who the target is chatting with and what did he or she do on Wechat. These screenshots are only uploaded under Wi-Fi connection. After uploading successfully, they will be deleted automatically, which will not occupy memory on the target phone.

Check Photos Saved from WeChat

Instant messaging platforms like WeChat are very flexible. You can not only chat on this platform but also exchange photos. Using KidsGuard Pro, you will be able to check on all the photos saved from WeChat.

Monitor the App Activity and How Long have been Used

Apps Like Wechat In India

You will receive a detailed report on the app activity. Which means you will be able to monitor how long was the app used by the owner of the target device, when it has been installed, etc.

Follow the Simple Steps to Spy on WeChat

Now, you have got a clear idea of how effective the app is in terms of monitoring a third-party instant messaging app like WeChat. It is very detailed and serves the users with extensive monitoring capability.

Apps Like Wechat

But in order to become the best app for WeChat monitoring, KidsGuard Pro has to be very easy to use with a user-friendly interface. So, here ishow to track WeChat message with KidsGuard Pro;

Step 1: First, you have to create an account, then get hold of the target device. This is the only time you need to access the device, after that you don't have to, you will be able to monitor it remotely.

So, after getting hold of the device, unlock it and download KidsGuard Pro Assistant from

Step 2: Then, tap on the downloaded APK file and begin the installation. Sign-in via your newly registered account and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

After completing the installation, you can choose to delete the APK file or search history. Deleting these files is very important, in order to hide the existence of this app. Though it is completely your choice!

Step 3: The app is supposed to sync data automatically, and after that, the app icon will disappear from the Home Screen. Then, you can go to the Dashboard. This is KidsGuard Pro's web control panel, from here you will be able to monitor WeChat. Just tap the WeChat option on the left side of the dashboard panel.

Wechat Replacement

Now, we can confidently say that it is easy to use and the userinterface is very effective, simple to operate, making KidsGuard Pro one of the best apps to monitor apps like WeChat.

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Therefore, you need access to a remotely operable and powerful app that is capable of monitoring WeChat and provide a detailed report at the end of the day. The app has to be easy to operate and the installation should be simple. KidsGuard Pro comes with all these properties and even more. So, it is safe to say that it is one of the best options in terms of WeChat monitoring app. So, download the app and give it a try.